Quivira Los Cabos: Paradise Found

Arriving in Paradise

After a 20-mile drive from the airport, a final turn leads you through to gates of Quivira, a veritable resort village with the unique serenity of a desert landscape.  As the driver continues over a hill, you are struck by a view of a secluded section of the Pacific Ocean hundreds of feet below.  From this point forward at Pueblo Bonito Pacific, the ocean will be only a glance away, whether you are on your balcony, at the gym, or eating a leisurely lunch.

The grounds of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica are a visual treat as well, with winding paths that remind visitors that relaxing and taking one’s time when on vacation is required (a trip to the spa will do the same).  The surprising colors of native desert plants and butterflies are intertwined with man-made water features and artful designs in the sand.

As beautiful as the ocean and miles of sand are, the Pacific is a look-but-don’t-touch attraction.  The undertow is powerful, so people are kept out of the water for good reason.  Another good reason to stay out of the ocean is the swim-up bar in one of the two pools.  Assuming too much time isn’t spent there, early rising guests can witness a beautiful sunrise over the ocean to the east, as well as a magnificent sunset over the ocean to the west, a privilege available to fall and winter guests thanks to the resort’s location at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.


Each room has a sizable balcony with an ocean view as well as little niceties, including a pillow menu, multi head shower, and motion activated lighting in the bathroom.  24 hour butler and turndown service are reminders that you are never far from someone who wants make your stay as relaxing as possible.


Even at 100% capacity, it can often feel like you have Pueblo Bonito Pacifica all to yourself.

The offering of activities is diverse both on and off the property. We enjoyed a sailing trip to see El Arco and a round of golf (full review of the course HERE).  Though there is always a breeze, and shade provides shelter from the sun, these activities are both recommended in the morning before things begin to heat up.

On the property, classes range from mixology to Spanish to cooking (though I would love to learn how to draw in the sand).  Most memorably, guests can arrange a Hook’n’Cook, where to goal is to catch fish to have prepared right on the beach.  Despite striking out in the ocean, the masterful chef Octavio always has a backup plan, and we enjoyed fresh guacamole and delicious ceviche.

Guests can also enjoy yoga on the beach, though I preferred watching it with a chocolate croissant in hand at the Siempre breakfast buffet.


Aside from beauty all around, the highlight of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica was the food.  While there are only a handful of restaurants on the premises, an array of options await on the other side of a shuttle ride at nearby sister resorts.  However, we never needed these options over the course of our stay.  Everything from the poolside shrimp burritos to the short ribs at Peninsula is worth having a second time.  Mexican wine pairings and fresh-picked herbs from the garden bring out flavors inspired by the ocean and local cuisine.

The Perfect Getaway

We’ve been lucky enough to go on many great vacations, but nothing can compare to Quivira Los Cabos for ultimate relaxation.  From the moment we arrived, everything was taken care of; our only job was to enjoy our too brief time in paradise.  If you need to unplug from the grind and recharge, head for the Baja Peninsula and Pueblo Bonito Pacifica.

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