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Combining a modern sophisticated style with wonderful performance fabrics, the Fall 2016 collection from Oxford Golf takes you straight from the course to dinner with friends.



Visiting the Oxford Golf website, the images invoke a theme that is captured in their words:  “Looking and feeling good on the course and off”.  Many brands try to hit all four of those elements but come up short, and I couldn’t wait to see if Oxford Golf could back up their claims.  Opening the gift boxes (a great deal at only $5), I instantly knew they had nailed the “looking good” part.  What I discovered during this review was a brand true to their word.



Upscale country club with a modern flair is how I describe the Oxford Golf style for the Fall 2016 line.  The short sleeve Irvine Performance Polo has rich fall colors and a crisp self collar.  The Five-Pocket Eastwood Plaid pants really capture the style finding the sweet spot between dress trousers and jeans.



There’s a contrast between the fits of the polos and the bottoms.  The Irvine polo has a relaxed look with plenty of room in the chest and arms.  The long sleeve Radcliffe Performance Polo has a regular cut.

The pants and shorts have a more modern, tailored fit.  I was thrilled that Oxford Golf offered odd waist sizes and jumped on the 33”.  The pants fit perfectly.  The Camden Tech shorts were a little snug in the waist, and I’d opt for the 34” next time.  I do commend the tapered cut through the thigh on the shorts for keeping them athletic looking and not ballooning at the knee.



When companies don’t skimp on materials, it really shows in performance.  Even with the pants and shorts being a bit more form fitting, the stretch in the material maintained mobility.  The moisture wicking technology in all the Oxford Golf pieces performed great as it was still Florida-summer hot when tested.  Speaking of days when you can work up a stink, the anti-microbial properties in these shirts really works.



This was my first time wearing Oxford Golf apparel, and I couldn’t be more impressed.  As advertised, all the pieces will “keep you comfortable on and off the golf course”.  The Radcliffe polo and Five-Pocket Eastwood Plaid pants combination is perfect for those holiday occasions where the dress code is unknown.

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