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PING G30 SFT Driver (22)

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The PING G30 SF Tec Driver has all the characteristics that make the G30 exceptional, plus a little extra help for those who fight a slice.


We recently reviewed the PING G30 driver and declared it the best all-around driver in golf (full review HERE).  Today we’re going to check out its brother, the G30 SF Tec driver, a driver built to help those who fight the slice, the push, the banana ball, and every other name for shots that end up right of target.  While the G30 SF Tec offers plenty of help to those golfers, what makes it unique among its draw-biased competitors is the fact that it’s not just for high handicap players.

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At address, you’ll have a very hard time telling the difference between the G30 and the G30 SF Tec drivers.  Both have the same matte black crown with Turbulators.  Both have a large, well-proportioned footprint.  If you really stare, you might notice that the SF Tec is slightly larger on the heel side, a difference that’s easy to see when you flip it over and look at the sole.

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Sound & Feel

Just like the G30, the G30 SF Tec has an exceptionally clean feel to it.  At impact, you get a very clear idea of exactly where the ball hit the face without any unwanted vibration or shock.

The sound of the G30 SF Tec should be a crowd pleaser.  It’s a little more muted and bass-y than the G25, but still loud enough to let your buddies know when you crush one.

As with the G30, the G30 SF Tec is strongly counterbalanced.  As soon as you pick it up, you’ll notice that there’s more heft in your hands than usual which makes the head feel a little lighter.  This is not a light weight head or club, it’s simply a matter of the way that the weight is distributed.  Based on our testing, most golfers will get along with this set up really well, but there are plenty of other shaft options if you want to go away from counterbalancing.

G30 SF Tec Driver LM Data


So what does “SF Tec” really mean?  Essentially, it’s a slightly shifted center of gravity (CoG).  Where the G30 has a sweet spot that’s right in the middle of the face, the G30 SF Tec slides the CoG/sweet spot slightly towards the heel.  Here’s why that will help you: when you hit a ball on the toe of the club, it wants to draw/hook more.  By sliding the CoG towards the heel, PING essentially makes more of the club act like the toe, thus promoting a draw.  If you want the full explanation of Gear Effect, check out this post HERE.

“Ok, Matt, enough science, will this help my game?”  Yes, yes, it will.  What I found in my testing was that the CoG shift is noticeable but not overdone.  When I hit a ball in the dead center of the face, I saw nice 5-yard draws, and when I hit it slightly on the heel (a common occurrence) the ball went straight instead of moving right.

The adjustability is where the G30 SF Tec really improves on the K15, PING’s landmark slice buster and this driver’s spiritual predecessor.  With the K15, you got the shifted CoG, but you were stuck with the face angle.  This meant that some players weren’t getting enough help and others were getting too much.  With the G30 SF Tec, you can shut the face significantly and  have the shifted CoG if you’re battling the big right shot.  Alternately, for players like me, you have the option to open the face but still get great results on heel strikes.  This is a virtually-unprecedented combination and it makes the G30 SF Tec a viable choice for players of all abilities.

Finally, as you can see from the graphic above, the PING G30 SF Tec driver is the same high launch, low spin distance monster that the G30 is.  This is awesome to see because often “Draw” versions are weak imitations of the real thing.  Not so here.  Whether you’ve got Bubba Watson club head speed or not, the G30 SF Tec will help you get every yard out of your swing.

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If you’re buying a driver that says “G30” on it, you really can’t go wrong.  That said, if you struggle to keep your ball off the right side of the course, the PING G30 SF Tec driver is probably the better choice.  With its slightly shifted CoG and adjustability, the G30 SF Tec can give you exactly the right amount of help so that you stripe it down the middle every time.

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  1. this is a very good video,very well done,infomative. thank you very much

  2. Kelly Mortenson

    I have bought into many Drivers due to loving the challenge of the game and the need for playing my best. I do have the K15 Driver and hit it the best of all the other drivers that I own. I am very impressed with the forgiveness of the K15 driver which gives me the confidence to be able to hit it deep down the middle of the fairway. I am very happy that Ping has brought back the Straight Flight Technology back into the new driver options. I am going to try the new G30 SF and compare it to the K15.

