Projekt Kozmak Golf Bag Review

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50 Words or Less

The Projekt Kozmak golf bag has some of the smartest features I’ve ever seen.  Truly designed to make the walking golfer’s round more enjoyable.

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When you first click over to Projekt’s website, you wouldn’t know that they make golf bags, but if you sift through the colorful luggage, backpacks, and messenger bags, you’ll find something worth discovering.  Designed by one of the mind’s that put Ogio on the cutting edge of the golf bag market, Projekt’s golf bags sport some of the smartest, most game-enhancing features you’ll find anywhere.

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Projekt’s Kozmak golf bags don’t look quite like anything else on the market.  You can start with the branding.  Rather than having giant logos across the sides or back, Projekt opts for small logos discretely scattered around the bag.

The colors also set it apart.  Yes, there are basic black, red, and blue options, but even those have interesting texture in the material.  More interesting are the Night Vision, Urban Camo, and 60 Shades (pictured here) colorways that are worlds apart from what you’ll find at your local big box.

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Every aspect of the Projekt Kozmak golf bag feels first class.  The zippers are sturdy, the legs are strong, the handles are stout, and the material feels thick and durable.  This is a bag you’ll be able to carry for multiple seasons.

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Design & Performance

While the style and quality of the Projekt Kozmak are great, it’s really the unique design features that make it stand out.  Chief among these features is the panel of pockets and pouches that’s next to your left hand when carrying the bag.  This panel puts your phone, rangefinder, drink, scorecard, pen, and glove within easy reach while walking which not only eliminates the hassle of digging around for your most-used items, it also speeds up play.

The three handles also make the Kozmak more user friendly than your average bag.  In addition to the basic handle on the front of the bag, there’s a sturdy plastic handle on top and a “trunk handle” on the bottom that makes loading the bag into your car a breeze.  It’s also worth highlighting the feet – rather than using a brittle plastic, Projekt made the feet rubber to improve both durability and stability.  Finally, for those who understand the importance of protecting their eyes, Projekt has incorporated a crush-resistant sunglass pocket on the front of the bag.  Not only does this protect your shades, it also insures that you’ll have them with you on the course.

Adding new features doesn’t mean that Projekt overlooked the basics.  The Kozmak has a solid 9.5″ six-way top with full length dividers.  Even when I carry more than 14 clubs – all with midsize grips – there was minimal tangling.  The shoulder straps distribute the load evenly, and the cushioned, breathable hip pad makes long walks after long drives more comfortable.  The Kozmak weighs in at a shade over five pounds which makes it light, but not the lightest.  Frankly, unless you’re a true minimalist, the extra few ounces is nothing compared to the great design.

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The combination of unique design features and great execution of the basics makes the Projekt Kozmak an absolute joy to carry and a bag that actually enhances your walking experience.  Getting your hands on one may take a little bit of effort, but I assure you that it will be worth it.

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  1. I just ordered this bag based on your review and a review on another website. I hope I like as much as you do.

  2. Can this bag be used securely on a pull cart or should I consider a different bag? And, how is the fabric when it gets wet?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve used it on a push cart many times and been happy with it.
      In the rain, the fabric is fine, but not amazing.



  3. I got this bag woth air miles and it’s pretty decent. There are some annoyances tho. The shoulder ring isn’t the strongest and on numerous occasions the shoulder strap will break out while walking. I’ve replaced all the metal rings with carabeners and it’s substantially better. With the bonus of being bale to quickly remove the shoulder straps on a cart. I walk about 3 rounds a week, and it is more comfortable than the last bags I’ve used. The glove velcro is in a horrible place, but I don’t know who uses those anyhow so it doesn’t matter. If you can get one on sale go for it. But at 250 it’s got some failings.

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