PXG 0811XF Driver Review

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The PXG 0811XF is enormous and has a huge draw bias.  A terrible choice for all but the most vicious slicers.


PXG is a well-marketed brand.  Very few people feel “meh” about PXG.  Like Big Baller Brand or Floyd Mayweather, most either love it or hate it.

As someone who tries to separate perception from performance, I have been on both sides of the PXG debate.  Their 0317 hybrid is a monster.  Other clubs in their line up fall flat.  The 0811XF driver is decidedly in the latter group.


All modern drivers are large compared to the old persimmons.  I get that.  But there’s big, and then there’s big.  The PXG 0811XF is the latter.

The XF is the kind of big that makes you appreciate the work other manufacturers do in sculpting their drivers.  This is a big, flat, matte black pancake on a stick.  I’m sure some will say it looks no worse than other modern drivers, but I can’t agree.  At address, this club has zero appeal.

Sound & Feel

While I just said that PXG doesn’t generate much in the way of “meh” feelings, that’s exactly my reaction to the sound and feel of this driver.  It’s not very loud, nor is it quiet.  It doesn’t feel very solid, but it’s not tinny and hollow either.  The sound and feel are right in the middle of the spectrum, and the feedback is decent.  Meh.


Fore left!  The PXG 0811XF is the most draw-biased driver I can remember hitting.  If you are slicing the ball off the planet 14/14 times per round, this is the driver for you.  If you have ever sniffed a fairway, get something else.

With the sweet spot buried so far in the heel of the club, I find it hard to say how forgiving this driver is.  If you live in the heel-side of the face, you’ll get decent ball speed and low spin.  Hitting it in the center or towards the toe results in unimpressive numbers.

The 0811XF does have some adjustability.  There are weight ports in the heel and the center of the sole to create what PXG calls “Neutral” and “Draw Bias” ball flights.  These would be better labeled “Extreme Draw Bias” and “Really Extreme Draw Bias.”  Again, if you’re not slicing every driver you hit, there are better drivers for you.


For those that are slow on the uptake, I’ll spell it out: this is my least favorite PXG club ever.  It looks terrible, feels bland, and is insanely draw biased.  The draw bias is so extreme that I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone except the guy who has completely given up on improving his swing.

PXG 0811XF Driver Price & Specs

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  1. William Neal

    Thanks for such an honest review. Most people would be afraid of offending the maker of the product. We need more honest reviews, not a watered down version.

    • Andrew Partridge

      I can only assume you didn’t set it up right. I just swapped my Ping G30 for this model. It flies straight (I haven’t noticed any draw). The sound is way better than the ping and it feels solid at impact. I don’t think it’s any longer than the Ping but looking at my shots they are a little off centre. It seems to fly straight wherever you hit on the face which is what you want for a high handicap player like me.

      Regarding the size it’s around the same as the G30 so I don’t see your point.

      Frankly the review was “meh” and I’m glad I didn’t follow the recommendation. I shot the best round of my life yesterday with this driver and didn’t miss a fairway.

      I play a slight fade.

  2. So, Matt, you’re not putting that one in the bag then?! Great to see PIG keeping it real!

  3. But at least it’s only $850.

  4. Honesty is a Club review? Well, honestly!
    Brilliant work Matt.

  5. Wow! Finally, a review of a PXG product without once mentioning the retail price in the body copy, (it is listed in the chart), or the relative inexplicable lack of price-value relationship. Congrats! To this day, I still have not read in any PXG ad, brochure or promotion, or read in any review, any logical and understandable rationale for PXG’s prices. Yes, I understand Bob Parsons says they’re the best and that they spend more time on design and construction. So? Without something substantially different and BETTER coming out in the final analysis, those statements fall flat and lifeless. It’s almost as if Parsons believes the price points themselves are reinforcing his hopeful image of supreme quality. With 45 years in marketing, advertising and promotion, I believe it’s no secret that first comes the quality, THEN comes the price. But the better quality and better performance has to be clear and undisputed before the higher prices become even remotely acceptable.

  6. Certainly is a plain looking thing.

  7. Hey Matt, great article using truth of the product. But lets face it, PXG is just another club maker, way over priced and satisfying the big oversized ego of the creator. Most, all but Tour people but it for the big show of having them with no game to enhance them, but they want to be seen. Money won’t buy a game, but it will buy lessons.

    • Jim Henderson

      Just test drove this driver yesterday. 6 yards more carry, 10 yards more overall and much tighter dispersion than my M2. Can’t wait to put it in play! Yes I’m a fader.

    • Hector R. Fernandez

      A petty response. Insulting people for their taste says more about you than about them. And yes, I own a full bag of PXG clubs and my game is much better. And yes, I have an instructor.

  8. Funny thing is that I hit every drive high and right. I’m in the woods more than Sasquatch! Someone has one of these for sale on CL out here. Do you think that this would be worth going after? I also have a Callaway XR 16 driver that at least somewhat finds the fairway once in a while, just picked that up a couple of weeks ago. What do you think?

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I wouldn’t buy any driver that I wasn’t fit for. I view it as penny wise and pound foolish to go with the “Buy, Try, Re-Sell” model. I have no doubt that a good fitter like Club Champion could help you significantly with your high, right drives.



  9. Jim Hogan

    I don’t know where you are getting information regarding price for the PXG Gen 4 XF. I just bought one on ebay—never been played, for $262. FREE SHIPPING! My buddy has one that I tried and hit it MUCH better than my Ping G410. The PXG felt solid and the trajectory was med-high with lots of roll out. Maybe you give this great club another look!

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