Skechers GO GOLF Pro 4 – Honors Review

By: Zack Buechner

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Comfort meets functionality in Skechers newest release, the GO GOLF Pro 4- Honors.  For players looking for a casual spiked shoe that’s lightweight and loaded with technology.


It’s no secret that comfort in a golf shoe often comes by sacrificing stability or style.  Skechers is trying to break that mold, and they’re doing a decent job at it.  The 4th version of their Pro golf shoe seems to have gotten it just right.  This is the same shoe PGA Tour player Matt Kuchar wears, and he also worked with Skechers’ designers to create it.


We’ve all heard the addage, “less is more.”  Skechers has found a groove using that mantra with the GO GOLF Pro 4 – Honors.  The simplistic grey color scheme is subtle and makes for a good-looking shoe.

The combination of fabric material over the toe box and leather nearer to the laces actually works well to give it a casual-shoe vibe.  The bottom of the shoe has an opaque toe-to-heel diamond traction pattern that, combined with the eight removable spikes, will give plenty of traction through even the hardest of golf swings.


The Skechers GO GOLF Pro 4 shoes are naturally spacious.  Other brands in this category can sometimes feel narrow or have a tight toe box, almost to the point of needing a larger or wider size.  Skechers is the opposite.  If you typically order a wide size in spiked golf shoes or you just don’t enjoy tighter fitting shoes, the regular GO GOLF PRO 4 could be perfect.  They even have more room on the top of the foot.

The GO GOLF Pro 4’s are lighter than they look.  Typically a spiked golf shoe with this much support would make walking 9 or 18 feel like dragging bricks on your feet.  These became more comfortable the longer I wore them despite the ample amount of space around my foot.


It’s hard to have a fabric shoe that is waterproof but that is exactly what Skechers set out to do here.  I had them on while it was raining with no complaints and no leaks.  They are so confident in this waterproof “shield” that they back it up with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

On the course, the spikes and diamond plating on the sole give plenty of connection to the ground.  I had no issues gaining traction on wet grass.  However, the ample space inside the shoe was almost too much and caused my foot to slide during some of my more aggressive swings.  I could’ve solved this problem by going down a full or half size.  My suggestion is that if you’re in between sizes, go with the smaller size here.


The Skechers GO GOLF Pro 4 – Honors golf shoe is engineered for the golfer who wants comfort and space in a lightweight, spiked, all-weather golf shoe.  The simplistic design is clean and modern and will resonate with those who value quality and comfort over designs based only on style.  Plus, with the stable of golfers who use the GO GOLF Pro 4 like Wesley Bryan and Matt Kuchar, it’s hard not to believe these shoes are the real deal.

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  1. Terry Grant

    Just played my first round wearing the Go Golf Pro 4 shoes. I could not believe how light-weight and comfortable they were. Very pleased.

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