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The PURE DTX grip is a perfect choice for players who love feel of cord but want more durability.  This grip has no equal when it comes to traction.


I love the feel of soft, squishy grips as much as the next guy, but when the money is on the line, I want traction above all else.  That’s why I was thrilled to see PURE Grips unveil the DTX grip at the PGA Show a couple years ago.  The DTX grip is designed to match or exceed the grip of the best cords but with PURE’s trademark durability.  In this review I’ll explain why the DTX has become one of my favorite grips.

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The DTX has a straightforward look with only the PURE Grips logo at the bottom and on the butt cap.  The tread wraps around the grip in a V-pattern which some players might find helpful as a grip alignment reminder.

As with all their grips, PURE offers the DTX in a wide variety of colors.  There are seven choices, and all the colors are bold and durable.

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The PURE DTX grip has a unique feel, but I’ll do my best to describe it.  It’s like someone attacked your boring rubber grip with a cheese grater, then glued the cut-off bits back on in all the wrong places.  It’s like your favorite cord grip on steroids, but the cord is made of rubber.  Ever been to a playground where the ground is made of shredded tires?  Grab a handful of that stuff…that’s the PURE DTX.  If none of that sounds good to you, you’re probably not a cord person.  That’s ok, we can still be friends, we just can’t share clubs.

Simply put, the PURE DTX offers more traction than any grip I’ve ever put my hands on.  It also does a nice job of absorbing some of the sting of mishits without robbing you of all feel.

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If I haven’t been clear about this already, the PURE DTX offers a ton of traction.  If the club slips in your hands, you’ll have only your puny forearms to blame, not the grip.  Best of all, the traction holds up in all weather conditions.

More than anything else, the hallmark of PURE Grips is durability, and the DTX epitomizes that.  While most cord grips are getting cheaper every year – you’re lucky to get a full season out of them – I’ve just finished my second full season with the same DTX grips, and I’m not sure I need to change them yet.

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At $9 a grip, the PURE DTX costs far less than the most popular cord grips and lasts a lot longer.  It also has more traction – it out-cords the cords!  As a no-glove cord-lover, the DTX is one of my go-to grips, and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone looking to get a better grip on their clubs.

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  1. The DTX may be one of the grips, which held in the hand at address, feels like you are taking a cheese grater to your fingers and palms, but works fine during the swing. As a no glove golfer, I could not get accustomed to the feel at address. I went with the Pro Grips, which have an issue with use on the range when conditions are hot, wet or humid – they need a wiping down. I may eventually end up with the Pure P2 as I want a Winn Grip feel with durability.

  2. What grip do you recommend for a player with bad (injured) hands? What grip absorbs the most shock?

    • Matt Saternus


      Winn makes some very soft grips, but the durability is not great. Bigger grips tend to absorb a bit more shock, too.



  3. Hi Matt,

    I currently have Iomic Black Armor Sticky Evolution 2.3 grips on my irons and Iomic iXx 2.3 grips on my hybrids. Am looking for some similar grips for another set of irons I have picked up.

    I can’t find anywhere in the UK where I can look at the Pure DTX before committing to buying (can only purchase them online). Is the Pure DTX the closest grip I am going to get the Iomics I currently use? I am looking for a similar performing grip to the Iomics I currently use.

    I am tempted to try Pure DTX as they are half the price of the Iomics and Iomics are quite pricey. What is durability of the Pure DTX like and how do they hold up in rain? I have had my iomics for a couple of years now and they are still in great condition (assume this is due to iomic’s elastomer compound) so durability is important for me. Do you still use Pure DTX?

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards


    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t used Iomic grips in a long time, so I’m not that familiar with the models you’re talking about. The durability of PURE grips is excellent. I don’t currently use PURE, I play the Golf Pride MCC Plus Four.



    • Mike Harrington

      Hi Jon – I currently use Pure Grips. I use the Pure Pro early spring and late fall but switch to the DTX in summer (hot and humid).

      They work great and have excellent durability. My hands get fairly sweaty and I’ve never had an issue with grip. Any other questions, just let me know.

      I might even have a spare I could send you to try.

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