  3. Graeme (Gonzo) Leonard

    Matt, thanks for a great explanation on the PING G30 SFT Driver. I have been using a G25 and have been waiting for this one. I take delivery in Townsville, QLD, Australia next week of a G30 12 degree SFT and cant wait to try it.

  4. I found your review very beneficial in purchasing my new set of Ping g30 clubs. Although it cost me a few extra dollars my clubs are custom fit by the Ping expert at our local golf store. He recommended the Ping g30 driver with the straight flight technology. My question deals with the custom fit. I would like to know if some fine tweaking might be required by adjusting the club head.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m very happy to hear that!
      With the PING G30 driver, you can adjust the head up to one degree up or down in loft. I would recommend checking your driver on a launch monitor once or twice a year to see if you can add some distance or accuracy with a small tweak. Also remember that changing the loft changes the face angle, so you may want to make that tweak if you’re consistently missing right or left.



  5. hi Mat,
    any plans to review the LS tec driver?

  6. Hi Matt
    I was recently fit for this driver. The tfc 419 shaft was better for me compared to the other ping offerings. I have two shafts that I love in my other driver, taylormade R1. A fujikura fuel 50S and a Aldila rogue 110msi 60s. It would cost an additional $50 to get those shafts tipped with a G30 adapter. This is a logic based question, but in your testing would you assume those two shafts would offer better performance than the tfc shaft?
    I’m just not finding much on the tfc to know what I’m playing.

    • Matt Saternus


      The first thing I would ask is this: is there something lacking in the performance of the TFC 419 that you’re looking for? If so, then I think it would be worth the $50 to experiment with two shafts that you have had success with. However, without a clear idea of what you’re trying to improve, I would probably leave the TFC in there. The rabbit hole of searching for better gear gets very deep (I speak from personal experience), and I would caution against diving into it without a clear road map.

      I hope that helps.


  7. Matt,
    I am coming out of a really old reliable TM R7 460 stock Reax 60 S -Draw Bias 14gm in heel and 2gm in toe driver with an added Secret Grip counterbalanced grip thus changing swing weight from D3 to C7. Average Swing Speed 100mph, 230 yds carry. Straight to Hi Draw flight.
    In your opinion, is the G30 SF a more similar setup to what I’ve been gaming for the past 7 years? I’ve only demoed the G30 and G30LS so far.

    currently gaming the I25’s irons w KBS Tour 90’s.
    Thanks, Frank

    • Matt Saternus


      What was your experience with the G30 demo? Did you get the ball flight you were looking for or do you need/want more draw bias?
      My guess is that the SF Tec would be closer to the R7 you’ve been gaming, but with the other changes (shaft, appearance of the head, face adjustability) you may find the G30 to be better.


      • Thanks Matt,
        I was getting good numbers (2000-2200)(250+carry) with the LS head and Tour 65 shaft but couldn’t draw it. Maybe just my swing that day? I read that the LS head sits slightly open. Maybe lofting up will close the face a bit. Will play around with the head adjustments at my next Ping demo.
        Thanks for your help

  8. david mc dowell

    matt i have a g30 sf and i have put a graphits design 5s shaft on it cut to 44 and a half driver lenght ,i take it it will alter the swing weight ? if i put a heaver weight in the bottom off the club can i get it back to d1 or will it matter to much

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, cutting it shorter will cause the swing weight to drop. You can definitely add weight to the club head to bring it back up.



  9. david mc dowell

    thanks matt, i always find you give great advice and always go to your site as i find it the best

  10. jarrod papendorf

    I am looking at the G30 SF tech vs G30 Using G25 now. My G25 bombs it but I hit a high cut (lh) to the left that I am having a difficult time controlling. Using the tcf x stiff and thinking of getting the sf tech at 10* with the tour x stiff.

