PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set Review

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The new PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set allows golfers to set up a variety of drills to work on their alignment, stroke path, and face control.  A versatile kit with a lot of potential.


PuttOUT built their name on their now-ubiquitous Pressure Putting Trainer.  Then, they elevated basic items like putting mats and mirrors with exceptional quality and attention to detail.  Their latest offering, the Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set, puts them back in the realm of original training aids.  I tested it to see if it’s worthy of a place in PuttOUT’s excellent catalog.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set comes in a very slick carrying case (see top picture).  When you fully unbox it, you have everything you see above.  The kit includes the plane, two putting gates, and two alignment sticks with a connector to create one long stick.

Assembling the putting gates takes seconds – just plug the bases into the upright.  Setting up any of the four drills shown on the package takes no more than a minute.  Some of these drills may not be obvious to all golfers, but it’s hard to make it any clearer than putting a picture right on the product itself.


Let’s start by outlining the uses of the PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set.  Using all the pieces of the kit, you can create the putting plane, shown above.  This can be set at four different lie angles for both right and left handed golfers.  You can also remove the plane and use an alignment rod as a guide for the putter shaft.  Next, you can putt through the gates, with or without an alignment rod above the ball.  Finally, you can pair the alignment rods with the PuttOUT Pressure Putting Trainer [review HERE] to add an alignment check (see below).

What I like about this kit is that it has something for every type of player.  If you like a trainer that helps with your visualization or alignment, this has you covered.  If you want something to guide your stroke, you’re good.  If you just need some feedback on what the ball is doing, you can get that, too.

Additionally, I really like that PuttOUT doesn’t prescribe one type of set up.  With the putting plane, you can set wildly different angles, so every golfer can practice what works for them.

Overall, I think the aids and drills that the PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set provides are effective.  Nothing here is as addictive as the Pressure Putting Trainer, but that’s an impossibly high bar.  If you want to work on your stroke, dial in your face control, or perfect your set up, you can do it with this kit.


The PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set has three big pluses in the Longevity column.  First, it has a number of different uses.  Regardless of what type of stroke you make or what kind of drills you like, you’ll be able to find something to do with this kit.  Second, every part of it works indoors and outdoorsFinally, all of the pieces pack up neatly into the carrying case and assemble quickly.  This may seem trivial, but training aids that are a headache to set up don’t get used.


The PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set retails for $90.  With many uni-tasker putting trainers costing as much or more, I think this kit is a solid value.  If you find one drill that you use regularly, the purchase will have been worth it, and it’s likely you’ll get at least sporadic use of more than one.


PuttOUT continues to give golfers the tools to become better putters and shoot lower scores.  The Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set is a versatile trainer that can make your practice more productive regardless of where it happens or what you’re trying to achieve.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Good review, but no thanks for me…
    I just don’t want to be the guy on the practice green with this thing.

  2. James Dean

    Overpriced…I’ll wait until it’s on clearance.

  3. Michael Day

    Not sure how it works if you putt with an arc?

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