SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Watch Review

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The SkyGolf SkyCaddie LX2 GPS watch and SkyCaddie app provide accurate yardages, hole maps in full color, shot tracking, and non-golf features to use off the course.


SkyGolf produces technology to help improve and enhance the game of golf for amateurs.  SkyGolf boasts an array of handheld GPS units, launch monitors, and shot trackers.  For this review, we’re focusing on the new SkyCaddie LX2 GPS watch to see how it stacks up against the competition for the average golfer.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Right out of the box, there was very little setup needed other than charging the unit.  You don’t need a paid subscription to use the GPS yardages, shot tracking, scorecards, and most other non-golf features.  However, there are several paid subscription options which have to be done on a computer or on the SkyGolf app.  You then must sync the device using bluetooth, wifi, or a cord (included) to initiate those features.

Once I got on the first tee, it was a matter of finding a GPS signal and selecting the appropriate course.  The watch easily detected the hole I was playing, so using the yardages quickly became instinctive.  Following each hole, the watch prompted me to input a score and any stats that I chose to track.  These stats can be a fantastic benefit to evaluate each round and see what you can improve on.

Accuracy & Performance

I immediately noticed how user friendly and vibrant the SkyCaddie LX2 is.  The JDI color screen prevents any glare even on the sunniest days.  As I got comfortable with the navigation, I was impressed with the speed of the watch.  Each click instantly took me to the next screen while the GPS yardages would quickly settle on the accurate distances as well.  I used this while playing my home course, so I was familiar with yardages, and the accuracy had no issues.

On each tee, the watch presented the hole number, length, par, and handicap rank.  As I approached each hole, the given distance to the front, middle, and back of the green would continually change.  I found the SkyCaddie LX2 to be quite intuitive.

In addition to yardages, the SkyCaddie LX2 had several other features.  After each hole, the watch presents you with a scorecard with the ability to track stats.  Here you can pick number of putts, greens and fairways in regulation, and where your tee ball ended up.  This is a great way to review your round in the app after you complete 18 holes.  The app also computes a complete list of stats which can empower any golfer to practice their weak areas and understand their strengths.  Overall, the app was a bit glitchy at times, but the advanced stat tracking is what you are paying for and SkyCaddie certainly delivers there.

I enjoyed using the SkyCaddie LX2 for both golf and non-golf features.  I found myself wearing the watch long after my round was over as a timekeeper and step tracker.  The battery life was good for one round and then some.  If I used the watch on course for 18 holes, it would need charging again that evening and before my next round.


The SkyCaddie LX2 retails for $199, but can be found for $149 HERE.  I think if you’re going to purchase the SkyCaddie LX2, you need a subscription package to maximize all the features.  For $50 per year, or $99 for three years, you unlock the full stats package on the watch and in the SkyGolf 360 app.  Get the full details on the plan HERE.  Admittedly, you can find basic golf GPS gadgets for less but the full color display and course mapping is where the LX2 shines and makes it worth the price.


The SkyGolf SkyCaddie LX2 GPS watch provides everything you need on the course with non-golf features that will benefit you off the course.   In addition to the app that helps calculate your stats, the Skycaddie LX2 GPS watch boasts a bright display, accurate GPS distances, full color mappings, and shot tracking to help improve your game.

Buy the SkyCaddie LX2 HERE

Visit SkyGolf HERE

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  1. Gary Pelletier

    Thanks for the review, interesting business model. Question: does the watch provide distances to hazards for each hole?

  2. Does it have slope ?

  3. John Coppock

    I have several skycadies ! One is the lx5 watch ,there flagship watch. I have exchanged it twice because it looses its location and no difference still the same. Have updated it and synced it still no better! Happens on all courses ,very unhappy with the watch!! Wouldn’t recommend buying one!!
    I have the skycaddie hand held 500 and it is great and never loses the location

  4. Steve Shearing

    Hi Zack, thanks for the review and presume this is the replacement model for the old Skycaddie Linx GT. Although this device has a rechargeable battery I’m wondering if it’s replaceable. I own the Skycaddie Linx GT watch with smart tags which has very similar functions to the Skycaddie LX2 but was very disappointed after about 18 months of use (approximately 18 holes a week) the watch is now only capable of holding a charge for 9 holes if I’m lucky. I have contacted Sky golf who have informed me that the battery is non replaceable by them and to source a repair elsewhere To date I have found no one who will undertake the job of replacing the battery as it is connected to a very small circuit board requiring soldering techniques. Not a simple pop out and pop in new battery. Having paid for a 3 year subscription plus the £200 for the watch I have now been left with a device for recording 9 holes of stats which is rather pointless. Buyers beware if this new device’s battery operates in the same way.

  5. David Tillcock

    Junk. Strap broke after 2 months. Takes forever to load. Jumps 2 or 3 holes forward. Does not seem to know where it is on the course. Hard to slide screen to switch holes. Goes on to stats randomly. Can’t get out and have to reload. Can’t find my home course. Instead finds a course nearby which shut years ago. My sky caddie tablet froze a week outside guarantee period. Offered a price to repair of £150 odd. I won’t be buying a sky caddie project again.

  6. Billie Hearrell

    I personally think the LX2 is a piece of crap. First the glass cracked and then the buckle or strap attachment came off. This is within the first month. I had an old sky caddie and the battery died and this LX2 can’t compare to the old one. It is a pain to use. Constantly asks are you finished yet. Loses the hole if you don’t press lock. I would never use one of these again even if it was 1/2 price.

  7. Honestly, it is a terrible product compared to the original SkyCaddie watch. It constantly jumps to the next hole and requires constant hole adjustments. The only reason I upgraded was due to the constant emails telling me they were stopping support on the original watch. Additionally, the magnetic charger is a bit tricky and it came disconnected and dropped on the floor. Cracked the face.. The original was much more durable. I had it for for 6 or 7 years and never a scratch or crack.. This is a poorly designed watch which is in constant need of attention during a round of golf and is really a big distraction… I give it a 1 out of 5 stars!!!

  8. Tony Domenico

    All of the above negative are accurate…

  9. Andrew Stewart

    I have just bought a sky caddie Lx2 watch from my local golf shop I have used it 2 times because of conditions of course so I used again but got on the first hole and it I cant use it My subscription had run out what do I do

    • Matt Saternus


      SkyCaddie devices do require a subscription, so if you want it to work, you’ll need to subscribe. I don’t know what your local shop’s return policy is, so I’m not sure if that is an option.



  10. Jim Bridenstine

    My lx2 needs charging ever three days if I use it on a round of golf or lays on my night stand. Is that pretty typical?

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