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The Speed Stik is a training aid designed to increase your swing speed.  Also combats an early release or “flip.”


There’s no easier way to sell training aids than to promise golfers more distance.  The Speed Stik is not short on promises, claiming an increase of 20 yards or more.  We put one to the test to see if it could back up those promises.


Ease of Use & Setup

There’s no set up required for using the Speed Stik, something I always appreciate in a training aid.  Furthermore, there’s not a great need to watch the instructional material.  Take it out of the box and swing away.  That’s it.

There is one adjustment on the Speed Stik: a knob that controls how tightly the Force Adjustable Magnet holds the Bullet Slider.  If you’re a slower swinger or someone who releases early (“flips”), you’ll want the lighter setting.  As you swing faster, you can move to the higher levels and still get the slider to release from the magnet.



There’s no question that swinging a club fast and doing it often will boost your club head speed.  I also think that the Speed Stik’s noisy “release indicator” is better than most others that I’ve tested.  If you can get rid of your flip and add a few MPH of club head speed, you’ll see significant distance gains.

The one caveat I have is that the Speed Stik (or any similar trainer) alone will not maximize your distance gains.  If you want to get every bit of distance you can, you need to consider a comprehensive approach that includes fitness (learn more about that HERE).

A final note: the reminder grip on the Speed Stik is shorter than a normal grip.  I have reasonably big, but not gargantuan, hands, and the top of my left hand is completely off the grip, as you can see above.



In terms of longevity, the Speed Stik is no better or worse than any other swing speed trainer I’ve used.  The Bullet Slider does add a little novelty, but not a huge amount.  The bottom line is that if you’re not committed to improving your swing speed, buying the Speed Stik isn’t going to fix that.


The Speed Stik retails for $99.  This is equal to or a bit higher than other similar training aids.  The Speed Stik is effective, and distance is king, so I think this is a reasonable value.



While you shouldn’t expect overnight results, the Speed Stik can definitely be an important part of a speed-enhancement program.  The Bullet Slider is one of the more effective lag trainers that I’ve used, and the adjustable magnet provides a good way to measure progress.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Matt, how did you do to increase your speed since last year?
    That is on what I want to work on this winter.
    I think a better technic should help.

    Best regards,

  2. Adrian Brooks

    The first time I used the Speed Stick the bullet slide broke, I am 82 years old and my wing speed has been about 85 mph. I had hoped to build my swing speed up.

    • Matt Saternus


      Sounds like you got a bad unit. I would contact the company. I’m sure they will replace it.



  3. Sam sandhu

    It’s a good device but cheaply made.
    Bought one and it breaks.(sliding part)

    • The orange speed sticks were fantastic, mine broke after a while. Unfortunately the for me the new robuster version aren’t as effective. I was having my customers hit a shot and then make 6-10 swings with the old SS and then hit a ball agin measuring with Trackman. They gained between 5-12 mph with a seven iron!!
      Pity that it wasn’t durable enough

  4. Pat Price

    I just ordered and today received the speed stick , but it does not look like your newest addition!! Is it because I got supposedly a $79.00 weekend deal, and this that I received was one of the old designs? If so , I will return before use, for a full refund! Don’t bait and and switch!! Mine looks nothing like your new designed swing aid… please answer

    • Matt Saternus


      We are not the manufacturer of Swing Stik. If you did not receive what you were supposed to, contact the manufacturer through their website.



  5. Jim Whedbee

    I would like to weigh in on these comments. I am an average golfer with a USGA handicap range of 17 to 23. Before I purchased the Speed Stik, my average was somewhat higher, mainly because of the distance, but other issues also like others in my range. I purchased the Speed Stik and it did increase my distance by at least 10 yards and somewhat more at times. The great thing I found with it was that I could practice in my pool area without going to the range. For these reasons, I would recommend the Speed Stik. The down side, when the warranty expired, the sliding cone cracked and could not be replaced. I cannot afford to purchase a new one if this were to happen again.

  6. The speed stick is crap. It broke in just a few swings. By far the worst golf aid ever purchased. Don’t be the next sucker to buy this defective gimmick.

  7. Nicholas Rutha

    From all the Negative Comments,Why Would You SELL THIS TO THE PUBLIC

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re directing that comment to Plugged In Golf, the answer is: we don’t sell anything to the public.


  8. Terry Richey

    What is the swing speed for a proper release set on 5.

  9. William "Duck" Howard

    Where is it out of and how long should it take to come?
    It is in the USA right.

  10. Dr Barry Galison

    I have a problem with my speed stick. I used it often to train with but now it has broken. The orange piece has split into 3 pieces and is not repairable to be able to use it again. Is there some kind of warranty for repair or replace the stick. I would love to continue using it. Please respond to this comment Barry

  11. I received the Speed Stick as a gift – I believe it did increase my swing speed — but it broke after very little use . I would appreciate a replacement – idea is good designed and quality is poor – based on how many others have reported breakage .

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