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The relaunched Original Penguin line from Munsingwear brings stylish retro vibes to the course.  Solid performance and well-tailored fit.


If you take a look through some photos of golfs legends – Arnold, Jack, and Seve to name a few – you may notice something they had in common.  Those stylish shirts they’re wearing had a little penguin embroidered on them.  Thanks to a relaunch at this year’s PGA Show, now you can channel the classic cool of those icons with all new Original Penguin apparel.


The look of the collection from Original Penguin is unapologetically bold and retro.  Everything from the cut to the colors to the patterns calls back to an earlier era.  It’s a line that looks like little else on the market today.

While I liked the pieces as soon as I got them – my tastes are running a bit bolder lately – I was surprised at the warm reception they got from others.  My wife commented on how unique the shirts are.  I’ve had numerous golfing partners say, “Oh man, is that Original Penguin?!?  Just like Arnie!”  Rocking the penguin is going to get you noticed on the course.

The pieces in the photos are the In the Clubhouse (purple) and Birdseye View (blue) polos, the Alpha Harrington Jacket, and the All Day Every Day pants.


With the retro emphasis, you might expect the Original Penguin line to be extremely slim fit.  That’s not the case.  I found both polos to be tailored and neat, but far from tight (I wear a large at 6′, 195).  The sleeves hit mid-bicep, and the shirt can be worn tucked or loose.  Similarly, the Alpha Harrington jacket is perfectly cut.  It sits right at my waist for a crisp, put-together look when it’s a little too cold for short sleeves.

Sadly, I don’t have the legs for the pants.  I found them quite comfortable, but there was little left to the imagination given the size of my thighs and rear end.


Both of the polos featured here are a mix of pima cotton and polyester.  They don’t feel like quote-unquote performance fabrics, but that doesn’t stop them from moving comfortably with the swing or wicking moisture when it gets toasty.

The same is true of the All Day Every Day pants.  The 3% Elastane gives them all the movement they need to keep up with your swing.  Best of all, they feel feather light on your skin.


The relaunched Original Penguin does a great job mixing modern performance materials with classic styles and cuts to create something unique.  Wearing the penguin isn’t guaranteed to give you The King’s legendary game, but it might give you a little bit of his swagger.

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