Podcast Episode 175 – Preston Toulon, Mitsubishi Chemicals Group

In this episode, Matt sits down with Preston Toulon, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Mitsubishi Chemicals Group, to discuss all things Mitsubishi shafts.  They get into the reason for creating the new Kai’li family, the evolution of Diamana, and much more.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Matt: I really enjoyed your podcast with Preston Toulon. As a golf nerd and a pretty loyal MCA customer (Tensei, MMT, Kuro Kage) there was some great information provided. That said, there were two areas I wish Preston would have addressed: 1) the expansion of the MMT Putter Concept shaft line to include non plumber neck putters, and 2) are there any new Kuro Kage products on the horizon or is that line being retired? If you have any follow-up discussions with Preston, I’d appreciate you posting whatever you find out. FYI- the Kai’Li Red and the Diamana GT are already on the MCA website. Thanks, and Happy Holidays…

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!

      Regarding non-plumbers neck putters, the difficulty (I’m taking this from many talks with many manufacturers, not MCG specifically) is with the interior diameter. Most graphite shafts have fairly small IDs and that doesn’t work for “spud” necks.



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