Sacks Parente Drac Putter Review

sacks parente drac putter sole

50 Words or Less

The Sacks Parente Drac putter merges their Ultra Low Balance Point with the popular fang head shape.  Extremely stable.  Swinging the ULBP feels very natural and smooth.

Check out the more traditional Sacks Parente Series 91 putter HERE


When they launched their putters a few years ago, Sacks Parente promised mallet-like forgiveness in a blade.  Having tested it for myself [Series 39 review HERE] and seen that their Ultra Low Balance Point technology works, I was curious to see how it would perform in a mallet.  Can the Sacks Parente Drac putter be more forgiving than the current crop of monstrous mallets?

sacks parente drac putter address


The Sacks Parente Drac putter is instantly recognizable as a fang-style putter, but it has enough unique character to make it more than a clone.  In terms of the shape, what stands out most to me is the extended flange.  Typically the flange is very short and sometimes nonexistent.  On the Drac, it extends a full inch past the main body.  Beyond that, the Drac plays within the bounds of a typical fang and the cavity frames the ball precisely.

Another thing that stands out at address are the mill marks.  They are pronounced, running primarily from heel to toe with some perpendicular marks on the flange.  Some golfers might find them to be a little distracting at address, but I think they’re quieted by the black finish.

Flipping the putter over reveals one of my favorite soles of the year.  Deep mill marks surrounds large “DRAC” branding and a bat silhouette.  The fangs have shallow cavities which are home to a blood red filling.  I love that Sacks Parente leaned into the vampire theme because golf has enough self-serious putter makers.  It’s supposed to be fun.

I also like the Drac’s head cover.  It carries on the black and red theme, and the dripping red fangs in the R and A are fitting.  My one complaint is that the magnetic closure does not navigate the hosel easily.  I needed to pull the putter against the heel side of the cover to get a secure grip from both magnets.

sacks parente drac putter face

Sound & Feel

It didn’t take more than a couple swings for me to write a “Wow” in my notes alongside the entry “softest milled putter in a while.”  On center, you barely feel the ball.  Off center the feel is firmer, but even those strikes are softer than the vast majority of putters out there.

While the feel of the Sacks Parente Drac putter is as gentle as can be, the audio is unafraid to deliver some sharp feedback.  Perfect strikes are very quiet, just a dull “thud” that perfectly complements the soft feel.  Small misses, however, add this disconcerting metallic note that insists that you do better.  Large misses are still quiet but cross into the “tock” category.


The raison d’etre for Sacks Parente putters is the Ultra Low Balance Point design.  By using an ultra-light shaft and grip, they move the balance point of the club almost all the way to hosel, several inches lower than a conventional putter.  This also raises the swing weight – the Drac I tested measured at F2 – though, to me, it doesn’t feel that heavy (Steven Sacks has stated that traditional swing weights don’t apply to his putters).

On that point of feel, what has stood out about both Sacks Parente putters that I’ve tested is that the ULBP feels both novel and comfortable.  It’s clearly different than my usual putter, but I didn’t have the need for a long transition period.  The Sacks Parente Drac feels like it flows more easily through the stroke.  I acknowledge that’s a nebulous statement, but this is something you need to feel to truly understand.

Moving to the quantifiable, the Drac is a very stable putter.  It weighs a hefty 375 grams with 100 grams coming from tungsten weighting in the heel and toe.  On the green and in launch monitor testing, I saw my mishits holding their line as well as they do with the best current mallets.

sacks parente drac putter shaft

Something to keep in mind about Sacks Parente putters is that the putter is one complete package from grip to shaft to head.  While you can slap a different grip on it, you’ll add weight to the handle and raise the balance point.  Sacks Parente offers three grips – pistol, round, and flat – and it’s important to choose the right one.


The Sacks Parente Drac is an impressive putter that should bring more players into the Ultra Low Balance Point club.  This shape is very stable on its own, but Sacks Parente’s technology gives it a considerable boost.  If you want a fresh feel on the greens, Sacks Parente is a brand worth considering.

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  1. Kirk Pagenkopf

    Great review. Can’t wait to put one in my bag.

  2. Lots of quality here.

    I have an Artisan Fang but its fangs are sawed off so it looks more like a blade. The long fangs benefit, I believe, MOI/Stability. It is a dramatic looking putter.

    The magnetic cover loops look suspect. They might want to rethink that.

    I do not have hands-on experience with the tech. I did play Goldwin Clubs in the late 90’s and Parente was a founder – they also had different tech – heavy heads, light shaft, ultra-light grips. He always does something different and with quality build.

  3. I really want this putter on gimmick alone.

  4. donn rutkoff

    Matt, a writer asked you a while back is it face balanced at impact? I have never run across this question or idea before. Is it a legit question? I thought face balance is face balance, not changing during a putter stroke.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re correct, face balanced is face balanced. The toe hang is measured with the shaft parallel to the ground, not during the stroke.



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