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PING G Crossover Review

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50 Words or Less

The PING G Crossover is the perfect solution for players who want to use long irons but need more help with ball speed, trajectory, and forgiveness.

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When hybrids were first introduced a number of years ago, they were supposed to be the perfect bridge from your irons to your fairway woods.  The reality, however, is that hybrids often introduce a number of their own problems: too draw biased, too much gear effect, lack of trajectory control, etc.  Driving irons aren’t the solution either because they’re usually not that much different than the long irons they replace.  The PING G Crossover was designed to be the ultimate solution: the forgiveness and ball speed of a hybrid with the control of an iron.

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At address, the PING G Crossover is a blend of different elements.  From the super game improvement iron, it borrows the sole that extends beyond the top line.  Like a hybrid, it has a hollow body construction.  And like a game improvement iron, it has a modest top line and offset.  Mixed together with a black finish, the result is a club that gives you confidence at address but also makes you feel like you’ll be in full control of the shot.

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Sound & Feel

True to its look, the PING G Crossover feels more like an iron than a hybrid.  Impact produces a firm, solid “click,” not the metallic “tink” that you get from many hybrids.  The sound is similar across the face, but there is excellent feedback about impact location through feel.

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When I first learned about the G Crossover, I was very excited.  I don’t have the swing speed or ball flight to effectively play a four iron, but I’ve never found a replacement that I consistently liked.  What I need is a club that launches a little higher than a 4I, produces a bit more ball speed, is more forgiving, but still allows me to control the shot.  The G Crossover gave me everything I asked for.

The first thing I noticed in launch monitor testing of the G Crossover is the ball speed.  On pure shots, I was consistently getting 4 MPH more from the Crossover compared to my 4I.  The ball speed gap only grows on mishits: the G Crossover is much more forgiving than a 4I.

The G Crossover also launches the ball higher than a similarly lofted iron.  On good shots, the Crossover launches 1-2 degrees higher which creates more carry and total distance.  Just as importantly, the G Crossover is better on thin hits.  Shots that would end up 30 yards short of the target with my 4I are now within 5-10 yards which might be the difference between a short chip and fishing the ball out of the lake.

Finally, there’s huge value in what the G Crossover doesn’t do.  It doesn’t hook every ball off the planet.  It doesn’t send heel shots on a course for the trees on the right.  If you want to play a small draw or fade, you can.  If you have the skills to flight the ball down, you can do that too.  The Crossover leaves the ball control in the hands of the player while being longer and easier to hit.

PING G Crossover_0100


You can call the PING G Crossover whatever you want – a utility iron, a tiny hybrid, a driving iron – but that doesn’t change what it is: the best long iron replacements I’ve ever laid my hands on.  In a line up full of spectacular clubs, the Crossover may be the show stopper, and you can expect to see it in tons of bags this season.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Thanks for the review Matt.

    How would this club compare to the Adams DHy?

    • Matt Saternus


      The DHy is a good club, probably one of the closest comparisons, but the DHy is a little more hybrid-y than the Crossover. I don’t have direct comparison data, but my recollection is that there was more gear effect with the DHy, which is one of the big things some players dislike about hybrids.



  2. Hector Villareal

    I currrently fit Callaway Big Bertha Iron my handecap is 18, want to buy new Irons, any suggestions.

  3. I hit long irons well ,due to the fact I hit wiffle balls in the backyard instead of going to the range due to my R.s.d. In my hands …If i hit a four or less the ball goes over the fence .
    So I became pretty good with a two iron. I hope ping will make a 2 iron in this club or at least a 3 then I would never ever try hitting a hybrid again or even a wood.
    Great job.thanks,Rob.

  4. How does this compare to what I am currently using for this club: a Mizuno 21-degree Fli-Hi with a KBS iron shaft? I then use a Callaway XR 3H behind it. I’m guessing graphite shaft would be best.

