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The Scott Readman Concepts SWC putter is a beautiful blend of elegance, craftsmanship, performance, and function that feels totally natural and responsive.



We’re no strangers to Scott Readman Concepts (SRC) at PluggedInGolf – we’ve been using their putter covers pretty much since the birth of this website.  I could go on for days about the ideals of the company, their philosophies, and the characters that keep the lights on at SRC, but the Scott Readman SWC (short for Sir Winston Churchill) deserves all the attention.  The SWC putter is milled and hand finished entirely in a small town in England to achieve a perfect blend of performance and artistry that’s sure to be different than anything else you’ll see at your local track.



The SRC team is one of the best when it comes to finding that perfect balance between simplicity and vibrance.  For such a simple classic looking putter, there’s a lot going on with the Scott Readman Concepts SWC putter.  The welded swan neck gives the putter a graceful elegance while the unique hand stamping gives it a custom garage feel and a more personal touch.  Everything about this putter screams that it was meticulously crafted with precision and artistry when you hold it in your own hands.

From a functional perspective, the Scott Readman SWC putter is shorter heel-to-toe than a traditional Anser putter but with a similar width.  This gives the SWC a more minimal footprint which makes it seem easier to consistently find the sweet spot.  At address, the topline is thin but solid, and the putter lines up to the target very nicely.  I think my favorite part is how, at address, all you see is a matte silver finish with smooth lines and an “X” for an alignment aid.  When you’re looking down at the putter, all of the lines flow smoothly to give a very minimal appearance.  Not until you flip the putter will you see all the finishing touches Readman added to give the putter its character.


Sound & Feel

When it comes to sound and feel, however, the perfection of the Scott Readman Concepts SWC really comes through.  At impact, the sound is a very quiet, almost puffy, “pluck.”  It’s very muted, but it is very specific and distinct so you get significant auditory feedback with such little sound.


My favorite description of feel in golf is “very soft but very solid.”  I never quite know how a club can be both, but I still know that it can.  The putter feels buttery soft, but it’s because of how subtle the sound is and how generous the sweet spot is.  For such a soft feeling putter, I’m incredibly impressed with how solid it feels and how much response you get from the face at impact.  I’ve hit a lot of great putters in the past, but I will readily state that the feel of the SWC putter is the most “pure” I’ve experienced.



I putt my best when the putter feels like it’s an extension of my arms that I don’t have to think about.  Though a smaller head, the weighting and design of the Scott Readman Concepts SWC putter make for an extremely smooth and balanced stroke that’s easily repeatable.  The balance is so good that it makes the stroke feel like a natural move and like less of a “concentration on technique.”  What this meant for me was that all I had to do was figure out my line, keep my eye on the ball, and worry about getting the distance right.

The other notable performance characteristic of the SWC was its roll.  I can’t tell you I’ve seen too many other putters with as consistently pure roll as the SWC.  Off the face, the ball seemed extremely under control and properly paced but like it was assertively making its move to the hole.  While other putter reviews may describe this as the ball coming off the face hot, it wasn’t like that with the SWC.  It was as if the ball took its marching orders from the putter and barreled its way to its final destination with authority.



I could go on and on about the Scott Readman Concepts SWC putter, but if you’ve read this far, you get the point.  I was honestly fairly skeptical of the SWC design before I received it.  My opinion flipped so quickly that I sought validation from another PIG staff member that is now seeking one for himself.  What is very apparent is that SRC is capable of so much more than just making some cool headcovers in their shop in Bristol, England, and I truly believe they have put together all of their creative skills to produce one of the best and most unique putters I have ever played with.

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  1. which model is this that you are reviewing. It looks like they have a few different swc models

    • They’re all SWCs. The numbers after them are just how they differentiate between them on the site all being slightly different (think different becks, stamps, etc.)

      Of course, if you want something a little different than they have posted, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to them directly.


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