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NOSWEAT Hat Liners Review

By: Zack Buechner

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NOSWEAT hat liners are disposable pieces of fabric with an adhesive backing used to absorb sweat to keep hats looking new and smelling clean.


If you’ve spent any time playing golf south of the Mason-Dixon Line, you probably know a thing or two about sweat stains on a hat.  There is nothing worse than finishing 18 and seeing that wavy yellow line across the front of a brand new white hat.  It’s ruined.  The NOSWEAT hat liners actually help to prevent that massacre from happening.


When I first put the hat on with the liner, I noticed that the material isn’t heavy at all but makes the hat feel just slightly tighter.  I loosened my snapback hat one notch and it was a non-issue.  If you primarily wear fitted hats, be sure you have some extra room before trying these.

A secondary benefit of the liner is that it actually made the hat more comfortable on my forehead.  The liner covered up the more awkward interior parts of the hat.

This isn’t just a product for golfers.  You can stick one of these inside anything you use on your head to help with sweat and moisture.  NOSWEAT even makes separate liners for sports helmets and hardhats.  The liners come in packs of 3 with basic installation instructions.  Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to the inside of your favorite hat and off to the course you go!

Just like the packaging advertises, the liner absorbs the sweat and dries in a short amount of time.  It keeps the sweat stains from forming along the front of the cap.  The liner also helps keep sweat from dripping down into my face and eyes.

The liners are disposable and can last a few rounds on the course depending on how much you sweat.  Here in Georgia on a cool, 94 degree September day, the humidity was high, and I had sweat beading out every pore on my skin.  The NoSweat liner did the trick and kept my hat dry.

The only negative is that towards the end of the round, sweat began creeping into the bill of the cap.  I peeled off the liner as soon as I walked off 18 and the liner itself was dry.  It’s not 100%, but the liner absolutely reduces the amount of sweat that is transmitted from forehead to hat.


I am pleasantly surprised with NOSWEAT, not because it did what it claimed but because I enjoyed using it so much.  It is a simple solution to a simple problem.  NOSWEAT liners are best for those that sweat a lot.  Living in Georgia, it’s a must-have going forward.  They are entirely made in the USA, which is a plus in my book.


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  1. Frank Willer

    First time reading your reviews. Curious if you are unbiased and unpaid in any way for your opinions? Just a quick tip, spray Scotch Gard on your hat and you’ll accomplish same thing. Just passing on a tip, I don’t work for them or anything.

  2. Dan and Samantha Whitson

    Appreciate the review guys, just found these tonight for my husband. We’ve been trying to figure out how to keep the sweat out of his eyes in our unusually humid, blazing hot AZ summer heat. Your article was the first one to pop up in feed from a google search~ my query was: “What do golfers use to keep sweat from their eyes?” Thanks again!

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