PXG Blackjack Putter Review

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The PXG Blackjack is a compact-looking, high MOI, multi-material milled mallet.  Easy to line up and easy to roll.


Arguably no golf club technology has iterated and evolved more in the past ten years than the mallet putter.  Today there are a huge number of different styles of high MOI mallets available.  While the science behind increasing MOI and enhancing forgiveness is well-documented, a putter’s performance often boils down to looks, feel, and player preference.  As a mallet player, I was eager to find out if PXG could produce a mallet as high-performing as its irons.


The Blackjack has a look that is at once distinctive and reminiscent of some of today’s most popular mallets.  The single white line running the length of the clubhead makes alignment simple.  Other features of the design help create confidence at address as well.  In particular, there’s a sense of balance created by the intersection of the small wings and the gray tungsten at the back of the club.

The color scheme is classic PXG.  Matte black, gray, and white with a black shaft make the putter stand out visually and also kill any glare on sunny days.  The clubhead is also fairly compact.  Having a shorter blade length helps me focus on finding the sweet spot.

On the bottom of the club, you’ll see four changeable weights.  A weight kit is available from PXG for players who want to dial in head weight.  You’ll also see the number 26 (also on the magnetic closure headcover) which is a nod to founder Bob Parsons’ service in the 26th Marine Corps Regiment in the Vietnam War.

The Blackjack is available with a plumber’s neck, double-bend, or h-neck hosel.  I went with the h-neck, a slanted hosel with one half shaft of offset that I have found fits my stroke well.

Sound & Feel

The putter head feels substantial.  The heel-shafted version that I tested weighs in at 370g in its factory settings but can be dialed up to 410g using the aforementioned weight kit.  It can also go as low as 310g depending on your needs.

This is slightly heavier than many other premium mallets on the market.  For me, that’s a good thing.  The reason I game a mallet is to help reduce twisting in the stroke and create as square of a strike on the ball as I can each time I draw the club back.  A heavier putter helps me feel like I can do that.

The sound of impact is a low-register ‘tock’.  Impact feels soft yet responsive and satisfying.


Once on the practice green, the Blackjack and I became fast friends.  As I alluded to in the introduction, looking down at it was both comfortable and novel.

As I began to roll putts, I noticed a consistent end-over-end roll and remarkably uniform speed.  The calibration time between me and this new flat stick was as low as I’ve ever experienced.  Lag putting and short putting seemed to benefit in equal measure.

When I’m testing a putter, I always take some time to intentionally hit several putts way further off the heel and toe than I would ever hope to do on the course.  The relative straightness and distance control of putts hit way off-center is frankly bizarre.  I hope to never have to rely on that on the golf course but it’s nice to know that kind of forgiveness is built in, should I ever need it.


PXG made its name with game-changing iron technology.  Increasingly, the company is showing its other offerings are very much on par with its irons.  The Blackjack putter is the total package.  For a mallet player looking to maximize stability and maintain feel, the Blackjack needs to be on your list.


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  1. Kevin Wood

    I like mallet putters as well but the retailer(s) I go to doesn’t have hardly any center shafted mallet style in stock so I could try a bigger variety. I have a Futura 5S which I like a lot but am willing to try others to see if one would fit my game better. Evnroll’s ER5CS with the Gravity grip has my eye and I’d like to try the PXG as well but not everyone can make it to their fitting centers and online fitting with a putter doesn’t cut it. Like to try the Spyder center shafted as well.

  2. Jonathan Espejo

    I really love the looks and design of this putter. I’m wanting to have one and assuming that the putter is as good as their irons and wedges which I have both.

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