Puma Ignite Sport Spikeless Golf Shoe Review


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The Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport golf shoe is lightweight, extremely comfortable, and good both on and off the course.



Some spikeless golf shoes try hard to be a good crossover while others just try to be a good golf shoe or a good street shoe.  The Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport is both good at golf and good for rocking off the course.  A solid blend of premium materials and good technology make for an extremely comfortable and strong performing spikeless golf shoe.



My first test of the Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport was actually in a “non-golf capacity” when I wore them to work for a week.  This means surviving the Chicago commute, traipsing about downtown Chicago, and generally walking around all day.  The Ignite Spikeless Sport easily met the challenge and was super comfortable for the entire wear.  From a general comfort perspective, I’m sold on Puma’s Ignite foam.  The Ignite foam makes up the midsole of the shoe and is both responsive and cushion-y while properly supporting your foot.

On the course, the Ignite Spikeless Sport is still just as comfortable and grips well.  Puma uses what they call “Grip Zone Traction” which is 39 hexagons and 24 chevron slugs strategically placed on the sole to give solid grip in all the right places.  I found this to be some of the best grip I’ve ever had in a spikeless golf shoe.  It felt more like I was suctioning to the ground rather than “grabbing” with the “spikes.”

The only issue I had came with the fit.  I found the Ignite Spikeless Sport to fit about a half size bigger than usual which caused a little slipping inside the shoe.  This isn’t an issue when the shoe fits properly, so just make sure you get the right size for your feet.



In true Puma fashion, the Ignite Spikeless Sport has a nice blend of subtlety and flash.  The flashiest pair is the grey and “green gecko” pair pictured in this review.  The other two color options are dark blue with a blue sole and black with a clear/black sole.  If you’re trying to decide how this shoe would look for you on course, you can find Bryson DeChambeau wearing these on a regular basis on the PGA Tour.



Comfort is a major point of performance for me, but we’ve already covered that at a fair length.  The other two notable performance areas for the Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport are the flexibility and the waterproofing.  The leather and mesh upper combine to provide enough stability to hold your balance while the mesh gives the shoe a little bit of extra flexibility.  I would certainly consider the Ignite Spikeless Sport more of a mobile shoe rather than a firm, structured shoe.

Quite surprisingly, the Ignite Spikeless Support holds out water well.  I did not take them in any torrential downpours, but I did walk through thick, wet grass that would make a normal shoe absorb some water.  Through each one of those strolls, my feet managed to stay dry and comfortable.



The Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport is a very good golf shoe, but its crowning achievement is definitely its comfort level.  This is the first spikeless golf shoe that I’ve wanted to wear both on and off the golf course.  Yes, others have been solid for both applications but never left me with an urge to wear the shoe outside of golfing hours in the same way the Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport has.

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  1. Hi. Did you wear socks with these pumas or go sock free? I’ve found them to be a bit big so wondering if socks would help with the fit? Thanks! Kara

  2. Petra Furman

    im wearing socks every time

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