PXG Offers Golfers $100 for GEN6 Driver Challenge

pxg 0311 gen6 driver

PXG Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Every OEM says that their driver is the best, but, this August, PXG is going to prove it – or pay up.

For the entire month, PXG is inviting golfers to their fitting locations to take the PXG GEN6 Driver Challenge.  The process is straightforward:

  • Go online to PXG.com or call 844-PLAY-PXG to books a PXG GEN6 Driver Challenge Fitting.
  • Bring your current driver to the fitting appointment.
  • A PXG Master Fitting will measure shots with your current driver on Trackman, then fit you for a PXG GEN6 driver and measure your shots with GEN6.
  • The best three shots with your current driver will be compared to the best three with the PXG GEN6 driver and a winning driver will be identified.
  • Results will be reviewed, and the winning driver will be identified.
    • Fitter will use Average Total Distance (Carry and Roll) to determine the distance-winning driver​.
    • Fitter will use Side Total (+/-) to determine the dispersion-winning driver​.
    • PXG is the winner if either category is better than your current driver​.

There are a couple important notes:

  • Swing speed average must be within three (3) mph – PXG GEN6 Driver vs. Participant’s Current Client’s Driver.
  • Same brand of golf ball must be used throughout the challenge.
  • Limit one challenge per person.

Here’s where it gets spicy: if your current driver beats the PXG GEN6, PXG will fork over a $100 Mastercard Rewards Card, no questions asked.  As Bob Parsons said, “You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Since I’m already gaming the PXG 0311 GEN6 driver [full 2023 WITB HERE], I’m not eligible for this contest, but keep your eyes on our social accounts (links below) to see if Drew wins $100 or if he finds out that he should be gaming a PXG GEN6 driver, too.

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