2020 Original Penguin Golf Apparel Review

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Original Penguin continues to grow their brand of unique, stylish apparel.  A mix of on course performance pieces and lifestyle garments.


Two years ago, Original Penguin re-launched their golf line at the PGA Show (2018 review HERE).  Since then, it’s grown from a small name with retro appeal to a brand that we see regularly on the PGA Tour.  We’re checking back in on Original Penguin to see how they’ve developed their style and the performance of their apparel.


While a lot of the pieces in Original Penguin’s golf collection still have a throwback feel, the retro dial has been turned down since the first line.  Both the striped polo above (1955 Clubhouse Stripe Golf Polo) and the jacket below (50s Uniform Golf Track Jacket) have names that harken to an earlier era, but neither piece looks like a costume.

Original Penguin also does a great job adding stylish details to each piece.  The contrast collar on the jacket is a beautiful blue that brightens up a staple piece.  On the polos, the collars each have something interesting: the penguin logo on the black stripe polo and the white stripes on the blue print polo.

As we turn to the bottoms, we see Original Penguin deliver a blend of solids and more adventurous patterns.  The grey pants below have become a fast favorite of mine for the subtle pink stripes that liven up a traditional plaid pattern.


Retro is often code for slim, but that’s not necessarily the case with Original Penguin.  Just as with their previous collection, the polos fit me (6′, 195 lbs) perfectly in a size large.  The one slim element is the sleeves: they’re snug and rather short.  Get some curls in at the gym this winter.

In the first collection, I found that the pants were a non-starter for me: my thighs are just too big.  Their new pants, despite being labeled “Slim Fit”, are roomier.  They’re still trim, but even my tree trunks fit comfortably.


One of my favorite details from the original line has carried forward: the Original Penguin branding on the waistband (above) has grip to keep your shirt tucked in.  In addition to keeping your look correct, the pants move well thanks to a little bit of stretch.  Add to that their light weight and you have a perfect choice for the in between weather.

Both polo shirts that I tested were equally impressive in terms of movement.  The combination of stretch in the fabric and a quality fit kept them out of the way during my swing.  Each did have a unique feel: the cotton/poly blend of the black stripe polo was much lighter than the all poly blue polo.

The first thing I noticed when I removed the jacket from the box was the weight.  It has a very heavy liner that does a great job keeping you warm but could be a little bulky during the swing.  Additionally, it’s cut quite a bit larger than the polos.  For me, the jacket would be reserved for rounds where I really needed the additional warmth; other jackets offer more freedom of movement.


Original Penguin’s latest collection does an excellent job of maintaining their identity while making their clothes more wearable day to day.  The materials also feel better and move beautifully.  If you want a splash of old school cool in your golf wardrobe, check out their golf collection HERE.

Matt Saternus

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