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The Reputt is an electric ball return device.  Works as advertised.  Not quiet.  Makes practice more pleasant and efficient.


It’s officially indoor putting season in the Midwest, so today I’m examining Reputt, a device designed to make putting practice more enjoyable.  Reputt gives you all the benefits of a ball return without the ramp.  Read on to find out if you should be adding this to your winter practice kit.

Ease of Use & Set Up

After you’ve disposed of all the bubble wrap, you’ll have all the pieces you see above plus an instructional sheet.  Setting up Reputt is fairly intuitive: it primarily requires plugging it in.

The one piece that’s a bit unusual is the magnet (shown below).  Reputt comes with several very thin, narrow magnets that connect the device to the end of your putting mat.  Per Reputt, your mat needs to be at least 8mm thick to work.  They suggest adding a yoga mat underneath your putting mat if it is too thin.  I found the magnets held fairly well to my PuttOut mat [review HERE], though the rounded edges weren’t ideal for the flat magnet.

Once your Reputt is assembled, plugged in, and put in place, all you need to do is putt.  The unit senses when a ball is in position and automatically returns it.

The Reputt also has levels built into both sides of the device.  This is a nice feature to have, especially if you’re seeing your putts consistently sliding right or left.


The main benefit of Reputt is that it returns your putts without the use of a ramp.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with a ramp, but putting on something like the Perfect Practice mat [review HERE] turns a six footer into something more like a ten footer.  With Reputt, you can allow your putts to die into the cup.

Reputt is capable of returning your ball eleven feet or more, depending on the speed of your mat.  This makes it a nice choice for slightly longer mats.  It works well if you’re practicing four footers, too, but you need to be alert and “catch” the ball.

Finally, it’s important to note that Reputt is not quiet.  When the ball gets shot back to you, the sound is akin to a drawer being closed swiftly.  If you’re putting by yourself, it’s a non-issue.  If you’re putting while others are sleeping or working, it might be an issue.


Adding longevity to your putting practice is exactly what Reputt is designed for.  With less walking back and forth, plus a machine to gather your misses, putting practice is a bit more enjoyable.

In my view, the key to using Reputt a lot of being able to leave it set up.  If you are rolling up your putting mat after every session, setting up Reputt is an added layer of hassle.  However, if your putting mat is a permanent fixture, adding Reputt is a strong move.


Reputt has a list price of $119 at the time of publication.  You can add “extenders” to more firmly connect your mat for another $20.  For $119, it’s a solid buy for the right golfer.  If you like indoor putting, you have a mat that allows for putts of ten feet or more, and you leave your mat set up permanently, you’ll get your money’s worth from Reputt.


If you’re tired of slugging putts up a ramp but don’t want to retrieve your own balls either, Reputt is the solution.  For the avid indoor putter, this training aid should make your short game work a little more fun.

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Matt Saternus

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