Odyssey EXO Putter Review

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The Odyssey EXO putters have a bold red and black look to highlight their multi-material construction.  Lots of forgiveness and classic White Hot feel.


The last few seasons, we’ve seen Odyssey alter their insert and go all-in on the trend of red putters.  For 2018, they’re shifting their focus to multi-material construction with their EXO line.  Comprised of three of their most popular head shapes, this new line claims to take forgiveness to even higher levels.


There are three models in the line: EXO Rossie, EXO Seven, and EXO Indianapolis.  The Seven and Rossie are two of Odyssey’s most successful models; Indianapolis is a Toulon Design model released last year (review HERE).

The EXO Rossie and EXO Seven blend matte black perimeters with bold red alignment elements in the center of the head.  In contrast, the EXO Indianapolis has no red visible at address.  The Rossie is also substantially changed from previous models in that it doesn’t have a solid flange.

Due to the head shapes and the red accents, the EXO putters from Odyssey are miles from traditional.  If you’re looking for something to shake you from a putting funk, that could be a good thing.

Sound & Feel

All of the Odyssey EXO putters feature the company’s classic White Hot insert with their Microhinge technology built into the face.  I’ve always found the White Hot insert a little too soft, but I’m clearly in the minority given the immense success of this insert over the years.  The combination of super stable heads with a soft insert means there’s very little feedback on mishits.


There are three performance features of the Odyssey EXO line.  First is the Microhinge face insert.  As I have with other roll-promoting technologies, I’m going to punt on evaluating this.  I don’t have the ability to measure whether or not Microhinge creates more forward roll, and, more importantly, I’m not sure it matters.

The second key feature is the multi-material construction.  In short, Odyssey is putting lighter materials in the middle of the head and heavier materials at the perimeter.  Just like with a cavity back iron, the idea is to make the head more stable on mishits.  While I suspect that there’s a measurable difference between the standard models and the EXO models, the Seven, Rossie, and Indianapolis are already very stable mallets.  I found it difficult to discern a major upgrade in the EXO versions.

Where I think Odyssey has made an important stride is with the inclusion of toe-hang options.  Each of the three models is available in a face-balanced or toe hang configuration.  This makes these stable putters a real option for players with more arcing strokes.


While there is some eye-catching technology – and certainly some eye-catching looks – in the Odyssey EXO putters, the biggest story is the ability to get a putter that fits your stroke.  Players with arcing strokes are now able to enjoy the benefits of swinging a large, stable mallet on the greens.  As always, make sure you work with your local fitter to find the model and toe hang that work best for you.

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Matt Saternus

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