Radius Classic 3 Chester MN Putter Review

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The Radius Classic 3 Chester MN putter is a high-quality take on the classic Anser putter shape, designed and manufactured to a very high standard.

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I’ll be 100% honest here: when Matt returned from the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show and told me “I have a putter for you to review from a company called Radius,” I had no idea who Radius was.  Rather than Google “Radius,” I waited to form my first impressions around the Radius Classic 3 Chester MN putter until it was in my hands.  The exact experience was this – I spent about ten minutes rolling putts with the Classic 3 and then ran to my computer to find out “who the hell is Radius and how have I never heard of this putter before?!”

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The appearance of the Radius Classic 3 Chester MN is going to be pretty familiar to most golfers.  The Classic 3 Chester MN has a classic Anser shape with soft round bumpers.  The durable black finish does a solid job of preventing glare in the sun and provides a nice industrial look which is consistent with the precision engineering and designs that Radius strives for.  There is basic branding on the sole, face, and cavity, and the Radius circle badge is a cool inlay on the face and sole rather than a usual engraving with paintfill.  The face of the Classic 3 has a very interesting milling which is key for an important performance factor we’ll discuss later.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the Radius Classic 3 Chester MN has a nice muted sound to it.  I don’t want to use the term click, because it isn’t a click-y sound, but thud or thump would not do the putter justice.  It’s a very neutral tone and will match up with the soft feel of the putter.

Radius putters are 100% milled and this certainly shows in the quality of the feel.  The Classic 3 is well balanced and very responsive all across the face.  Well-struck putts off the center of the face will feel extremely soft, almost to the point that it feels like the ball is absorbed into the putter face and the ball is actually compressing a little.  Simply put, it’s a sweet feeling and one of the greatest assets of this putter.

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Radius uses a signature milling on their faces that they call their crosshatch milling.  The point of this milling is to combat the “Dimple Effect” which is when the dimples on the golf ball create an inconsistency at impact which results in more missed putts.  Making a putter face that minimizes the contact area between the putter and the ball is nothing new, but not every putter does it well.  Admittedly, I didn’t roll the Radius Classic 3 on a high-speed camera, but what I can tell you is that this putter has both impeccable feel and one of the purest, smoothest rolls I’ve ever seen on a green.  You still have to make sure you make a sound stroke, but as mentioned before, the Classic 3 has great balance which makes it very easy to control.

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As recently as this week, I had an extensive phone conversation with an acclaimed putter maker about how new putter companies seem to be popping up everywhere.  Fortunately, we get the opportunity to test them, and that can lead to opportunities to learn about something new that truly impresses you.  With the Radius Classic 3, I found it quite refreshing to find a new company making a putter that rivals those from high-end putter makers.  A lot of companies claim to be making a great putter, but actually doing it is a whole different thing.  Radius can comfortably stand behind that claim – their products are the real deal.

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  1. Richard Edwards


    I tried one of these in my local pro shop, along with several others and went to the pro to find out more about this club because it was a delight to use. I too had never heard of Radius,but was so impressed,i bought one.

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