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Shot Scope MyStrategy is a brilliant, easy-to-use platform for applying your shot tracking data to your on course strategy.  Free!  Find the right club and target line while learning more about the impact of elevation and wind.


Shot tracking has been a part of golf for several years, but, until now, skeptics have asked, “What do you do with that information?”  Shot Scope MyStrategy is the answer to that question.

What is Shot Scope MyStrategy?

MyStrategy is a way to take your Shot Scope data and give it a practical application.  It’s a chance to look at almost any course in the world, hole-by-hole.  You’ll get data from other users – grouped by handicap – about the scores they make and where they hit their shots.  Most importantly, you’ll get to overlay your data on the hole to evaluate the best way to play it.

Set Up & Ease of Use

When you log in to your Shot Scope dashboard, you’ll see the MyStrategy tab at the top between Performance and Medals.  Click on that, and you’ll be prompted to choose a course and a set of tees.

From there, you can move through aerial views of all 18 holes.  When the hole comes up, you’ll see Shot Scope user data on the left hand side.  This includes the average score, hole rank, tee shot accuracy, approach accuracy, and short game data.

To work on your own strategy, click the “Add Club” button on the bottom of the screen and choose the club you want to hit off the tee.  A box will appear in the bottom left that shows the range of different expected scores based on where your tee shot lands.  You can move your target line to see different ways to fit your shot pattern onto the fairway.

Overall, using Shot Scope MyStrategy is very easy.  There are plenty of options to keep you busy, but everything is laid out well and works intuitively.


I’m a huge advocate of shot tracking, and Shot Scope MyStrategy only adds to my case.  This is one of the best ways to apply your data so that you can play better, smarter golf on the course.  To illustrate what you can learn from MyStrategy, I’ll walk you through a few examples from my own work.

Above, you see the first hole at my “home” course.  The course isn’t particularly long, so hitting driver straight down the middle brings a lot of trouble into play.

If I want to hit driver off the tee, I need to shift my target line completely off the fairway.  While this may look goofy from the tee, the view from MyStrategy shows that this is clearly better.  The bunkers are no longer in play.  Yes, more shots may end up in the rough, but there’s no tree trouble unless I also hit it well short of my Performance Average (the average of the last 30 tee shots with this club).

Many people would say, “You should just hit 3W,” but MyStrategy shows clearly why that is not the move.  My 3W adds 60 yards to my approach!  This raises my expected shots to finish by 0.4 shots.  By hitting driver, I’m saving almost half a shot just on this hole.  If that doesn’t show the value of Shot Scope MyStrategy, I’m not sure what will.

Additionally, there are several smart features that can help you get even deeper into the strategy.  One that I would have permanently turned on is “Dispersion Tendency.”  This shifts your shot dispersion cone to reflect where your shots actually land rather than being centered around the target line.  You can also turn on adjustments for elevation and wind with customizable direction and speed.

Above is the first hole at another local course.  The hole plays downhill, so I turned on the elevation adjustment to see how much that affects my strategy.  Shot Scope estimates it will add 6 yards to my drive, which shouldn’t bring any additional trouble into play.  In this case, the elevation doesn’t change things too much.  However, when I turned on the wind (below), I brought the water into play off the tee.  As much as I hate keeping driver in the bag, the threat of the water (and a 1.2 stroke expected loss) would lead me to hit 3W here.


There are a lot of attractive elements to Shot Scope MyStrategy, but the best part is the price: free.  MyStrategy costs nothing.  If you have a Shot Scope account, it’s already part of your online dashboard.  If you aren’t a Shot Scope user, you can set up a free account right now, and MyStrategy will be available to you.

At the time of this writing, you cannot manually input your shot distances.  To get the full value from MyStrategy, you need data from one of the Shot Scope shot trackers like the X5 [review HERE] or CONNEX [review HERE].


Over the last several years, I’ve said many times that if you’re serious about improving your game, you need to be shot tracking.  With the advent of Shot Scope MyStrategy, I will be saying that more often and louder.  This system is a tremendous way to shoot lower scores with the game you currently have by simply playing smarter golf.

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  1. Christopher S

    I can’t wait to give this a try. I’ve been using ShotScope for a few years and have enjoyed tracking my rounds however I haven’t been exactly clear on how to put all the data into practical use. This is a great addition to all that ShotScope already offers through its products and data collection. Big thanks to Matt for highlighting this feature!

  2. Matt, a truly exceptional review – well done. I’ve used Shot Scope for 5 years while lowering my HC index from 16 to 7.5 (male, 68 years old). I’ve recently started using the My Strategy functionality and agree it’s the best! Your comprehensive review pointed to features I’d not found yet. Previously Shot Scope helped me before playing a new course or to improve my score on one of my favorites by looking at sight lines and reviewing other players’ saved rounds. Note My Strategy permits one to save (most of) the inputs so that a baseline update the next time you are going to play the course, e.g., changing wind conditions, is super fast. Highly recommended. Shot Scope was invented / is based in Scotland, and the Scottish are frugal. There is a one time purchase amount with no subscription cost. I like that a lot!

  3. The X5 watch is a flawed watch, buyer beware. Having been a loyal Shot Scope customer by buying previous watch versions (with no issues), I got the X5 as soon as available. I had nothing but problems with the watch. The problem that never went away is that while in a middle of a round the watch would lock up and there was no button or combination of buttons that I could start an new round (midround) or resume my round, this grew too frustrating and I reverted to my old (pre-annual subscription) Arccos System. I’m done with them until they can integrate their system with an Apple watch app. This isn’t enough to win me back to even use their app.

    • Matt Saternus


      Did you contact Shot Scope to try to get a fix for the X5 or a replacement? I’ve used mine regularly since it was released and have never had an issue.


  4. Great review Matt! I think your detail here erases any doubts I had about upgrading from just using GPS to having shot tracking tools. Much appreciated!

  5. Kevin Morrison

    Matt – love the concept and will certainy save me a lot of time doing Google Earth course mappings with a lot more value. I don’t currently use ShotScope but this may lead me to reconsider. However, nowhere on their website is a “Sign Up” option. The ‘Dashboard Login’ page is apparently only for existing users.

    Any help on pointing your readers to where we can actually sign up for an account would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for all your wonderful content!

    • Matt Saternus


      One option would be to download the Shot Scope app, which is free, and create your profile there. That log in can be used on the desktop as well.
      You also might be able to create a profile on the desktop by clicking the “Log in with Google” button, but I’m not sure if that will work.



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