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PXG 2020 Spring/Summer Golf Apparel Review

50 Words or Less

The 2020 Spring/Summer apparel collection from PXG is perfect for the hot summer months.  Excellent fit.  Wide ranging styles including pieces that can go on and off course.


A number of OEMs have branded apparel that they have nothing to do with.  They license their logo to an apparel manufacturer and that’s that.  If you know PXG, you know their approach to apparel is 180 degrees from that.

Designed by Renee Parsons, wife of PXG Founder Bob Parsons, PXG makes high performance golf apparel that aspires to transition from the course to everyday life.  I checked out their new Spring/Summer 2020 collection to see if they hit the mark.


Just as with their clubs, PXG designs their clothing line around the color palette of black, white, and grey.  If you’re looking to fill your closet with trendy colors, this isn’t for you.  That said, PXG has sprinkled their Spring/Summer 2020 collection with lilac.  This normally subdued color really pops when combined with PXG’s other pieces.

The other standout element of PXG’s apparel is the branding.  While some of the pieces have barely-noticeable PXG logos, other pieces are the clothing equivalent of a staff bag.  While my taste runs toward the more subdued, there’s something about the aptly named Big Logo Polo that’s so over the top that it’s cool.


PXG has cultivated an image of being an extreme company; I mean, it’s right there in the name.  With the fit of their apparel, however, they’ve taken a moderate approach that should work well for a wide range of body types.

I found that the polos fit true to size with a very slight taper in the body.  The sleeves hit just above the elbow, and the shirt has the length to be tucked in or worn loose.  PXG’s Hybrid Vest is sized more like a shirt, so if you want to layer underneath it, size up.  Personally, I prefer the more fitted approach as it keeps the vest out of the way of the swing.

Finally, PXG’s Essential Shorts have a fit that’s a touch slimmer than the uppers.  The waist is true to size, but the seat and thighs have a more athletic cut that hits just above the knees.  That combination was not ideal for me and my tree trunk thighs.


Some apparel companies load you up with tech babble.  PXG keeps it simple: the polos have stretch, humidity control, are breathable, and dry quick.  Here in Illinois, we made a stark transition from winter to summer, so I was able to put all those properties to the test during some recent play.

The PXG polos demonstrated each of the four performance characteristics while I played.  The shirts move perfectly – I never felt material in my way.  Despite 100 degree heat and some profuse sweating, the shirts were bone dry the entire time.  Another thing that stood out is the light weight – the material has a “barely there” quality that’s ideal for hot days.

While the lack of spring weather stole my chance to really test the Hybrid Vest, I’m excited about having it for the fall.  I’ve made some indoor swings with it, and the fit and material work well with the golf swing.  This could be a perfect piece for that in-between weather.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from PXG’s apparel, but, after giving it a thorough test, it’s become my go-to for hot weather.  I’ve yet to find better shirts for dealing with the heat, and that means you’ll find me in them anytime I need to be outside for extended periods this summer.  As with anything PXG does, there will be haters, but the performance of the apparel, as with the clubs, is undeniable.

Matt Saternus
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  1. More quality stuff from PXG…..only this time in clothing that has you positively reviewing. More premium pricing to boot. No thanks. It’s one thing to buy PXG golf clubs. I no longer believe in the notion that PXG golfers, among we mere mortals, is a cry (or a boast) for attention. Rather, it is a decision, after a fitting, to splurge on what sound like great clubs. But to spend $ 125 on a golf shirt and $ 150 on shorts is where I draw the line. Someone is buying them – a few of their items are out of stock, so more power to them. But over time, I highly suspect Bob will have to convince his wife……”hey honey…….uh, remember how I had to discount the clubs? We’ve gotta do the same with your clothes. Please don’t be angry.”

  2. Andy LaCombe

    Not to nitpick, but what on earth does “True to Size” mean? There is not a global standard when it comes to shirt sizing. Most companies provide a Size Chart – showing the measurements for each size. Many also have a Fit Guide as well PXG has neither of these. I have reached out to them for this information with no luck.

    I might take a shot at size for a $40 shirt, but would never do so for a $150 one and not knowing if it will fit.

    Their stuff looks great – your review makes me want to try it out even more, but what size would I wear? Can you get a size chart out of them?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a range of ways for a brand to size a medium. In FootJoy, medium is a small tent. Some of the “fashion” brands label doll’s clothes as medium. PXG is in the middle.


  3. Hi Matt;
    I really enjoy reading your reviews, they are honest and straightforward. I have bought golf shirts based on you advice and I have been extremely happy with the purchases. Bermuda Sands became my go to golf shirt brand after your review and I tried one. Now I will have to pick up a PXG shirt. I will not be filling my closet with them due to the fact that my golf buddies and I have a ongoing contest of who can find the best possible golf shirt at the very best deal. Lot’s of bragging rights with that and fun.

    Keep up the excellent work, it is greatly appreciated by this aging duffer.

  4. I know it sounds cheesy, but Lululemon makes the best golf apparel I’ve ever worn.

  5. Dookie Miami

    No Thanks
    No colors and with logos that big they should pay you to wear them
    You are right. they are not for everybody

  6. $150. 00 for a Logo Golf Shirt … As the person b-4 me suggested they should pay us to wear . Come on man ? ?

  7. Funny how “extreme” in the sports I played meant that if you failed, it meant a high likelihood of injury or death, e.g. – skiing, climbing, surfing, mountain biking, even sailing. I do love the PXG clubs, they are incredibly beautiful clubs that have been engineered to absolute perfection, and they play that way, so yeah, extremely well-crafted clubs. However, in this case, it seems to represent price. You would think that after draining my bank account on the clubs that they might give me a little bit of a break on the clothing and accessories. I know, I shouldn’t bitch if I’m playing their clubs, but as many people agree, sometimes I feel like I’m paying a premium to advertise for them. If anything, I don’t really want to advertise that I’m playing PXG’s, since they seem to draw unsolicited comments about cost and credibility, that I don’t necessarily want to discuss. Clearly, there are plenty of PXG players who love, love, love to advertise that they are playing PXG clubs, and they tend to have much flashier cars in the parking lot, have a full sized PXG staff bag, smoke Cuban cigars on the course, wear flat brimmed hats and dress like Rickie Fowler, even if they’re about 20+ years past that freshness date. Oh, I have had my share of gorgeous German, Italian and British cars and I have a nice stash of Cubans too, but I’ve learned that having a really fine iron game, a sneaky long driver that can find fairways, with chip shots that go in, or near tap in, pitch shots that go bounce, bounce stop and a beautiful putter collection speak so much louder in a quiet way around the course than all the other smoke and mirrors that look like something that calls out for attention. As most top athletes I have competed with or spent time around do, they let their ability do all the talking. Everything else is just extremely obnoxious.

  8. Larry Beller

    I’ve been trying to find a cooler long sleeve golf shirt that I can wear in the summer in Florida. I’ve tried the sleeves but they are quite warm. There’s plenty of long sleeve shirts that provide sun protection but they don’t have a collar. Does anyone make such a product?

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