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The Odyssey Tank Cruiser has great adjustability, making it easy to fit to any golfer’s needs.  A nice update to the original Tank line.

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Odyssey first introduced us to their take on the counterbalance putter with the original Odyssey Tank.  That putter had a nice heavy head, extended length, and a bit of counterweight in the grip.  If the length and weight distribution worked for you, you were in business and had a nice stable putter.  Unfortunately for golf  equipment manufacturers, every golfer is unique and it’s very difficult to address each and every one of their needs in a stock model.  Odyssey found a way to make their popular counterbalanced putter more appealing to the masses by integrating new adjustability in the head and grip, giving each golfer the tools they need to get their putter dialed in exactly where they want it.  They call it the Tank Cruiser.

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Odyssey offers four classic looks in the Tank Cruiser line: the #1, the #7, the 330, and the V-Line head shapes.  We demo’d the Tank Cruiser #7 which was a return the larger #7 head size and shape.  The original Tank #7 had the two alignment lines on “the fangs” extend all the way to face and an extended crescent shape cut into the topline rather than a flat edge.  The Tank Cruiser has the original shape plus the addition of a new style of removable weights on the sole.

Also new to the Tank Cruiser line is the SuperStroke grip with Odyssey branding.  Let’s face it, these are just super sick looking grips.  Well played by Odyssey and SuperStroke on this one.

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Sound & Feel

The Odyssey Tank Cruiser has the same soft thump that is typical of the Odyssey White Hot insert.  It’s a very soft, muted sound and the standard in urethane inserts as far as I’m concerned.  There were a few occasions where I’d get a mishit and would have a little more hollow sound.

Generally, the Tank Cruiser has the typical soft feel of an Odyssey insert putter.  I didn’t feel like I had the same response off the face that I have in a lot of my other Odyssey putters, but I believe this to be related to the extra weight and length as well as the SuperStroke grip which I do not typically use.  I will be intrigued to see how things feel for me as I adjust to this putter more over time.

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So this is the section we’ve all been waiting for.  Finally, the opportunity to discuss the adjustability of the Odyssey Tank Cruiser.  With three different sets of head weights, and three different counterweights for the grip, there are quite a few combinations to try.  To make this easier, Odyssey includes instructions in the weight kit where they list the different weight combinations and what impact they will have on the putter.  The 10 gram headweights will give you a headweight of 365 grams, the 15g weights will give you a weight of 375g, and the 20g weights will give you a headweight of 385g.

Changing the headweight is pretty significant in itself, but the really intriguing changes are in the weight at the grip end of the club.  By adjusting that weight, you’re changing the balance point of the club.  The 5g weight gives you a lower balance point, the 15g weight gives you a mid- balance point, and the 30g weight gives you a balance point higher up the club.  I found the higher balance point with the heaviest headweight to provide the most stability in the stroke.  If I were to give this putter to Matt, he may play around with the weights and find that having the lower balance point with a light weight gives him the best stability and the best chance at putting a good straight roll on the ball.  That’s the beauty of the Tank Cruiser: it can be adjusted to meet any golfer’s needs and preferences.

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Nowadays buying a putter can be a bigger investment than half of the clubs in your bag.  If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a putter, you want to make sure it’s everything you’re looking for in a putter and gives you the best opportunity to drop putts.  With the Odyssey Tank Cruiser, you don’t need to decide on one putter configuration at the store and just hope it works out for the best on the course.  You now have the ability to take the Tank Cruiser out on the course and really spend some time getting the putter 100% dialed in to your specific game.  Other companies are giving players the ability to make head adjustments, but Odyssey is the only one offering the ability to make adjustments from top to bottom.

Price & Specs

The Odyssey Tank Cruiser retails for $250.

The head shapes available are #1, #7, 330, and V-Line.  Each putter is available in 35″ or 38″.

The head weight is adjustable to 365g, 375g, or 385g.

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  1. Shane Trotter

    I have recently purchased a 38″ Tank Cruiser 7 putter and have left both the head and handle weights at the standard 15 grams. My main putting fault is pulling shorter putts to the left of the hole which I still often do with this putter. Any suggestions please as to the weight adjustment to help this problem
    Thank you

  2. Shane Trotter

    I have a 38″ Tank Cruiser 7 putter with both the head and handle weights at the standard 15 grams. My main putting fault is pulling shorter putts to the left of the hole which I still often do with this putter. Any suggestions for weight adjustment to help ?
    Thank you

    • Shane,

      I don’t think there’s any real magic setting for the issue you’re experiencing. It sounds to me that you’re likely pulling the ball or getting too quick/jumpy on short putts. For me personally, I found the heaviest weights to provide the most stability, but you still have to put a true stroke on the ball.

      Best of luck.


  3. Jeff Fones

    I have the Tank Cruiser#7. I tried the different weight combinations and found in the end the 15 Gram head weghts and a 30 gram grip weight perfectly balanced this club for me. I now expect to at least 2 putt every green and regularly make 1 putts! I absolutely love the feel and balance of this club. It i really the best putter I have ever used! I am 71, now have a 17 handicap, and started playing golf at 17.

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