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*Note: There is a new version of the Putting Fork, the Putting Fork Pro 2.0.  Find the review HERE.

There are a million ideas about putting: “optimal” strokes, natural strokes, arced strokes, straight strokes, and on and on, but even competing putting gurus will agree that if you can’t start the ball on line consistently, you can’t be a great putter.

Enter the Putting Fork Pro.  This simple training aid is focused on only one thing: starting the ball on line.  You can use any stroke, any tempo, and any putter, but you have to start the ball on line.  This is a putting trainer that every serious player should have in their bag.

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What Problems Does It Address

  • Inability to start putts on line
  • Can’t read greens

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How Does It Work

Like all of my favorite training aids, the Putting Fork is simple to use: anchor it to the ground with some tees, set the gate at your preferred level of difficulty, and putt.  If your ball makes it through the tees unscathed, you succeeded.  If it bounces off the tees, you didn’t.

The Putting Fork can also help you with your green reading.  If you think a certain putt breaks 6”, aim the Putting Fork 6” outside the cup and putt.  If you make it through the gates with the correct speed and still miss the putt, you need to adjust your read.

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Why the Putting Fork is Plugged In Golf Approved

The biggest reason why the Putting Fork is a Training Aid That Works is that it offers valuable, crystal-clear feedback.  The feedback can be brutal (I had a student text me to ask if getting the ball through the gate was even possible), but there is no doubt that it will make you better.

To me, the substantial challenge is actually part of what makes the Putting Fork so good.  Unlike easy training aids that allow you to “succeed” without really focusing, the Putting Fork demands that you be focused, lest you watch your golf balls ricochet off the tines.  This challenge and engagement makes the Putting Fork fun to use, a rare trait in a training aid.

Additionally, the Putting Fork can be used anywhere.  I actually prefer to use it indoors; I keep it stashed next to my putter in its carrying bag with two tees and a couple balls.  Within 20 seconds I can set up a really productive practice session anywhere.

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The Putting Fork is a brutally effective putting trainer that you can use absolutely anywhere.  You won’t need to change your stroke to use the Putting Fork, you won’t need to drive to the course to practice, and you won’t have any more excuses for being a bad putter.  The only questions left are, “Do you really want to be a good putter?” and “What are you waiting for?”

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  1. Terry ferguson

    Are there two different lengths of the putting fork? I want to get one for my grandson who is playing college golf. Thanks

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