PING PLD Milled Putter Review

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The PING PLD Milled putters are some of the best available.  World class feel.  Timeless designs.  Limited options, but there’s a model for every stroke type.


I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that no company will ever have the impact on putters that PING has.  Countless companies – from budget to boutique – have built their entire lines around PING designs.  Yet many golfers skip over PING when they think of the best putter makers.

PING is aiming to change that in 2022 with the launch of their PLD putters.  With three lines – Milled, Limited, and Custom – PING wants to reassert their dominance on the green.  If the PLD Milled Anser is any indication, they just might succeed.


The PING PLD Milled Anser is incredibly clean in its matte black finish.  Unsurprisingly, the creators of the Anser got all the proportions right to make this putter easy on the eyes.  It frames the ball beautifully, and the black graphite shaft is a perfect complement.

While the address position is completely devoid of distractions, the rest of the putter features tasteful engravings.  “PLD” is engraved on the heel of the deep-milled face.  Similarly, “Anser” is tucked tastefully into the corner of the sole.  The cavity has the traditional PING logo with “Putting Lab Design” hidden in black-on-black underneath it.  PLD Milled putters come with a white headcover that displays a variety of logos, many from PING’s history.

PING also includes the Anser 2, Tyne 4, and DS72 (a round mallet inspired by Viktor Hovland) in the PLD Milled line.  The Anser 2 and DS72 come in a satin chrome finish and feature different complementary shaft options.

If there’s anything to criticize about the PING PLD Milled line, it’s that there aren’t many aesthetic options.  That’s where the PLD Limited and PLD Custom lines come in.  PLD Limited offers the Anser Patent 55 in different finishes at different times of the year.  Bronze and stainless steel versions have already sold out with copper and gold-plated stainless versions coming soon.

For those that want every option at their disposal, there’s PLD Custom.  With this program, you get a fitting (virtual or in person) and the ability to custom design a PING putter.  From head shape to finish to face milling to alignment aids, it’s all at your fingertips.  But it doesn’t come cheap – the price of this experience is $1,290.

Sound & Feel

As soon as I set the PING PLD Milled Anser behind the ball, I really liked it.  I fell in love when I hit the first putt.  The feel of this putter is exceptional.  Pick your favorite word – buttery, pillowy, velvety- this putter is soft.  What elevates it is that it’s soft but still responsive, not mushy.

The sound of impact is crisp “tock” when struck perfectly.  This sound becomes predictably louder as you strike longer putts.

This putter provides extremely precise feedback through the impact sound.  Anything less than a perfect strike loses that crisp character.  The sound and feel are never unpleasant, but you will know when contact is less than optimal.


Across the four models in the PLD Milled line, PING covers all three types of putting strokes: Straight, Slight Arc, and Strong Arc.  Both the Anser and Anser 2, with their plumbers necks and 4:30 toe hang, are built for golfers with slight arc strokes.  For the straight back, straight through putters, there’s the face balanced DS72.  This model is also a bit heavier – 365 grams versus the 350 grams of the Ansers.  Finally, players with a strong arc can opt for the Tyne 4, a fang-style putter with a flow neck for more toe hang.

While other PING putter lines have pushed new technologies like adjustable-length shafts or the True Roll face in the Vault putters [review HERE], the PLD Milled line focuses on clean, Tour-proven designs.  The forgiveness comes from the perimeter weighting in these classic head shapes.  With the Anser, small misses will still get to the cup, but large mishits will end up short.

The primary performance advantage that I found in the PLD Milled Anser was the precise feedback.  PING refers to the milling pattern on the face as AMP – Agressive Milling Pattern.  This is a key part of letting you know exactly how well each putt was struck.  With that knowledge, it’s much easier to get a handle on the speed of the greens and fine tune your putting.


I may be risking my status as a putter snob by saying this, but the PING PLD Milled putters are as good as any boutique, “high end” flat stick you can find.  The feel is sensational, and the classic designs are executed perfectly.  If you prefer a timeless design to modern mallets, the PLD Milled putters should be on your short list.


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  1. Nice review, Matt !

    I did the PLD custom fitting virtually, and I cannot recommend it enough. The entire process was outstanding and I now have the best putter I’ve ever owned.

