Skechers GO GOLF Max Golf Shoe Review

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Ultra-lightweight and super comfortable, the Skechers GO GOLF Max provides good traction and mobility in a spikeless golf shoe.


It’s amazing how many golfers I see wearing Skechers golf shoes these days.  Certainly there’s brand awareness from their fun commercials, but I attribute their acceptance more to word of mouth from satisfied wearers.  I became a brand believer after reviewing the Skechers Elite 2 and since then have looked forward to seeing what’s new each year.


The Skechers GO GOLF Max is an interesting blend of smooth and mesh synthetic uppers.  The smooth front section looked a bit plastic-y out of the box, but took on a more broken in leather look after the first wearing.  The blue trim around the ankle offers a nice pop of color and coordinates well with the sole.  The thick light-grey midsole gives the Max a running shoe silhouette.

The Max is available in three colors:  charcoal/blue, white/navy, and black/red.


Like previous Skechers I’ve tested, the Max was good to go right out of the box.  The shoes are ultra-lightweight.  I put one on the kitchen scale (don’t tell my wife) and it came in at 9 oz. – more than an ounce less than my running shoe.  From heel to toe there’s comfortable, responsive cushioning thanks to the Goga Max insole and Ultra Flight midsole.  I like that there’s a bit of wiggle room in the toe box but not in the heel area.  I went with my standard 9.5 and found the sizing accurate.


I was skeptical about traction when I saw the small nubs on the sole, but they turned out to do a remarkably good job.  Protruding from the bottom, each nub has a central spike, about the size of old metal spikes, with four smaller points surrounding it.  Collectively, the spacing provided solid connection with the ground and performed well in the variety of conditions found on your typical golf course.  I’ll be curious to see how traction is affected as the nubs wear. The construction of the shoe doesn’t provide much lateral stability – a consequence of shaving weight.

I gave the Max shoes a faucet test and confirmed the smooth sections of the uppers are water repellent while the mesh areas are not.  That ended up being a good combination for walking in wet grass – keeping my socks dry while allowing my feet to breath.  To assist with keeping your feet dry and comfortable in the heat of summer, Skechers incorporated Dri-Lex on the interior of the shoe to manage moisture.


‘Max’ usually implies the greatest amount possible, and in the case of the Skechers GO GOLF Max golf shoe, the shoe construction does create maximum lightness – as awkward as that is to state.    The sleek look of the shoe may not appeal to all golfers, but there’s no arguing the comfort.  For $90, the Max is a great value.

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  1. Sketchers, for when you just don’t care anymore.

  2. michael drimmel

    Hi my name is Mike I live in San Diego I golf twice a week and I went and bought a new pair of the Skechers Go golf ingrained Blues. I love them very much but my left foot always hurts after I play golf I’m wondering is there anything you at Skechers can do for me thank you please email me at Michaeldrimmel@ thank you very much I hope there’s something you can do for me

    • Matt Meeker


      Thanks for thinking of Plugged In Golf first for all things Golf, but we are not Skechers. You’ll need to contact their customer service. We have links to Skechers in the first and last paragraphs of the review.

      – Meeks

  3. What kind of care for these go max golf shoes for cleaning, what to do and not do to keep their look

    • Matt Meeker

      These are one of the easiest to keep clean golf shoes I’ve ever owned. Just wipe them down with a wet towel if they get dirty.

      – Meeks

  4. John Delrio

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    Thanks for the useful tips.

  6. Michael Godson

    Paid £100 for these although very comfortable after only 3 months playing once a week they are now looking like i have had them 2 years

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