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The R-Motion golf simulator should not be confused with a launch monitor, but it is a fun way to play golf when you’re indoors.


Rain and winter are a formidable tag team.  Together, they keep us all from doing what we really want to do: play golf.  R-Motion is the latest product to attempt to defeat this duo by bringing the game indoors.

Ease of Use & Setup

Your initial set-up of R-Motion will take a little while, but subsequent sessions will come together in seconds.

The first thing to do is start charging your sensor.  While that’s happening, create an R-Motion account and download the R-Motion software and The Golf Club game.  The Golf Club game is large and will require some time to download.  After that, go through the simple installation procedure, then run the R-Motion software.  Attach the sensor adapters to your clubs and you’re ready to go.

In game controls of The Golf Club are fairly straightforward.  There are plenty of options for setting up the game and modifying the look of your golfer, but you can also jump straight into game play.  Once you’re playing, the only delay between shots will be from moving the sensor from one club to the next.


Let’s be clear about what R-Motion is and what it isn’t.  It is meant to be a game and a fun way to play golf indoors.  It is not meant to be Trackman or Foresight.

The sensor on the shaft does a reasonable job of measuring club head speed, face angle, and club path.  That means it is not measuring ball speed, launch angle, spin, or quality of contact.  As such, the distances it spits out are internally consistent but not necessarily real-world accurate.


The “Lite” version of The Golf Club game that comes with R-Motion includes fifteen courses and a driving range.  I was immediately impressed with the quality of the graphics.  The resolution runs as high as 4K, if your system is strong enough, and everything moves with life-like fluidity.

Once you figure out how far your shots go in this virtual world, The Golf Club is a fun game.  The fifteen courses provide a lot of variety, and you can play stroke or match play against your friends.

I found that with sensors attached to my putter, a wedge, an iron, and my driver, I was able to play quickly and still get a reasonable simulation.  You’re not going to get perfect accuracy, but you will get feedback on your club face control and swing speed.  I found the short game to be a little frustrating, but that’s true even on simulators that cost many thousands of dollars.


The heart of the R-Motion’s appeal is that you can golf 24/7/365.  If you live somewhere that has a real winter, that has obvious appeal.

You can boost the longevity of the system by upgrading to the full version of The Golf Club game which includes more courses and the ability to play competitively online.


The R-Motion kit retails for $300 through the company’s website.  This includes the sensor, four club attachments, and a “Lite” version of The Golf Club game with fifteen courses and a driving range.  For an additional $90, you can buy ten more club attachments.

Compared to similar products, I think the R-Motion kit is a good value.  It’s a fun way to bring golf indoors and get some feedback on your swing.


In a perfect world, it would be 70 degrees and sunny every day.  Also, green fees would be $5, and the course would never be crowded.  Until we find that utopia, however, R-Motion golf simulator provides a quick and fun way to enjoy the game when you can’t get to the course.

Matt Saternus


  1. Thanks for the chance.

  2. This is so cool! Now I have something to look forward to during winter here in the Northeast. Thank you for the chance!

  3. what a fun way to spend time on those
    bitter winter days

  4. Thanks for the chance, would be great to have in Missouri.

  5. Looks like a device that will be a lot of fun .

  6. Bill Littleton

    I have to turn the game off and on many times to get the sensor light to go green so I can play. Am I missing something or is this just one of the glitches I will have to deal with.

    • Matt Saternus


      I never came across that problem. I would suggest contacting the company for a resolution.



  7. Hi,
    How realistic is system, for instance, if you start improving in the game will your real game on the course get better?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would not expect a 1:1 relation, but if you spend a lot of time practicing your swing with any system you should see some results on the course.



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