Shot Scope V5 GPS & Shot Tracking Watch Review

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The Shot Scope V5 GPS and shot tracking watch offers a different user interface for their latest GPS and shot tracking features.  Full Hole Maps are a great new addition.  Bright, easy to read screen.  Effortless shot tracking.


Shot Scope isn’t just the leader in shot tracking, they’re also the leader in giving golfers options.  From rangefinders at a variety of prices to shot tracking on dedicated devices or your phone, no company makes playing smart golf as easy as Shot Scope.  Their latest, the Shot Scope V5, is a companion to the X5 that was released last year, but geared toward players who want a more traditional user interface.  I’ll break down all the differences and the latest features in Shot Scope’s arsenal in this review.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up the Shot Scope V5 is as easy as ever.  Start by charging the watch in any USB port.  While it’s charging, download the Shot Scope app on your phone and install the club tags (above) in the grips of your clubs.

For those wondering, the tags weigh just 3 grams.  You might notice this extra weight on your clubs if you were Tiger Woods, but you’re not Tiger Woods.

Because each tag is labeled, there’s no need to pair the tags with your phone or your device.  Just connect the Shot Scope V5 to your phone with one tap in the app, and you’re ready to play.

The major difference between the X5 and the V5 is how you interact with the watch.  The Shot Scope V5 (above, left) has four clearly labeled buttons: Up, Down, Select, and Back.  The Shot Scope X5 has a touch screen and two buttons, one of which spins [full X5 review HERE].  The X5 definitely feels more futuristic, but I’m leaning toward gaming the V5 because you can’t “mis-tap” with the buttons.  Both watches have bright color displays that are easy to read even in the sun.

When you take the Shot Scope V5 out, the course you’re at will automatically show up on when you select “Play Golf.”  There are 36,000 courses pre-loaded on the Shot Scope V5, so you don’t have to worry about having the right course on your watch.  In Golf Mode, you can use the V5 for GPS + Tracking or GPS only.  You don’t need to do anything to track your shots, but you do have the option of using PinCollect to mark the exact location of the hole.  This will improve your short game and putting data.

Performance & Accuracy

The Shot Scope V5 is both a GPS watch and a shot tracker.  Its home screen shows the front, middle, and back yardages to the green (above), and these yardages are dynamic, meaning that the “front” of the green is always the part closest to you.  In addition to providing yardages, the V5 keeps track of every shot you hit and what club you used.  This data is uploaded through the app after your round.  If you want more info about the basics of shot tracking, please check out my review of the Shot Scope X5 HERE.  I’m going to shift my focus to what’s new with the V5.

The most exciting new feature (included in both the X5 and V5) is Full Hole Maps (above).  While I think Shot Scope’s display of hazard yardages (below) is as clear as any GPS watch, there are times when you want to see the whole picture.  With this new feature, you can move your distance arc up and down the hole to know exactly which hazards are at what yardage.  There is also a green view wherein you can move the flag to get more precise approach shot distances.

In addition to this new GPS feature, Shot Scope continues to refine their shot tracking to make it frictionless.  For my first round with the Shot Scope V5, I was playing solo behind a twosome, which meant lots of extra shots.  I fully expected that this would mean a heavy dose of editing after the round, but that wasn’t the case.  I uploaded my data, flipped through each hole to confirm the score, and that was it.  Shot Scope continues to provide the best shot tracking experience in golf.

Finally, if you need more reasons than the 100+ Tour-level stats to start shot tracking, your on-course data will automatically load in Shot Scope My Strategy [review HERE].  This free system allows you to take a bird’s-eye view of virtually any hole in the world and use your data to plot out the best strategy.  If you’re serious about scoring your best, this is a tool that you can’t afford to ignore, and it truly comes alive when you’re using it with your personal data.


The Shot Scope V5 retails for $250 through Shot Scope HERE.  This is $50 less than the Shot Scope X5.

Whether you want the touchscreen X5 or the “old school” V5, Shot Scope is the best value in shot tracking.  There are no subscriptions and no additional fees.  When Shot Scope adds new features such as Full Hole Maps, they’re added to your watch free of charge.


Leading the way doesn’t just mean having the newest features, it includes offering players more affordable options and different ways to use technology.  That’s exactly what the Shot Scope V5 does, allowing players access to Shot Scope’s latest tech at a lower price and with a more traditional user interface.  If you’re ready to unlock your best game, this is one of the best ways to start.

Buy the Shot Scope V5 HERE

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  1. What’s the battery life like? When using my Apple Watch for GPS shot tracking, I can’t make it much more than 9-holes. Can you get 36 holes in a day without charging between rounds?

    • Matt Saternus

      Yes, you can easily get 36 holes on one charge, unless you’re playing at a glacial pace.



  2. Don Morrison

    Hi Matt, Good review! Does the V5 offer slope/elevation? Does it offer a “caddie feature” recommending which club to hit based on my data?
    If not, do you know if they plan to include it in a future update?

    • Matt Saternus


      No, there is no slope adjustment.
      The closest thing to a caddie feature is the MyStrategy dashboard. I don’t *know* that there are plans for such a feature, but I’d be surprised if something like that isn’t in the works.



  3. That sounds really nice matt, I have the toughest time with these devices.
    Either they stop working while playing or forgetting to charge them before around or like my previous shot scope the band is so sqrewey that it doesn’t stay closed.
    Maybe it’s just me because Im punch drunk from my professional boxing career.
    At least I’m keeping America running with all my gps purchases.
    Great review Matt as always.

  4. Question on the club tags.
    I see you use the MCC of some sort with a flat end cap. Would the club tags work on a regular tour velvet or will they sit funny?

    • Matt Saternus


      If your grip has a rounded butt, the tag probably won’t sit as flush, but it will still work just fine.



  5. George Garwood

    I would you say the experience is different from using Arccos? Is it worth it to change? I currently don’t have to pay an annual membership.

    • Matt Saternus


      I strongly prefer Shot Scope over Arccos. My experience with Arccos – supported by what I see from other Arccos users – is that it requires a lot of post-round editing. Also, I don’t want to be tethered to my phone during the round. Add in the annual fee for Arccos and it’s a no brainer.


  6. Tee Lassar

    Ditto ! Been using this for the last 3 weeks. Most robust, fastest, accurate GPS locator and shot tracking system available. Easiest to use (reliable well marked buttons instead of touch screen) and best value for price with no ongoing hidden fees. I love being able to review and edit later at my leisure on the Dashboard, absorb the analytics, and apply to my game and strategy. I’ve tried them all including Arccoss, and trust me, this is BETTER !

  7. Hi Matt. Thanks for the review. My son is a high school golfer and looking for a golf watch, but wants to wear it as a “normal” watch (not a smart watch…just something to tell the time and maybe count his steps as a bonus). Do you know what sort of battery life this gets when you’re not golfing? Is there a way to turn the GPS off to extend time between charges when not golfing? Thank you!

  8. Don Morrison

    Matt: I got an email from Shot Scope about a special sale. I also got a warning about the email. At any rate, Shot Scope confirmed that it is legit. It is offered to those who expressed an interest in the V5 and I believe the offer is for U.S. only at this time. Sale price $179.99

  9. Is there a handicap level that shot tracking won’t benefit? As a 25 hcp, I feel confident I need help in every facet and wonder if shot tracking would be beneficial. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I think players at every handicap level who are serious about improvement should be shot tracking.


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