Project X EvenFlow T1100 White Shaft Review

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The Project X EvenFlow T1100 White shaft is the stiffest profile in the EvenFlow family.  Combines smooth feel with a stout tip section.


Project X made a huge splash last year with the introduction of the EvenFlow Blue and Black shafts.  Golfers loved the smooth, explosive feel, and they became favorites as stock options and aftermarket upgrades.

In late 2018, Project X added to the EvenFlow family with the T1100 White.  Designed to offer an EvenFlow option to players who need more stability, this shaft uses the same materials that gained notoriety in the HZRDUS T1100.  Can extreme stability coexist with the EvenFlow’s signature feel?  We tested it to find out.


The EvenFlow T1100 White has the same groovy wave pattern as the Blue and Black, but it doesn’t pop quite as much on the white background.  Here it’s less of an eye-catcher, more of a hidden treasure.

Branding on the T1100 is the same as previous EvenFlow models.  It’s immediately recognizable despite being contained to the upper half of the shaft.

Also worth noting: you won’t see the “Handcrafted” graphic on any EvenFlow T1100 White shafts.  Project X states that there are no differences – aesthetic or otherwise – between their aftermarket and stock shafts.


My expectation for the EvenFlow T1100 White was that it would be stiffer throughout than the EvenFlow Black (review HERE).  What I found was that it is actually a blend of the Blue and Black.

The tip of the EvenFlow T1100 White is the stiffest in the EvenFlow family due to the use of high modulus fibers.  What surprised me was how soft the butt section is.  To me, it felt as active in the handle as the EvenFlow Blue.

For the player that likes tip stability but also wants an active feel, the EvenFlow T1100 White could be ideal.


Project X bills the EvenFlow T1100 White as the lowest launching, lowest spinning shaft in the EvenFlow family, and it certainly lived up to that in my testing.  Drives launched on a boring trajectory with loads of roll out.

Due to the low spin, my drives with the T1100 had very little curve.  Even when I was making exaggerated hook or slice swings, the ball didn’t want to move too much.

My one difficulty with the T1100 was in getting a feel for the kick.  The contrast between the stiffness of the tip and the action in the handle took some time to get used to.  I think that a player with a smoother transition would have an easier time getting consistent results from this shaft.


At a time when it seems that the majority of shafts are doing very similar things, Project X deserves credit for making something different.  The EvenFlow T1100 White has the tip stability that so many golfers want, but it raises the bar when it comes to feel and kick.  If that sounds like a winning combination to you, make an appointment with your club fitter to test one out.

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  1. at that swing speed did you test the 6.5 or the 6.0 I have the 6.0 at 105 and im starting to feeling I could go 6.5..

    • Matt Saternus


      I tested the 6.5.



      • Jesus Rodriguez

        Iam 70 ,my handicap is 7 just bought 410 plus have tour shaft that Ihad in my 400putin the410.Will the T1100 white come in regular flex, and it be good for a70year old.

        • Matt Saternus


          I don’t believe the T1100 comes in regular, but I may be wrong. Whether or not it fits you really isn’t related to your age, just your swing. I would suggest getting a fitting to see whether or not it works well for you.



  2. Ryan Laii

    Hi Matt,
    What’s the difference with Fujikura Ventus?

  3. Matt,

    What is the difference between this shaft and the HZRDUS T1100? They are the same materials both low launch low spin, but different shafts? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      The EvenFlow family has a much smoother feel than the comparable HZRDUS shafts. To oversimplify: HZRDUS is meant for aggressive swings, EvenFlow is for smoother ones.



  4. Hey. Can this be used in a 3 wood?

  5. How would this compare to the Evo speeder 757 tour spec? If at times my Evo feels too stout when trying to make a smoother swing would this be a good option?

    • Matt Saternus


      Feel is subjective, but this could feel softer and more apt to “work” with a smoother swing.



  6. Good evening,

    In your opinion is the even flow T1100 75g XS a better overall shaft than the Mitsubishi tensie white 70 XS.

    • Matt Saternus


      Among the major brands where quality materials and production is assumed, I don’t believe any shaft is objectively better than another, it’s all in what fits the player. That said, my personal preference is for the Tensei White.



  7. Brad Shepard


    Was it your feel that the black felt more stable than the white because of the kick point? Did the black’s shots hold their line as well as the white, even without the Tt100?


    • Matt Saternus


      The HZRDUS Black felt less active overall, to me, and more stable on misses and pure strikes. It’s been a while since I hit either, so I would defer to whatever the launch monitor data shows, with the caveat that the data was gathered at different times and isn’t a perfect apples to apples comparison.



  8. So when I tested the ts2 driver the shaft that got me the best results was the even flow but my concern is that my swing speed should not have me in that stiff of a shaft? Is is possible that a heavier stiffer shaft could be better or was it not correct? I am concerned since it may change what I should get in my fairway wood. I also received varied rests on launch monitors at different locations.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would not worry a bit about what you “should” play, only about the actual results when you swing a given club or shaft.
      As for getting varied results on different launch monitors, that’s troubling. How varied are we talking about?


  9. Ronald Ravenhill

    What swing speed range works best for this shaft

    • Matt Saternus


      There are a variety of weights and flexes in this shaft to fit nearly any swing speed. The key is to work with a fitter to find out if this shaft suits your swing.


  10. Hello!
    Just wondering if there are any differences in the same shaft built for a hybrid / utility club?

    • Matt Saternus


      If I’m understanding your question correctly, the answer is yes, the hybrid version of this shaft is different than the standard/driver or wood version.


