PING 2017 A/W Golf Apparel Review

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The 2017 A/W golf apparel collection from PING features classic style, great materials, and highly engineered performance.


A common question among gear heads is, “What manufacturer would you want a 14-club contract with?”  For me, the obvious answer is PING (I’m most of the way there already).

After only a year and a half in the apparel game, PING may also be the answer to the question, “What apparel company would you want to wear every day?”  This review explains why.


PING makes their technical apparel easy to understand with three categories: Sensor Cool, Sensor Dry, and Sensor Warm.

The three polos – Brett (teal), Kartsen II (red), and Flynn (navy) – and the Lennox trousers are from the Sensor Cool family.  While the weather in Chicago hasn’t provided any torture tests, the polos have kept me sweat-free on sunny, 80+ degree days on the course.  Despite their look, the Lennox trousers are very breathable – you can wear them in any weather.

Sensor Warm is represented by the Barkley jacket.  This is the piece that I gravitated to when I opened the package, and it’s going to be a staple for me this winter.  It’s soft and cozy in addition to having the engineering that keeps the wind and cold out.

The most technical piece in this group is the blue Zero Gravity Tour Jacket.  This is PING’s Sensor Dry rain jacket, and it’s a technological marvel.  It’s light weight, packs into a pocket, waterproof, windproof, and it stretches.  My kids tested the waterproofing with a hose, and I came out bone dry.  Best of all, it’s guaranteed waterproof for three years.

What ties all of these pieces together is how brilliantly they move.  Waterproofing and breathability don’t mean squat if you can’t swing away.  Every piece in the PING line up is built to accommodate the swing without needing to tugged into place or out of the way.

Style & Fit

It’s hard to know where performance ends and fit begins with PING’s apparel, because the fit is key to how it moves.  The material is light and stretchy, but it’s also perfectly cut.  It’s neither tight nor baggy, and it lays perfectly without needing to be tugged at throughout the round.

The style of the 2017 A/W collection hits a sweet spot: it’s interesting without being trendy, classy without being boring.  The Brett polo is a great example: it combines a tight stripe with a heathered texture for a shirt that looks solid but actually has a lot going on.  Additionally, the colors are bold but won’t look dated in a year.

Two other things separate PING’s apparel from the pack.  First is the understated branding.  The small shoulder logo on the Barkley jacket (below) is the largest logo on any piece here.  Other pieces have only the tiny eye logo or a small tag on the sleeve.

Finally, the materials are high tech without looking or feeling high tech.  We all have those shirts that keep you cool, but they scream, “I just played golf!” and they feel like trash.  The Karsten II polo is the softest polo I own, and every piece here is one that I’d happily wear to a nice dinner.


From look and feel to on-course performance, PING has nailed every element of their latest golf apparel collection.  Whether you need a great waterproof jacket or just a new polo, they have you covered.

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