PING G430 LST Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The PING G430 LST driver has meaningfully lower spin than the G430 MAX without giving up robust ball speed, launch, and spin.  Smaller footprint than the MAX.  Much quieter than G425 LST.


Having too much spin on your drives isn’t fun.  You lose distance, and your ball gets battered in the wind.  Thankfully there are ways to fix it.  You can do what I did: teach golf lessons, mime the exaggerated “swing to right field” move hundreds of time a day, and end up hitting knuckleballs off the tee.  Or you can buy a low spin driver like the PING G430 LST.  I’d recommend the latter.

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At a glance, the PING G430 LST driver is a near twin of the G430 MAX and G430 SFT.  They share the matte black crown and turbulators that have been PING’s calling cards for several generations.  However, a closer look reveals a difference: Carbonfly Wrap.  This is the first time in recent memory that PING has used carbon fiber in one of their drivers.  The application here is ideal: noticeable but not distracting.

In the bag, the G430 LST is almost indistinguishable from the G430 MAX [review HERE].  Both have prominent PING branding across the middle of an all black sole.  They also share the movable weight at the back of the head and smaller branding on the heel and toe.

Above, you see the PING G430 MAX (left) next to the G430 LST driver.  Beyond the Carbonfly Wrap, the biggest difference is the size.  The G430 LST driver is significantly shorter from front to back, with a very compact, round, symmetrical footprint.  It also has a taller face by almost 1/4″.

ping g430 lst driver face

Sound & Feel

Testing the PING G430 LST driver alongside the G430 MAX, I was curious if the Carbonfly Wrap would have any impact on the sound.  My conclusion is that it does, but it’s not one you’re likely to notice on the course.  Like the G430 MAX and its predecessor, the G430 LST is quieter than G425 LST [review HERE].  Overall, I would rate the impact sound as being solid, closer to a “thud,” but the LST does have a bit more “pop” than the MAX on center.  While I do prefer quieter drivers, I came to view that extra note as a pat on the back for striking it well.

Feedback through the hands is slightly more prominent with the G430 LST than the other two G430 drivers.  In the larger picture, it’s still extremely stable, but you can easily locate the strike location.  Like its brothers, the G430 LST produces a very light, quick feeling at impact.

Finally, I found it remarkably easy to switch between the G430 LST and G430 MAX drivers.  Often, the change in CG between an OEM’s forgiving driver and their low spin model really affects the way it feels during the swing.  With PING, I was able to go back and forth without issue.


The obvious place to start with the PING G430 LST driver is the namesake feature: low spin.  In the past, some players have found that there wasn’t a big enough gap between the LST driver and the MAX.  PING has most certainly rectified that with the G430 LST.  As a fairly low spin player, I was seeing about 200 RPM less spin with the LST compared to the MAX.  In talking to my fitter friends, I found I’m on the low end.  They’re routinely seeing 300-400 RPM reductions when switching to the LST.  Depending on your ball speed, that can translate to noticeable gains in distance and, potentially, better dispersion.

Get low spin with max forgiveness in the PING G430 MAX 10K driver HERE

What I’ve always found impressive about PING’s low spin drivers is that they don’t sacrifice much in terms of forgiveness.  Looking purely at ball speed, the G430 LST gives up almost nothing compared to the G430 MAX.  At points in my testing, I was giving the heel side a solid workout, but the ball speed and smash factor remained high.  The one noticeable difference, however, is dispersion.  My mishits with the G430 LST were further offline than those with the G430 MAX.

Something that the G430 LST and MAX share is their wide range of adjustability.  In the LST, the movable weight at the back is slightly lighter – 22 grams vs. 25 grams – but it still has a significant impact on ball flight.  According to PING, it can alter the ball flight 7 yards left or right, but I think that effect will be bigger for many players.  Pair that with the eight position hosel which modifies loft, face angle, and lie angle and you have a driver which can go from slice-buster to anti-left.

Finally, PING continues to offer a robust line up of stock shafts.  There are three PING shafts – the Alta CB Black, Tour 2.0 Chrome, and Tour 2.0 Black.  In that order, they promote a progressively lower ball flight.  The Alta CB is also counter balanced for slightly reduce swing weight.  Golfers can also opt for the Mitsubishi Kai’li White [review HERE] or the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX [review HERE].

ping g430 lst driver toe


For players that want lower spin off the tee without sacrificing much forgiveness, the PING G430 LST driver is nearly impossible to beat.  When you factor in the massive adjustability and improved sound, it’s likely that PING has a modern classic on their hands.


