PING G400 Fairway Wood Review

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The PING G400 fairway woods are easy to launch and extremely consistent.  Wonderful FWs for players who want to control their trajectory and shape shots.


It’s rare for a fairway wood, or any club for that matter, to appeal to all golfers.  Generally clubs are either easy to hit or high performance.  The G400 fairway woods manage to be both by combining forgiveness, ease of launch, and shot shaping control.


The G400 fairway wood has all the trappings of recent PING woods: matte black crown, Turbulators, no alignment aids.

What’s changed from the G is that the G400 went away from the symmetrical look with a touch of pear-shape, and it appears a little smaller than average.  The face height is, to my eye, perfect: tall enough to hit off a tee, shallow enough to hit off the turf.

Sound & Feel

Like the rest of the PING G400 line, the key word here is “solid.”  Compared to the hybrid and driver, the fairway wood leans the most toward having a typical sound, but compared to other FWs the feel is decidedly strong.  The sound is fairly quiet with a medium pitch, and the feedback is excellent.


During my recent trip to the PING fitting van, it was emphasized that I need more loft.  With that in my mind, I was a little nervous about testing the standard G400 3W at 14.5 degrees.  A couple swings was all it took to eliminate my concerns: the G400 FW is as easy to launch as any fairway wood I’ve tested in 2017.  Even shots hit a little thin achieved acceptable trajectories and went a long way.

What makes the G400 fairway wood unique is that it pairs an easy launch with a very strong ball flight.  My shots climbed quickly to their peak and settled into a boring trajectory.  The spin is fairly low, so there can be quite a bit of distance gained on the roll, too.

The final thing that struck me during my testing was the ability to control the flight and shot shape.  I’m not a great fairway wood players by any means, but with minimal effort I was able to curve shots in both directions.   Similarly, I could launch the ball onto a more green-holding trajectory or send out knee-high bullets.  Players that like to be creative in the long game will love the G400 fairway woods.


It would seem that a player who wanted consistency and a player who wanted shot control would want different clubs.  When it comes to fairway woods, however, the PING G400 can cover both groups.  This club has forgiveness to spare but also allows full control of trajectory and shot shape.

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  1. Charles Bartholomew

    Do you plan on putting this one in your bag?

    • Matt Saternus


      At 14.5, no, the loft is not optimal for me. I will take a look at the 5W version as my fitter recommended, however.



  2. Andy Phelps

    Matt I don’t hit driver but hit my 3&5 woods off the tee. I hit Titlest 3 wood & cobra 5 wood. Both with regular Shafts. I could always use a little more distance. Is this a club I could possibly pick up a few yards. Andy

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s certainly possible. The best way to find out would be to visit a club fitter with your gamers and compare.



  3. Steve Christie

    What is the difference between the G400 and the SFT model. I am 67 with a 15 hdcp and need the distance of a 5 wood.

    • Matt Saternus


      Short answer: the SFT is draw-biased. I have a full review of that model coming out in a couple weeks.



  4. Adam Prange

    Did you leave the loft at 14.5? The launch angle is a little bit lower than I am looking for. However I want the distance of the 3 wood at about 11 or 12 degree launch angle. how did it perform out of the rough?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I left it at 14.5. I would encourage you to hit it for yourself, preferably with a fitter. I’m sure plenty of golfers will launch the 14.5 at 11 or 12, I just tend to be low launch.

      Out of light rough, the G400 FW is great. I’m not a good enough FW player to take it out of deep rough.



  5. Thanks for the information Matt. I went and tried this club and come away very impressed. I got fitted with a 14.5 degree 3 wood with the Regular shaft. After playing it for 3 rounds I would say that it does get the ball up in the air for me ( I am a low ball hitter). It also gives that extra distance that I was looking for on tight par 4’s. I played the first two rounds using it as my driver and it was terrific, good distance, great dispersion. The flatness of the bottom let me hit it very well from the fairway as well on par 5’s, leaving me with easy pitches to 3 and 4 foot birdie putts. All in all, an excellent club.

  6. The comments were great…thanks…I learned something about the G400 five wood.

  7. Randy Kekipi

    I used my G400 5 wood today….wow!!!!!!! Ilove this club……Very solid…..Iʻm going to get the G400 3 wood too.

  8. Joh Rector

    Can I increase the loft on my GS400 Ping 5 wood from 17.5?

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