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The PING apparel line for spring/summer 2018 continues to show the brand’s evolution.  High end performance carries forward into more new styles than ever before.


For many club manufacturers, creating golf apparel means nothing more than licensing the brand name to an apparel company.  PING is different.  With each successive collection, they’ve expanded and improved their apparel in both style and performance.  Their spring/summer collection for 2018 is the best yet with a wide variety of looks and industry-leading performance.


While other companies construct complex names to describe the function of their apparel, PING continues to keep things simple.  Their line is built around three core concepts: Sensorwarm, Sensorcool, and Sensordry.

For Spring/Summer, most of the pieces focus on Sensorcool.  All of the shirts and shorts seen here breathe and manage moisture beautifully.  The Truman pullover, shown above, is also part of the Sensorcool family, and it’s a great addition for the early days of the season.  It’s lightweight, and it gives you a little insulation without being heavy on your skin.

In addition to keeping your temperature in check, all of the PING golf shirts are light and move well.  Even after you’ve worked up a good sweat, you barely feel like you’re wearing anything.

The one piece of Sensorwarm for Spring/Summer 2018 is the Delta, shown above.  In a box full of colorful apparel, this was not exciting to me at first, but it’s now my go-to spring jacket.  The Delta simply has everything you want when the weather is borderline golf-able.  It’s ultra light, so you can wear it or stuff it in your bag without hassle.  It’s windproof and water resistant, so you can brave the elements, but you won’t overheat either thanks to the zippered vents on the chest.  Finally, the stretch is amazing.  You can make your most outlandish swing and never come close to stressing the Delta.


The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is PING’s largest yet, and it offers the widest range of styles.  When they first launched, PING built around solid colored basics, but now they include heathered textures, “engineered stripes,” and, my personal favorite, the Coast – a solid navy front with grey shoulders and back.

There are three color stories in for this season: Drift Away, Purple Haze, and Disruption.  Drift Away centers around Seafoam green, and it’s a great way to get some different colors into your wardrobe without going too far out of your comfort zone.  Purple Haze is best shown in the striped polo at the top of this review – rich plum paired with grey and blues.  It’s easily my favorite of the three.  Finally, Disruption has bold blues with a splash of orange.  No matter which color story you pick, PING has made it easy to mix and match pieces by keeping the shorts and outerwear neutral.

Finally, it needs to be noted how good PING’s fabrics are.  My wife gave the best endorsement, saying, upon feeling the Karsten II polo, “I want sheets made out of this!”  Often performance materials are harsh and scratchy, but these are just the opposite.


One thing that PING did not need to change is the cut of their polo because they’ve already perfected it.  It’s trim and tailored without being tight.  The sleeves hit mid-bicep, so they stay out of your way when you’re swinging.  Shirt length is ample to tuck in, but short enough that there’s not a bunch of material billowing around if you go untucked.

A change for Spring/Summer 2018 is the sizing of the polos in the US.  What was a medium is now a small.  I couldn’t care less what the tag says when the shirts fit this well.  The sizing for the outerwear has not changed.

The two shorts I tested – the Bradley and the Hendrick – provide a similar look with slightly different cuts.  PING refers to the Hendrick as being more contemporary with the Bradley being more traditional.  In practical terms, the Bradley is a little slimmer and a touch shorter.  The difference is not huge, but it’s noticeable.

What the shorts have in common is a Tekfit waistband.  This provides an extra 2 inches of stretch, which is a wonderful thing during the swing or after a big meal.  It’s one of those features that makes me say, “I didn’t know I needed this, but now I don’t want to be without it.”


One of the phrases that PING uses in their apparel literature is “Engineered to Play.”  While there’s no question that these clothes perform on the course as well as anything I’ve worn, they may need to consider a phrase that casts a bigger net.  Not only has PING taken over my golfing wardrobe, the high quality materials and elegant styles have become a huge part of my everyday wear, too.

Matt Saternus


  1. Jim Rosteck

    Do you have any idea why most of the clothing you reviewed, does not appear on the Ping website?

  2. Their clothes look like they were designed for Bubba Watson, or Charlie Brown. Am I’m a PING player through the bag!

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