    Hopefully that will bring the ball flight down a touch and help me control the traj of the flight to a slight draw to straight. ‘

    did you notice any loss of distance using the sf tech vs reg g 30 head

  11. Harry McConellogue

    Matt, your reviews are great–very helpful! Is there a simple explanation as to why your clubhead speed was 101.7 mph for the G30 SF Tec, but only 94.5 mph for the Wilson D200, which is a superlight? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you. There are many reasons why my club head speed goes up and down from one review to the next, and the club itself is one of them. I’ve always found that lighter clubs, especially ones with softer shafts, tend to make me “hold on” instead of swinging hard through the ball. That was certainly the case with the D200.



  12. Hey, Nice videos and good reviews on clubs. I recently bought a Ping G30SFT driver. Im a 7 handicap and havent had much problems with driver. My previous drivers were Ping G25 and Cobra ZL. I was really excited about the g30 but was really disappointed with the outcome. I am having problem hitting straight shots and most shots are pushes. I have no problem with my other drivers but the g30sft just doesnt do it. Any advise or suggestions

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re hitting pushes, that means you aren’t squaring the face. If you’re a 7 handicap and you can’t get the face square, I’d look at it as a bad shaft fit.



  13. Thanks Matt. I was thinking maybe its the shaft too. Will get a fitted shaft. Cheers

  14. Matt. Fitted for sf last year. Played it these past season. Certainly helped with slice but ball flight is still too high giving me little roll. I went down a degree but now am thrown off by the face angle and have now worry about hooks as well as slices. Recommendation ?

  15. Bill Parks

    Two questions. How does the SF compare with the LS and is the back weight port a consumer usable feature or is it factory set not to be moved?

    • Matt Saternus


      The SF is meant to promote a draw, the LS is designed for low spin.
      The weight port is factory set, not for adjustment.



  16. Leon Breunig

    I just bought a G30 soft shaft on the settings explain them to me it’s a 10 degree. Shen I set the setting to the short line is that 9 degrees etc.

  17. Larry Eason

    I was fitted to the Ping K15 about 6 years ago. I was hitting it well but because of my age 82, not as far as I would like. I was recently fitted to the Ping G30 SF and have gained 10 to 15 yards. I am now hitting it about 225 yards.

  18. Tom,
    I am a 61 year old female and currently hit my Tommy Armour 845s Titanium G-force 3.3 three wood off the tee. It is a regular men’s graphite shaft. I hit it 180-210 yards. I tend to hit the ball outside in which starts left and fades in. I have no problem whatsoever getting the ball in the air, in fact I hit a very high ball with all my clubs. I have always stayed away from the massive sized drivers because they drive me nuts to look at them. That being said, after lots of research I think it’s time to get on board with the new technology. I am 5’5″ tall and have had trouble getting around on my husbands driver. Not sure if it’s the length or the stiffness (it’s a Mizuno forged zooid I think. What do you think about the Ping G30 soft for me? Which loft would you suggest and would shortening the shaft be a wise decision?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest working with a fitter to get the right length, loft, and shaft for you. Giving a recommendation online is, to me, irresponsible, because I’ve never seen your swing.



  19. Just bought the G30 10 degree loft driver SF tech. My question is I want to deloft the driver at the .06 setting
    Which minus will set it there? The bigger or smaller minus?

  20. Matt great reviews and info on the equipment. I have always had a probably with an outside in or open club face swing. My 1st Ping driver was the G10,; then I had a G15 Draw, G30 SF Tec, G410 SFT and now the G425 SFT. As you can see I love Ping with all my irons, hybrids and woods being Ping as well.

    I’ve played my best golf with their equipment. But as far as my Driver goes, I have found that with all the advancements and technology over their years and with my swing, the G30 SFT has been by far the best one I’ve played; with the G15 Draw a close 2nd. Any suggestions on why that may be? It has the 419TFC reg shaft in it. I know the more weight that has been added for specs (MOI & COF) to fit the new heads may be necessary, but is more better?

    • Matt Saternus


      You are exactly why we always push the message “Get fit!” Newer clubs may be better according to measurements, but if the fit doesn’t work for a player, it doesn’t mean anything. You may get along better with the G30’s shaft, it could be the head weight, the swing weight, the amount of draw bias. All these things get tweaked every generation, and the tweaks are meant to be good but they aren’t (can’t be) better for every single player.



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