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know for sure would be to take your current club and test it against a G Crossover. My guess, having played with some of the Fli-Hi clubs of the past, is that the G Crossover will be higher launching and will create more ball speed.



  5. Matt – how would you compare the Crossover to the Wilson V4 Utility and the recent Srixon Utility? What makes one of these a better option than the others for a double digit handicapper?

  6. Any idea if Ping plans to make a 6 crossover? I love my G30 5-hybrid and have always toyed with getting the 6-hybrid, but haven’t because, as you say, I need the ability to play low shots with my six iron. Having a 6-crossover would offer the best of both worlds.

    Also, congrats on getting mentioned in Ping’s instagram posts and other golf publications. Keep up the great work.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t heard anything about plans for a 6 Crossover. I would expect that if the 5 Crossover sells well enough, the 6 will follow.



  7. AlanHopkins

    No comparison to a 4 iron for an average ( I am off 6) golfer. Bought in stiff with blue shaft and changed one week later to the Tour Stiff, what a club! Off the tee, off the deck, low straight drills or high lighted drop and stop. Hav tried pretty much all most rescues, Fli-His, oversized they all done thing only, this club is like having an old friend in the bag, it does what it says it does – end of! About 195 yes on the fly for the 4 iron and great chip and run club as it doesn’t Spring off the club like a hybrid, so easy to judge chip and run shot. Will definatley go for a 2 if they bring one out. Would urge anyone to try one out, awesome club. Honest review guys!

  8. Russell McLatchey McLatchey

    I purchased the 3 crossover and I feel that it is one of the worst clubs Ping has ever made. The shaft does not work with this head. It does not get the ball in the air properly. A disaster.

  9. Dave Emmett

    I started playing Oct 2015 after 5 wks of about 8 lessons. Im hitting from 85-90 now. I use gmax 6-9 irons with the graphite 70 reg shaft. Im 63. 5’8″.167lbs. I dont hit long. #9-110. #8 120, #7 -135.#6-150. Drvr-220. I dont hit FW or hybrids accurately. Got the #5 Xover & hit it 166 off the deck & 185 from a short tee. confirmed by laser. Just hope I can get 210 from the #3,#4. My #5 uses the Japanese spec Alta-J50 reg shaft which is effortless for me to hit compared to my gmax 70 reg shafts. I could grow to love these Crossovers. – DRE

  10. Can’t hit a hybrid or wood accurate for the life of it.Tried the Ping crossover #4 and I am hitting this thing at least 195 yds with an extra 15 /20 yards carry, very accurately.This is the most forgiving hybrid/ crossover or whatever you name it,that is out there at this moment.I am in my 60’s, an amateur that loves hitting my irons.This club definitely is in the front row of my bag.Looking at getting a #3 as well.Great job Ping.
    Give it a try,it’s a game changer.

  11. I’m a 9 handicap but I can’t hit my hybrids the way I want. I was in the local golf shop talking to one of the pros and he said try this. A 3 iron crossover. I couldn’t believe how it felt and the distance on the simulator. I asked if I could go to the range and hit it. After hitting a few balls I went back and bought it. I went out and played 18 the next day with some friends. After the round I went back to the golf shop and tried the 4, and 5 and bought them both. I shot a 77 yesterday. Oh I’m 66 also.

  12. I recently purchased the ping 3 crossover SF Alta 70 shaft; the purpose of the club was to tactically target 220-250 centerline drives from fairway and off the box. Especially when driver was not in tune; additionally, I play with Ping G irons and use R-15 driver. Right out of the box the Ping Crossover performed like a champ in all conditions; however, I did have some head shake from the rough that I thought it would have navigate cleaner. I feel the club has many advantages over the fairway woods that often tail to the sky and drop; the crossover comes off hot, stays moderately low and carries 200-245 on the first day. I am playing 27 today and there is wind, so we shall see today’s outcome. I value and appreciate the critical feedback from these boards. Have a great 2017

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