Odyssey Milled Collection RSX Putter Review


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The Odyssey Milled Collection RSX putter may be the best mainstream Odyssey putter to date with exceptional feel, balance, and performance topped off with supreme aesthetics.



Odyssey has been the “#1 putter on Tour” for quite some time now, and, in this writer’s opinion, for good reason.  While it would be easy enough to “keep doing what they’re doing,” Odyssey continues to outdo themselves, and the new RSX (Roll Sound eXperiment) putter line is no exception.  Already one of the best at making putters that put a good roll on the ball, Odyssey went after perfecting the sound of the putter based on input from Phil Mickelson.



Face it, one of the biggest factors in putter selection is the first impression of how good the putter looks.  Of course, everyone has very different tastes so it’s hard to appeal to everyone, but the Odyssey RSX putters are some of the best looking putters to ever come out of the Odyssey factory.  The RSX putters are offered in three different shapes – the renowned #7, the #1 (pictured), and the V-Line Fang.  Black finishes are always nice, but the stealth vibe from the black finish, black shaft, and black leather grip are just flat out cool.  The wavelength graphic on the sole is a cool nod to the “acoustic focus” of the RSX putter line.


Sound & Feel

According to Odyssey, the story goes that Phil always says when he hits a five-foot putt, he wants a putter that “looks, feels, and sounds like a five-foot putt.”  Odyssey’s goal was to create a more crisp sound at impact to give better feedback to the player, which translates into better control and more putts in the cup. The Odyssey RSX 001 I tested was one of the most balanced and smooth feeling putters I’ve ever struck a putt with

The weight of the head feels substantial but far from overly heavy.  Off the Metal-X insert, the putter feels very responsive and somewhat forgiving.  I typically found the Metal-X insert putters to have a little more muted feel than the RSX does, but the RSX has a milled sound chamber, aka a sound slot.  I believe this slot is what gives the putter a little extra click.

Like the feel, the sound has that “click” characteristic, but it has a fuller sound as opposed to that “needly click” that you usually hear.  This key auditory response gives you the feeling of more forgiveness, a warmer feel on the face, and plenty of lively feedback in the hands.  In my opinion, if you have a familiarity with any of the other Metal-x insert putters, they are a totally different animal than the RSX.



The Odyssey Milled Collection RSX is a fantastic performing putter.  The end result in combining all of the characteristics mentioned above is an extremely well balanced putter that makes putting a clean stroke on the ball easy with good distance control and a pure roll.  The Metal-X oval pattern on the face proves once again that it works well at getting the ball rolling quickly.  Simply put, Odyssey got it right with this putter line.  The ease of use makes putting feel more reflexive and less technical.

Additional note: the Odyssey Milled Collection RSX 001 holds the current record for my “putter trials.”  That’s no small feat.



After more than a few sessions on the green rolling the Odyssey Milled Collection RSX 001, I think this putter line is worth every cent of the $380 price tag – especially when compared to its competition.  The balance of the 001 is near perfect and the response in your hands is some of the best I’ve felt.  To top it off, the black shaft, leather grip, and sick graphics on the head make for one mean looking putter in your bag.

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  1. Chad Hershberger

    Great review! I was just custom fit in to one of these putters and agree with your review 100%. Had my best putting day in over a year with this putter. Did you like it well enough to put it in the bag?

    • It hasn’t made it in yet, but I also have been keeping it close by. My top three are all money for me right now, but I could definitely see this one getting a shot if things go south (depending on the circumstance of course, never know when a mallet may get the call!).

  2. William Meiklejohn

    Odyssey putters are really great putters. Until there’s a problem! My putter, two years old started getting bubbles in the center face. Called the company discussed the problem. I was told there’s nothing they can or will do! Told me to buy a new putter. Of course I was taken back by the nonchalant behavior. I asked if they guaranteed against a manufacturers defect. The answer was probably not. Very disappointed in their policy! Several people told me they had the same problems. Will not buy another putter from Odyssey!

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