  2. So if you opt for the custom fitting, can you have them replicate any head shape you want? If I told them I wanted a Ping PLD with the exact dimensions of an Odyssey 1W slant neck with a stability shaft and the Taylormade black copper finish from the old TP line, they could do that? Because that would probably be worth the cost.

  3. Johnny Walker

    My problem with these is that at this price point I feel like they should be made in the USA. You’re not paying for any new tech and at $450+ taxes for made in China carbon steel seems crazy. They are a very nice and unique feel though.

  4. Just purchased the Tyne 4 PLD . Already had a tyne4 previous model . But this putter is a real gem to look at milled from one piece of stainless . And performance!! First round I used it two birdies on par 3’s . Worth the investment ! Great feel / sound . Top top putter.

  5. Rege Yourick

    I would like to try a PLD putter.

  6. Jim Gulley

    I have a Scotty Cameron Newport Mil Spec. It was produced for only 2 years. It’s made from carbon, giving it a responsive, soft feel, which the hardness of stainless doesn’t.

  7. After messing around with Scotty Cameron, swag, Bettinardi, and Evnroll I think I found my dream putter. The ping answer is the softest, most responsive, best feeling Putter I have ever used. Actually enjoy not having a sight line. Thought it would be an issue, especially on short putts, but I prefer lining the face of the blade up now. What really stands out for me is the distance control. Normally if you don’t have a blade perfectly you lose a lot of distance for some reason this potter it’s just point and shoot and it goes the right distance.

    Matt- is there some tech in the shaft on this putter? It’s black graphite I wonder if it has a little stability shaft effect going on here.

    This Putter is so good I’m thinking about spending the $1300 to get a custom answer today like Finau and Cameron champ play because I do prefer a wider blade.

    • Matt Saternus


      Glad to hear you’re loving the PLD!
      Unfortunately PING is pretty light on the details about the graphite shaft, but I’d be surprised if it’s not something quite good (i.e. low torque).



    • I too want that Finau Anser 2D, looking at the in-person sessions available i couldn’t find anything open for the rest of the year. I didn’t realize it was that busy and backed up, wow.
      As always, great review Matt! PIG continues to be my go-to for online reviews 👌🏻

  8. for $400 plus tax you can have a scotty cameron newport 2 special select putter that is milled in the USA. Seriously for the price that Ping is charging for their PLD Milled putters, why are they coming from China or anywhere else other than the USA. I think it’s important to support “made not in China”.

    • Custom are hand produced at the Phoenix headquarters from 1 builder start to finish … I just took a tour through their custom product facility

  9. Just finished a custom PLD fitting in Phoenix at the PLD lab… What A Awesome Experience. Alex was tremendous, their fitting process is 2nd to none. When they say totally customizable head, shaft bend, perfect weighting, length , shaft, grip, color, engraving… a Perfect putter designed to Your putting stroke. All hand produced by 1 builder from start to finish all made in the Phoenix facility… Go to Phoenix for your fitting if you are able and get the Special tour of the custom production plant and the Gold Vault. Bravo to Alex at PING

  10. Hey Matt, have you thought of doing a PLD and Vault 2.0 side by side comparison? I’m curious to see the differences between the two. Only things I can tell are the interchangeable weights on the 2.0 and milling pattern.

  11. David Rudick

    Hi Matt,

    I went today and tried out a bunch of putters. All the L.A.B. models, and every putter I could lay my hands on at the PGA Superstore near me in Elkins Park, PA. It was a joy and the store was huge and very well run with great opportunity to putt. In the end, it was the Ping DS72 with the Ping Grip vs my gamer, Odyssey Rossie (non S). I gotta say, it was close regarding outcome…the Ping feels “tighter” a tad heavier and, well, more focused. And, certainly better looking :) I didn’t pull the trigger. I am curious about the old Scotty Newport 2.7 from 2008. I know it’s face balanced. I really loved my old Scotty Newport 2 special Select, BUT I am a face balanced putter….straight back n forth. I sort of can’t imagine anything feeling better than the Ping, but…any experience with the Scotty 2.7? Thanks! PS LOVE your reviews and your writing style.

  12. I own the Prime Tyne PLD. Hell of a putter. #DoubleSecret

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