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The Shot Scope CONNEX system is the lowest-cost way to get into shot tracking.  Get all of Shot Scope’s impressive data without any designated hardware.  Requires your phone on the course, but offers a great GPS app.


Over the last few years, much of the instructional content I’ve written – particularly in the Course Management section [check it out HERE] – has centered on data gleaned from shot tracking.  Shot tracking is nothing short of a game changer for players who really want to drop their handicap, but it can be expensive to get started.  With the new Shot Scope CONNEX, that barrier has been destroyed.  At just $99 with no annual fee, it’s the most affordable way to get deep insights into your game.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up Shot Scope CONNEX is a breeze.  First, screw the club tags into your clubs.  As you can see above, the CONNEX tags are no bigger than the “standard” Shot Scope tags.  They weigh about two grams, so they have no impact on the feel of the club.*  Next, download the free Shot Scope app and set up an account.  You’re now ready to start shot tracking.

When you get to the course, open the Shot Scope app and tap the “+” icon to start a new round.  Select “GPS with Tracking,” and then choose the course you want to play.  Pick your tees and a satellite image of the first hole will come up.  When you’re on the tee box, tap the sound wave icon on the bottom right to bring up the scanner (see below).  Hold the club tag to your phone’s camera, and you’ll feel a quick vibration.  Play your shot, then repeat the process for each subsequent shot.

*For those of you about to run to the comments to tell me you can feel the difference, please save yourself the embarrassment.  You are not Tiger Woods.

Accuracy & Performance

If you’re not familiar with shot tracking, in short, Shot Scope CONNEX logs every shot you hit, the distance it traveled, and then compiles all your stats – including Strokes Gained – after the round.  If you want a full breakdown of all the data you can get from Shot Scope, please check out my review of the Shot Scope X5 HERE.

I want to focus more on how Shot Scope CONNEX differs from other shot tracking options and how it performs on the course.  Starting with the positives, the Shot Scope GPS app is excellent.  The satellite imagery is clear, the yardages are accurate and update rapidly, and the app is responsive to zooming in and getting yardages to specific targets.

The other major advantage of Shot Scope CONNEX is that there is never any need for post-round editing.  While the X5 and H4 are excellent, they do occasionally miss a shot or count a practice swing.  Because every shot has to be very intentionally logged with CONNEX, you know your results will be perfect.

Of course, the major “downside” to Shot Scope CONNEX is the need to have your phone with you on the course.  Being able to leave my phone in my bag is one of my favorite things about the Shot Scope X5.  But what is a negative to me may be a positive for you if you already use a GPS app or simply like having your phone in your pocket.

Ultimately, Shot Scope’s line up has something for everyone at every price point.  For me, the most seamless experience is the X5.  It is, however, the most expensive.  If you want to ditch your phone without spending as much money, there’s the Shot Scope H4 [review HERE].  This system does require tapping your tags to the device, but it’s a quicker process than with Shot Scope CONNEX.

Learn how to turn data into superior strategy with Shot Scope MyStrategy HERE


The Shot Scope CONNEX retails for $99, and has no annual fee.  Let me say that again: no annual fee.  The value here is absolutely insane.  You get full access to all of the data on your game for just $99.  Shot Scope could have easily decided to reserve Strokes Gained for their X5 customers, but they didn’t.  Major hat tip to them for that.


With Shot Scope CONNEX, there is truly no excuse not to shot track.  At a cost of just $99 with no annual fee and no on-course hardware required, there is no reason not to take advantage of all this data.  If you are serious about lowering your handicap, shot tracking needs to be part of your plan.

Buy Shot Scope CONNEX HERE

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  1. Matt – great review as always. A few comments for those also considering this type of system from someone who used a nearly identical system of tags from the GolfPad app for years.

    First, while you definitely do not notice the weight of the tags, I did notice that they were there. This is for two reasons – first, the bottom of my palm rests just beyond the bottom of the club’s grip, so having a plastic tag there did feel different than the rubber of the grip – so I did notice it on every swing. Second, the tags would occasionally fall out from jostling in the bag or from particularly hard swings. They may have fixed this issue with other brands or over time (I used them in 2019 and 2020), but this made me want to use tape or adhesive to fit the tags more securely to the grip which eventually wears out or becomes a bit of a mess over time.

    Second, once you get used to using your phone on the course (either for the GPS app or the tags feature), it becomes second nature. I don’t notice it at all any more and find that my playing partners just assume I’m looking at yardages and it isn’t excessive time by any means. As a result of this, I ditched the tags after a few years of use and now add each shot manually from the phone.

    Lastly, I have yet to find a GPS app that is accurate enough on the greens to not require post-round or post-hole editing of putt distances. I’ve used GolfPad, ShotScope, Arccos, and 18 Birdies and all of them were a bit lost on the greens. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the apps themselves, but rather the accuracy of GPS in general when you’re talking about 3 feet versus 6 feet. A few yards here or there isn’t a big deal when you have 275 into the green on a par five, but the “strokes gained” difference between making a 3 foot putt and a 9 foot putt is big and the app misses those distances enough, for me, to require editing later. I typically manually put the putts (and flag location) in the right spot as I’m walking from the green to the next tee so I don’t have to remember them after the round.

    Anyway, it’s a great system despite the few flaws. Great review.

  2. Leave it to the Scots (Shot Scope originated in Scotland, the home of golf) to come up with the thrifty alternative. And to Matt for a wonderful review. The tags are invisible to me. While I use the V3 device, getting the data will be amazing for your game. Highly recommended. Yes, the pin placements change, right? So tracking them (and editing afterwards) becomes quick and second nature. The data is incredible – very helpful to know, and foundational for improvement. You can take the course and your round home with you; it’s super fun. I use it to strategize for courses new to me, and to remind myself of tactical approaches on courses played infrequently. Here’s to better golf for all of us.

  3. Nice review Matt. I agree I think Shotscope is currently the value leader for golf tracking products. I may replace my GPS watch (and add shot tracking) for next season and at this point I will probably go with Shotscope based on their pricing and performance.

  4. Can someone clarify as I’ve seen different things about this, does your phone need to be open or out of your pocket to be able to tag? Or can it be done without getting your phone out?

    • Matt Saternus


      You need to actually interact with your phone to tag a shot; it can’t be done from inside your pocket.



  5. George grimes

    I have a few questions about this product.
    •can I set the devices up and leave my phone in my golf bag, will all the data still be detected?
    •do I need to look at my phone at the end of each hole as I only want to look at it at the end of the round.

    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      As the review explained, you need to interact with your phone before every shot that you want tracked.


  6. Does the tracking only work at a golf course or can the shot tracking be used at a driving range?

  7. Chris O'Brien

    Great review – thanks. I don’t have these yet, but plan on buying for this season.

    I currently use the Android “Hole 19” app on my phone anyway and attach the phone to my trolley using a rubber bike phone holder permanently. The “Hole 19” app free and offers GPS distance and score entering on Android, so I am used to interacting with my phone on the course anyway, so don’t see this as an issue. I did try the Arcoss ones before, and, like comments above – I did feel the difference on the clubs. Not weight, but a different feel. They also dropped out on occasion, so hopefully these ones are better.

    Finally -Who doesn’t love a bit of new tech and analytics to play about with

  8. Does it require phone data to work with the tracking or can it work without a net connection?

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