The Reynolds Kingdom of Golf Experience

By: Zack Buechner


Reynolds Kingdom of golf presented by Taylormade is a setup straight out of any golf nerd’s dream.  Equipped with a tour trailer, driving range, indoor/outdoor practice bays, and massive short game area, the 16-acre facility isn’t just for PGA pros.  The Kingdom was designed to create a unique experience for every golfer that will make you feel like a king.

Practice Facility

If I told you to design the perfect golf practice area, you’d probably end up with something similar to the facility at the Kingdom.  The West end of the facility boasts a three-hole short game practice area and oversized putting green.  Maxing out at about 125 yards, I could’ve spent an entire day just playing in this area and honing my short game.  On the East side, there is a full-size private driving range with indoor heated practice bays for year-round comfort.  This entire facility alone should entice you to make the trek to Reynolds.

Lessons & Instruction

Professional instruction is the smart play for any golfer trying to better their game.  Instruction at the Kingdom, however, takes it to a whole new level.  Lead Instructor Sean Cain and his team use Trackman data along with GEARS to analyze every movement of a golfer’s body through the swing or putt.  Only 100 of these GEARS systems exist in the world.

If you’re looking for a tune-up for one of the 6 courses, I recommend one of the golf schools.  The Energize package is a 2-day, 6-hour workshop (3 hours per day) that works on every facet of your game.  The maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio keeps classes small and still gives you enough time to play 18-holes each afternoon.

Club Fitting

Club fitting at The Kingdom is very different than anywhere else.  Using a launch monitor and 3D motion tracking systems, the staff can fit any level golfer into the ideal set of Taylormade clubs.  My favorite part of the fit was going inside the tour trailer and watching them build my driver and fairway woods to the exact specifications I was measured for just a few minutes prior.  Since they use specialized tour materials, I was able to hit my clubs on the range within 10 minutes.  This isn’t your local golf retailer.

Putting Lab

Head inside the putting lab, and you’ll find several pieces of equipment that track every aspect of your putting stroke.  A Quintec putting system is in place along with GEARS and a set of lasers to fit each player into the perfect putter.  On this particular day, Leighton was my fitter and got me into a style of putter I wouldn’t normally have picked out myself.   He identified a few specifications (offset being the main one) that I needed to help get my ball started on line every time.  Once again, we immediately went to the tour trailer, built my new putter and I was hitting putts within minutes after getting fit.  To no one’s surprise, I went on to shoot my two lowest scores of the year the next 2 days with more one-putts than I can remember.


Whatever the reasoning for your visit to Reynolds Lake Oconee, don’t overlook the value of saving time for the Kingdom.  It is truly a golfer’s paradise.  Whether you need to brush off some winter season rust or you’re just looking for new clubs, the Kingdom is the place to do it.

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