PING G430 LST Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Hi Matt,

    As always, thanks for the great review.
    Could you see yourself making the move from the Max to the LST?
    Thank you,

    Matt P.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t need to lower my spin, so there’s no real upside to that trade for me. Plus I need all the help I can get with dispersion. :)



  2. Goh Boon Guan

    I like to have more photos on PING G430 LST n price TQ.
    I am at N.Z. Auckland.

  3. hi Matt, a lot of reviews seem to put Ping lower in club and ball speed and therefore total distance because of the higher head weight. Is this something you noticed in your reviews of this vs Stealth and TSR drivers?

  4. Do you find any performance enhancement on the 430LST v last years 425LST?

  5. Hi Matt,

    I’ve had the Ping 400 LST for years. Will this club REALLY matter to me?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know. That’s why we always recommend taking your gamer to a fitting to try against the latest clubs, so you can see for yourself if there are gains to be had.


  6. Eddie Micock

    Looking for a good driver. Have been a ping person for 30yrs Handicap 12 .Have always used red dot lie .my height 5 ft 7.5 inch .looking for good shaft .regular 9 degree loft .and matching 23 degree hybrid and iron set without putter at good discounted rate

  7. Eddie Micock

    I live in the Seychelles .Basically looking for a fantastic complete ping golf set .

  8. Higher launch than usual for you, Matt. Were you using the stock shafts, or your IIRC, gamer 60-X 1K White?

    Great review as always and, I suspect for me, probably an expensive one. (I like my 425 Max, but I definitely don’t like that I can’t get spin below 2850…)

  9. Matt,
    For 2023 drivers including Titleist TSR models are you staying with last year’s Ping ?
    Or has there been enough changes is 2023 to interest you to play 2023 Ping or other brand?
    Is the Vanquish still on your list of shafts to make the bag?

    • Matt Saternus


      There are a wide range of clubs and a couple shafts that are in contention for the bag this year. I’m just waiting on good weather.


  10. Matt,
    Your total distance has dropped from your test of the G410 LST, to the G425 LST and even lower still on the G430 LST? Do you think this is age, shaft, clubhead, combo, other? I currently game the G410 LST after it outperformed my G400 LST. These results make me think I should stand pat.

    • Matt Saternus


      We say all the time that numbers from one review can’t be compared apples to apples to another. It could be any or all of the reasons you list. Also, I’m using a newer launch monitor which may be more accurate in its distances.


  11. Hi Matt, thanks for all great information you have shared above. I was wonder if the moveable weight 22gram removed out from the back ? Do this effect any from low spin, distance and consistency of ball flight.
    I am from Malaysia.

    • Matt Saternus


      Taking 22 grams out of the head will have a huge impact on all of that, plus the way the club feels.



    • Matt what’s you opinion here. Currently game the OG stealth plus. Would you say the LST is more forgiving than the Stealth Plus? It’s hard because I’m prolly 20-30 yards different between low spin heads and the max versions. But at the end of the day I’m not sure that extra distance matters from a scoring POV…100 yards vs 120 yards in are pretty much the same for me.

      If I can get more forgiveness out of a low spin head – I’m game but wanted to ask your .02. Thanks!!

      • Matt Saternus


        Let me start with something objective: 20 yards is a lot and will lead to lower scores. Don’t give up 20 yards.
        To your first question, yes, I think the LST is measurably more forgiving than the Stealth Plus. Noticeably? That may depend on the golfer and how they feel about each club.



  12. Blake Thuelin

    Did you find the Ping G430 LST or the Paradym Triple Diamond driver to be more forgiving? Thanks again Matt

    • Matt Saternus


      With the weight back, the Triple Diamond is close, but I think the PING G430 LST is more forgiving.



  13. John Hunt

    Does the G430 driver use the same shaft adapter as the G410?

  14. robert floyd wade

    will the g400 shaft adapter fit in g430 max head?

  15. Matt, I’ve been playing the Rogue ST LS but with my 100mph swing speed I found that I lost distance compared to the Max. I’m a higher spin player, but the LS versions of driver seem to do more bad than good. I’m leaving MAX for the 430.

  16. Do you think you need to be faster swing to play the LST or just more accurate with your strike location?

    • Matt Saternus


      To opt for the LST, you need to create more spin. That could be related to higher speed, but not necessarily.



  17. Your PING G430 LST Driver review is excellent. Your friendly personality and relatable experience made it a short and entertaining read. I can almost feel the rush of joy in each of the swings you described. Thank you for being honest and getting me excited to check out this game-changer on the course.

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