  11. Kelly Roundy

    Hi Matt,

    I am playing the evenflow white 75 6.5 in my ts3. Love it. Have an opportunity to pick up the black Ventus 7x with VeloCore. I believe they have similar specs but wanted your opinion. Thank you. Kelly

  12. Scott Johnson

    Hello advice? Almost 70 ,lost distance last few years but accidentally got a exs tour edge driver with a reg. And stiff shaft .hit the stiff much better .I’m under 90mph why ? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      Swing speed is just one part of fitting a shaft. Tempo, weight, and feel preference are important too.


  13. Hello Matt,

    What is the difference between my Aldila VS Proto 70g x-stiff and the Evenflow white 6.5 75g? I’m looking for a softer feel on off centre contact.

  14. Andre clement

    Powerfull, predictable & consistent. Rediscover myself after 15 years off Golf couses… Replaced the original shaft on my Mavrik . (best decision of the season!

  15. Hi Matt, I tried this in a TS2 fairway at 6.0 stiff and 75 grams . Felt good just a little heavy and a little low launch. Can you suggest something similar but a touch ligher/ softer I should try ?

  16. I am a 106 swing speed with best results found for my smooth but steep-attack angle swing was this 75 g shaft in 6.5.

    I would think it would be too stiff for me but the results were there.

    Note I came from a slicing 55 gram older shaft. (A heavier shaft titliest says has the tendency to go l e s s right, (for a righty) counterintuative, but I would add I instantly ‘felt’ the ability to swing and this shaft felt amazing and true, not to light where you swing and hope to keep spin down with a strong grip to prevent right slice or with other shafts hope for good contact.

    New driver ‘on a track’ –Now the fitter said “check out that new 270 yard power fade, right down the middle!” Same shot 5 times in a row. I combined this shaft with a very adjustable Ts3. (club was player-look & simple-square look at address, no colors or ping rivet b.s. for ‘speed’ and ts3 solid sound/feel where simply unmatched. Any mid handicaps or so should go now and try if in the market, forgiveness also was simply unmatched for me.

    Going to myrtle next week with a driver that doesn’t only go straight, it will land me 30 yards further! Thanks evenflow and ts3!!

  17. Carson Sedun

    Hi Matt,

    I have this Even Flow White T1100 X-Stiff (6.5) shaft in both my 1) Titleist TS4 9.5-deg driver and 2) Titleist TS3 15-deg 3-wood. I am a 5 handicap and have a driver swing speed of ~ 115-120mph (110-115mph with 3wood). These clubs are great and love the shafts.

    I also carry a Titleist TS3 4-Hybrid (21.5 deg). HOWEVER, the fitting pro I used 18 months ago put me in a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 90g X-stiff hybrid shaft, instead of matching my driver and 3-wood shafts of Project X Even Flow White… From what I recall from the fitting session, this shaft choice for the 4-hybrid was to give me a bit of height on the hybrid to land soft on long par 3’s. However, after ordering it, I am hitting it way too high… I have a very steep accent angle and a high launch. Yes it lands soft, but I am losing quite a bit of distance and tends to get caught up in the wind…

    To counter-act this inefficiency with high trajectory, I decided to order in a matching Even Flow White T1100 uncut 46″ driver shaft from Ebay for $75 (vs $300 retail). Seems that the Even Flow X-Stiff is low launch and low spin, which is what i need. This shaft, however is only 75g (vs 90g on the Tensei). If I take the new shaft into a golf store to get swapped in, is it as simple as cutting it down (which would presumably lose some additional weight when it’s cut down…?) and swapping into the Titleist head? or would you recommend putting a 15g weight on the club or something to accommodate for my fast swing speed?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

    • Matt Saternus


      The first thing I would note – and perhaps you already know this, but I want to cover my bases – is that a driver shaft is not the same as a hybrid shaft. That’s not to say that a driver shaft can’t work in a hybrid, but it’s not what it’s designed for. On a practical note, whoever builds this for you will need to shim the shaft into the hybrid adapter. This isn’t a big deal for a good builder, but, again, it’s worth noting.

      As for the weight, you can’t really do anything to add weight to the shaft. If you put more weight in the head, you’re going to drive the swing weight through the roof and make the shaft play softer. You could counterweight it, but that opens a different bag of worms – maybe good, maybe bad.

      Ultimately, my advice is almost always “Try it, see what happens, then mess with it.” You’ve purchased a new shaft, give it a test. If you’re still not happy, make a new plan, but don’t change multiple things at once.



      • Carson Sedun

        Hi Matt,

        OK this is very helpful. Thank you! Really appreciate it.

        Probably best to order a specific hybrid shaft instead of having a driver shaft cut down and adjusted.


  18. golfinbrad

    Hi Matt
    This is an older thread but hope you can help. How does the Even Flow White compare to the Diamana D or S? I currently game the S and like the feel. Wondering if profiles are similar with tip being a little more tip stiff. Any insight is appreciated.


    • Matt Saternus

      With an acknowledgement that this is based on memory not head to head testing, I would say they’re in the same ballpark but not shafts I would immediately think to compare.



  19. Chris Pietersen

    Hi Matt,
    I recently got a used TS4 with an EF White 65g 6.5 and really liked the feel and flight (albeit maybe a slight bit too stout). Unfortunately had the shaft crack a few weeks ago on the course

    Hunting for a replacement, but I can’t seem to find any EF Whites in the area. Would an EF Black HC 65g 6.5 be a viable alternative?


    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get fit, but if you like the EF White, the EF Black is not a bad place to start your fit.


  20. Hi Matt,

    Just want to ask what is the weight range of this shaft?


    • Matt Saternus


      It’s no longer part of the Project X lineup, so I don’t know exactly. I would guess they offered it from 50 to 80 grams.


  21. yes no wheel

    I’m glad to see that the EvenFlow T1100 White Shaft is still being made available. It’s a great club and I’ve had great success with it.

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