Project X LS Iron Shaft Review

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The new Project X LS takes low spin to the player who wants a lighter weight shaft.


The engineers over at Project X have designed something new this year and that comes in the form of a lower spinning shaft.  The idea that golfers are stronger and better certainly holds true to a certain segment of the golf market.  Project X is now creating shafts that is made just for them.


The low spin Project X irons shafts have a matte finish to them.  This helps keeps glare to a minimum and provides a stealthy look.  The design is subtle but it can really make these clubs stand out among the crowd.

I also really liked seeing the dark gray lettering complement the matte steel shaft.  I never disliked the blue that Project X typically uses, but the gray is welcomed change.


While the LS shafts from Project X are in the 120g weight category, they are certainly more rigid than other similar shafts.  The feel has an increase in stability.

This is ideal for the golfer with a faster tempo swing who needs more consistency.  The 120 gram shafts are light enough to get speed but have enough rigidity to keep the ball from getting too far offline.


Lower spin and lower trajectory is exactly what you can expect from these new shafts from Project X.  Due to the nature of the shaft, the flexes only come in stiff (6.0), stiff+ (6.5), and extra stiff (7.0).  The performance and ball flight of the shafts seemed to mimic those of one-step-up in stiffness with a lighter weight (120g in PX LS is equivalent to a 130g X flex).

I noticed that the performance improvements of the LS shafts overlap with the reasons why a player might move to an increase in stiffness.  If you’re looking for a stiffer, more stable shaft in a lighter profile, these might be a perfect fit.


The Project X LS irons shafts are a low spin, low trajectory alternative for the strong golfer who wants something a touch lighter than the competition.  The stealthy matte finish keeps glare to a minimum while also making it eye-catching and unique compared to the many chrome iron shafts out there.

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  1. so is there any actual review of the shafts compared to others, especially standard project x, or just a description of what they’re supposed to be?

    Also 120g, 125g, and 130g are not lighter weight by any means for the profile. KBS Tour, c-taper, $-taper all weigh the same. The IO shafts are the lightweight but they’re not marketed as low/low

    • Zack Buechner

      Hey Joe,

      As described in the performance section above, typically lower spin has been correlated with heavier shafts. With the 120g LS shafts in this review, I noticed similar spin profiles to the KBS 130 x-flex, so this is what I meant by “less spin in a lighter shaft.”

      Thanks for the question!


      • Michael Dubecky


        That’s not really an apples to apples comparison. The 120G LS is a 6.0 Flex which is a stiff. The proper comparison for an LS shaft to a KBS 130 would be the 130 Gram LS 7.0 which is also X-Flex. These shafts are for golfers who enjoy their current shaft/weight but want it in a set up that will spin 500 RPM lower. It’s like KBS Shafts, the Stiffs are 120, The Stiff Plus is 125, The X-Stiff is 130. In PX the 6.0 is 120g, the 6.5 is 125g and the 7.0 is 130G.

        Hope that clears some of it up.

  2. Zack,

    Appreciate the review.

    I’m wondering if any of the Plugged In Golf team will be getting a chance to the test the new (or upcoming) Project X U shaft – the steel utility shaft?


  3. Curious how the spin and launch compare to Aerotech SteelFibers 110s. Thanks

  4. There is also Project X IO which I just recently got fitted to, I really like it, not the most heavy with my swing speed 85-90mph with my 7 iron. Wanted an Opinion on those

  5. I have been playing C-Taper 125 S+ in 900 Tours for 2-3 years. They have taken me down to a 0-1 hdcp by themselves. I am looking to get into the new Srixon ZX7’s but am a little torn on what shaft to order with. Mizuno shaft optimizer steers me toward CT 130X because I have an extremely fast transition but I am a little worried about going heavier as I feel like even the CT S+ is too heavy a shaft to keep swinging. Leaning toward the PX LS 6.5 to stay at weight but hopefully gain a little FCM stiffness. What would be your recommendation? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      My recommendation would be to get a fitting and try all those options in the head you want to buy.



  6. Hey. I got fitted in 2018 been swinging 130 gram kbs c taper. Lately it’s been feeling like a telephone pole lol. I was thinking of these 125 stiff plus project x ls. I’ve lost accuracy since getting fitted and don’t feel I’ve gotten any better. I was a 3 handicap trying to not get the ball to draw as much was the reasoning for the fitting. Since then feel I’ve lost spin on my wedges and they just overall feel to heavy unless I haven’t played in a few days..

  7. Is there any comparison of the 6.5 to the nippon pro modus3 130x?

    • Matt Saternus


      Both are X flex shafts. We don’t have a comparative review, if that’s what you’re looking for.



  8. Do you have a recommended spin for a typical 7 iron? Trying to decide if the LS or the LZ is the fit for me. Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on your ball speed, launch angle, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Just like with the driver, higher spin players will want less spin if they’re trying to maximize their distance. Slower players will need more to keep the ball airborne.



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