Skechers GO GOLF Max Rover Golf Shoe Review

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The Skechers GO GOLF Max Rover gives the Skechers golf shoe line a bit of spice with a modern look and feel.


Skechers has long been known for their extremely comfortable street shoes.  In jumping into the golf shoe market, Skechers brought that extreme comfort from the street to the course.  Unfortunately, the style of the first generation Skechers golf shoe left a lot to be desired.  Golfers seeking a modern, ultra-lightweight, spikeless golf shoe often overlooked the Skechers brand — that is, until the Max Rover was introduced.  With the Max Rover, Skechers delivers one of the lightest, most comfortable golf shoes on the market, and it does so with an appealing, contemporary style.


Aesthetically, the Max Rover is understated, with just enough accents to give it some life.  One feature that stands out is the all-in-one continuous collar design, meaning that there is not a separate tongue.  The slip-on style is casual and offers a clean, sleek look.

A soft, woven-mesh fabric and smooth synthetic upper provide a contrast in materials, which is both practical and visually appealing.  The synthetic upper is drawn together with laces to secure the shoe.  A contrast-colored heel, outsole trim, and synthetic overlays on the sides and heel panel add variation and dimension to the overall look.  Put simply, it’s a great looking shoe.

The Skechers Max Rover Carbon is available in two colorways: black and white, and charcoal.


The Skechers Max Rover shoe doesn’t just look good, it’s extremely comfortable.  The woven-mesh fabric is soft, and gently hugs your foot when laced.  Skechers ultra-lightweight, responsive ULTRA FLIGHT® midsole and GOGA Max® technology insole cushion each step, making it a breeze for you to walk 18, or even 36, holes on the golf course.

The sizing of Skecher golf shoes is spot-on.  The heel extends somewhat higher than the average shoe, hugging the back of your foot and providing you with a secure fit.  The heel tab is a welcome addition that helps you pull the back of the shoe securely onto your foot.


There are many styles of spikeless golf shoes on the market.  Some sacrifice a bit of traction to double as an off-the-course casual shoe.  Although the Max Rover could be worn off of the golf course, this is truly a golf shoe.  The crown-shaped soft spikes offer premium grip in all weather conditions, but I would not recommend them for general street wear.  Reserving them for the course means you may lose a bit of versatility, but you will gain much more in on-the-course performance.  The durable grip TPU outsole provides stability and traction.

The uppers are water-repellent and have a Dri-Lex moisture management interior to help keep your feet dry on the course.  The woven fabric may not be waterproof, but the outer fabric did a great job keeping my feet dry during an early morning round.

You might have concerns about cleaning the fabric.  I have only worn the Max Rover a few times for play, but so far I would say they are easy to clean and maintain a professional look.

Skechers cushioning is world-class.  Exceptional cushioning provides loads of comfort without making your arches hurt or tire.  I wore these shoes straight out of the box and onto the golf course.  A true testament to the Max Rover’s comfort is that I did not even notice that I was wearing new shoes while playing that day.

The one word of caution I have is for the golfer who has a high instep.  The continuous collar design (lack of a separate tongue) can make it challenging to get your foot into the shoe.  A sturdy heel loop and flexible material help ease the process, but I would certainly try these on at a store before making a purchase.


This is my second pair of Skechers, and I am a believer.  I’m not sure you could get a better looking, better performing shoe at this price point.  The Max Rover is comfortable, sturdy, and a great looking shoe. Waterproofing would make it second to none, but the water-repellent woven fabric does a great job keeping your feet dry in most conditions.  Skechers has stepped up its golf shoe line, and the Max Rover is a winner.

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  1. Wow ! What a great looking shoe !

  2. I just bought a pair of these and they are amazing. The first thing I noticed is the puting them on for the first time felt like wearing a pair of shoes that were already broken in. I tried on every brand imaginable at the store and left with these. Zero regrets. Also the price. Under $90 bucks for these is a steal. GET A PAIR!!

  3. Eddie McHugh

    How long does it take for the shoes to be shipped to Ireland 🇮🇪 and what price in euros.

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