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50 Words or Less

The PING TR 1966 putters are beautiful tributes to Karsten’s game-changing designs enhanced with modern technology.


When you talk about putters that have made a lasting impact on the game of golf, the line starts behind the PING Anser.  Karsten Solheim’s perimeter weighted design is the most copied putter ever.  In honor of its 50th anniversary, PING has created the TR 1966 putters that combine the classic design with their modern technology, just how Karsten would have wanted it.

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The TR 1966 putters are note-perfect tributes to the original Anser and Anser 2 designs.  The Anser, seen here, is done in a bronze finish to call to mind the original brass Anser.  The Anser 2 has a silver finish like the stainless Anser 2s.

One other key difference between the two models is that the Anser 2 has a sight line, but the Anser has no alignment aid.

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Sound & Feel

The PING TR 1966 Anser putter has a feel that far exceeds its $150 price tag.  The combination of the True-Roll face and the sound slot in the sole create a solid “tock” on impact that feels very premium.  There is adequate audio feedback on mishits – the sound is quieter and less “full” when you leave the center of the face.

The Anser 2 does not have a sound slot, and it produces a quieter impact sound on both pure and mishit putts.

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Available in just one head weight and in one swing profile – slight arc – the TR 1966 putters are not going to be a fit for every golfer, but they do fit me perfectly.  The 340 gram head is slightly lighter than the modern average, which I prefer.  I find that it gives me more feel for the club face during the stroke and a greater sense of distance control.

Of course, the big upgrade over the original Anser is the True Roll face.  As I’ve said in previous reviews, I believe that the TR face is near, if not at, the top of the list of most impactful putter technologies.  The True-Roll face improves ball speed consistency across the face meaning that slight mishits still get to the hole instead of turning into knee-knocking four footers.

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Whether you’re a PING fanatic, a putter collector, or just someone looking for a great value on a flat stick, the PING TR 1966 putters are must-try.  Their combination of classic looks and modern performance is hard to beat.

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  1. Bruce Simons

    Don’t wish to come off pedantic, but wasn’t the original Anser putters made of manganese bronze (MgBr) not “brass” as stated in the review.

    I wish they made a remake in said material. Beryllium copper/nickel would of been nice, but of course there’s the regulations in place to prohibit such (understandably of course).

    Keep up the excellent work. PluggedInGolf has become a staple golfing bookmark in my browser(s)!


    • The very first Ansers were made of brass. Fairly early on, they determined that brass was too soft (based in part on a comment made by Arnold Palmer about the face being bent, according to legend) and switched over to manganese bronze. There was a golf digest article that had lots of the early history for the 50th anniversary. You can still purchase them in the “original” manganese bronze, I believe, though you probably won’t find one in a pro shop that way.

  2. Michael of Bay Shore, NY

    Shortly after reading the review of these two putters I purchased them both. I have made dozens and dozens of clutch putts with them. I like the bronze finished one a bit better but I still love both of them. I became so interested in Anser putters that I purchased used both styles in the original manganese bronze. One was a 30th anniversary re-issue and the other was one manufactured circa 1973 to 1978 (you can tell the approximate manufacture date from what’s written in the cavity). Ping did a superb job on both these steel headed putters and this review helped steer me in a direction that has greatly improved my game. These original style Ansers are just as good as anything made and they were purchased at a reasonable price. Both styles have made their way into the “value” with wins on tour. Superb!!!

  3. Chan Brewster

    I love this putter. I brought this putter in April 2016. What a putter. I would recommend this putter if you can find one. I have aeft handed Anser.

  4. Bought a used one last year. Great feel. Can’t beat it for a slight arc.

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