PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS Golf Shoe Review

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The PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS golf shoes are my early leader for the best of 2024.  Great fit and modest heel drop.  Outstanding traction.  Elevated look of full grain leather.


Over the last few seasons, PAYNTR has built a reputation for high performance footwear.  Their 2024 line sees them venturing off the golf course with the new XC 001 trainer [review HERE] and getting into the premium market with the leather PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS.  I tested a pair to see how the traditional materials of the upper work together with PAYNTR’s high tech sole.


The look of the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS is consistent with their previous models like the X 001 F [review HERE] but is elevated by the full grain leather.  Face on, the shoe is very traditional with a monochromatic upper above a contrast sole.  There’s a small PAYNTR logo on the tongue, but the branding across the shoe is minimal.

Moving to the back half of the shoe, a different texture of black leather wraps around the heel.  PAYNTR’s “X” logo adorns the outside of the midfoot with some additional text on the inside of the heel.  Overall, the X Tour Proto RS looks sharp but retains an understated character thanks to the lack of bright colors.

The PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS comes in two colorways: black/white (seen here) and and white/black.


Sliding my foot into the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS for the first time reminded me why PAYNTR has become a staple in my golf shoe rotation.  This shoe fits like a tailored suit – gently connected to your foot at every point without pinching or crowding anywhere.  Additionally, the upper feels supple right out of the box, like it’s already been broken in.

Underfoot, there are two different materials providing cushioning.  PAYNTR uses a PMX Foam in the midsole for support and “energy return” and a PMX Nitro+ Footbed for lightweight cushioning.  For me, this combination hits that sweet spot of feeling cushioned without being disconnected from the ground.  I wore the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS for walking rounds as well as long testing sessions standing in one place – a true torture test – and never came away feeling like I wanted to take them off.


For me, the sole is what makes a PAYNTR golf shoe stand apart, and that’s true with the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS.  With a combination of built-in elements and replaceable spikes, these shoes offer supreme grip on the turf.  PAYNTR says it’s “traction in three dimensions;” my notes say, “The traction is a ten.”  Either way, these shoes give you full permission to swing away regardless of the course conditions.  The X Tour Proto RS might even keep Scottie Scheffler’s feet in place.

Like the X 004 [review HERE], the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS also features a carbon propulsion plate in the sole.  This adds rigidity to the sole, returning more energy during your swing and when you’re walking.  What I appreciate is that this comes without the cost of the shoe feeling stiff underfoot.  Right out of the box, the X Tour Proto RS felt like it moved with me rather than forcing my foot into unnatural positions.

Like other PAYNTR shoes I’ve worn, the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS has a modest heel drop.  This isn’t a zero drop shoe like some from TRUE Linkswear, but the heel is much shorter than FootJoy.  For me, getting this level of traction without being separated from the ground is the winning combination that keeps me reaching for these shoes.

Finally, per PAYNTR, the X Tour Proto RS has a “Full Grain Leather upper [for] water resistance” and a “Full waterproof & breathable membrane.”  However, nothing I read indicates that this shoe comes with a waterproof guarantee.  I put them to the test under the kitchen sink, and they held up very well.  Water beaded off the upper as advertised, and the tongue wraps all the way into the insole, so there’s very little room for water to penetrate.


It took no time at all for the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS to become my go-to golf shoes for the early part of 2024.  I’ve already tested several shoes, and the Tour Proto RS exceeds them all with outstanding traction, a great fit, and an elevated look.

Buy the PAYNTR X Tour Proto RS HERE

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  1. Thanks for the review Matt. These have been on my short list of must try shoes.

    How is the sizing? Compared to Adidas/Nike/FJ, do they run true, small, big? Thanks!

  2. After switching to Altra for running and everyday use, I’ve fallen in love with zero drop. Are you saying these would these get me closer to that feeling than other golf shoe brands, while also providing a high level of traction? TRUE just doesn’t do it for me in that department, as they feel more like a on/off course hybrid than a dedicated golf shoe. Thanks for another great review!

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