Odyssey Triple Track Putter Review

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The Odyssey Triple Track putters take some of the company’s most popular shapes and add a new alignment scheme.  Works extremely well with Triple Track golf balls.


If you head to the putting green at your local golf shop, you’ll find countless putters that claim to improve your aim.  While promises of improved alignment have been around for ages, few OEMs have gone all in on a single concept the way Callaway has with Triple Track.  First seen on their golf balls, Triple Track has now made its way into the Odyssey putter line up.  I tested a couple of these putters to see if they could deliver on the promise of superior aim.


The namesake feature of the Triple Track putter is also the most visually dominant.  Triple Track alignment is the name for the thick white stripe with three multi-colored lines down the center.  Personally, I don’t love the look of it, but it’s there for performance not style.

Odyssey Triple Track putters come in five different headshape, all of which will be familiar to Odyssey fans.  The Two-Ball and Two-Ball Blade are modern classics.  Odyssey’s Double Wide is the most conventional of the Triple Track options.  The Marxman and Ten offer something for those in search of a very modern look.

Sound & Feel

The insert in the face of the Odyssey Triple Track putters is white, but it’s not your dad’s White Hot.  The new Microhinge Star insert is designed to be firmer with a more audible impact sound, and both of those traits were evident from the first roll.  Striking a urethane-covered ball produces a medium volume “tock” which is in stark contrast to the “thud” of most White Hot inserts.


The big question is, “Does Triple Track alignment actually work?”  As with almost everything in golf, the answer is going to be dependent on the user.  Callaway’s testing says that Triple Track does help a majority of golfers.  For me, I found that the Triple Track putter on its own was not much better or worse than a regular line (my preference is for putters without a line).  However, when I paired the Triple Track putter with a Triple Track golf ball it was like a light went on.  I felt like I saw my lines with unbelievable precision, and the results backed up that feeling.  If you’re going to try a Triple Track putter, make sure you test a Triple Track ball, too.

If you want a deep dive on Triple Track, check out my podcast with Callaway Golf’s Jason Finley HERE.

As I mentioned earlier, the Triple Track putter line has five head shapes – Marxman, Double Wide, 2-Ball, 2-Ball Blade, and Ten.  Two of those models – the Ten and Double Wide – are offered in two different neck configurations, one face balanced, one with toe hag.  Though there are no true blades, most golfers should be able to find something that fits their eye and stroke reasonably well.


Though I’m typically someone who prefers no help with my alignment, I have to admit that I found the Odyssey Triple Track putters very effective when paired with Callaway’s Triple Track golf balls.  While I don’t think there’s any one answer that’s best for all golfers, I do think that anyone struggling with their aim ought to give these flat sticks a look.

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  1. Seems like it would take people forever to aim their golf ball first and then line up the lines on the putter. Lots of adjusting and readjusting.

    • Matt Saternus

      There are definitely people who take too long lining up their ball – standard line or Triple Track – but once that’s down, there’s no extra time in matching up the putter to the ball.



  2. Erik Johnson

    Hi Matt … quick question … do you have to use a triple track golf ball or could you take you normal golf ball and use a marker alignment tool to create your own lines on ball? Not sure if they would quite line up but you probably could get close.

  3. Used triple track marxman for a month, non triple track ball- seemed to distract concentration , focus on the lines, took away plan on how to line up and execute the putt. Went back to my older marxman.

  4. Gerard Read

    Decathlon do a stencil that pretty much nails it. Cost me 1.50 GBP. I’ve ‘triple-tracked’ Srixon and Vice balls so far.


    Are triple track golf balls balanced or are lines printed randomly? I’d like get a triple track ball and test it in my spin balancer. An out of balance ball will miss the hole even when aimed perfectly.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know, but I would guess the answer is no. I don’t think many (any?) ball makers put much stock in “balancing” because they’d prefer to tell you that their balls are perfectly symmetrical.


  6. Just an FYI, MAXFLI TOUR balls are pre-balanced. Place the logo on top for driving or putting.

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