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The NO1 putter grips have a unique feel and NO1’s trademark consistency.  The P90 Series has a more pronounced pistol shape.  P60 is a midsize grip with a moderate profile.


As the 2023 golf season starts to come into view, we gear-obsessed golfers start to think about tuning up our sets.  While a new driver is one of the more exciting ways to dive into the season, smaller changes can have a big impact, too.  If you like your putter but need a little something different, a new grip can be a great choice.  One of our favorite grip companies, NO1 Grip, has recently jumped into the world of putter grips, so we decided to take a look at their P90 and P60 to see if they’re worth putting on your prized flat stick.

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no1 putter grip array


When I think of NO1 grips, the first thing that comes to mind is bright colors.  While there is no neon in the putter grips – yet – they are more lively than most.  Both the P60 and P90 grip come in the same array of colors.  In addition to the white, red, navy, and black colorways seen here, there is a gross light blue option.  IYKYK.

In terms of branding, the NO1 putter grips are bolder than most NO1 grips.  On the sides, there’s a large “NO1 GRIP” in the contrasting color.  The traditional NO1 logo is also present on the front of the grip at the top and at the bottom.

no1 putter grip red top


Both the NO1 P90 and NO1 P60 share a unique “carbon weave surface.”  It not only looks cool, it gives your hands some sensation beyond the normal smooth rubber grip.  I would stop short of saying that it adds much traction, but the feeling does give you a signal if you’re sliding your hands around on the grip.

At impact, the difference in construction gives each grip a distinct feeling.  The P60 has a foam core which is what makes it so light weight.  This results in a slightly softer, more muted sensation in the hands.  The P90 has a multi-layer elastomer compound core which feels more responsive and connected to me.

no1 putter grip butt end


There are two major performance differences between the NO1 P60 and the P90.  The first is the weight, which is right in the name.  P60 grips weigh 60 grams and P90 grips weigh 90 grams.  NO1 maintains a tremendous reputation for quality and consistency, and that came through in these grips: all four grips weighed exactly what they were supposed to.  That 30 gram difference will have a big impact on swing weight, so make sure you consider the weight of your current grip and where you want to end up before you decide on a new grip.

The other major difference is the shape.  As you can see above, the P90 (red) has a more pronounced pistol shape in the left hand.  Per NO1, the angle is the “maximum allowed by the rules of golf.”  The P60 is larger overall (a “midsize profile”) but has a straighter shape.

For me, the P90 is the easy choice.  I like the way that the pistol shape locks the grip into my left hand.  Also, I appreciate that NO1 put a minimal taper below the pistol section – the grip isn’t overly skinny in the right hand.  Players that like a bigger, SuperStroke-style grip will gravitate toward the larger P60.  This grip also has a reduced taper so your grip pressure is more equal.

no1 putter grip black yellow


As a longtime fan of NO1’s quality and consistency, I’m very happy to see them getting into putter grips.  Their initial offerings cover two of the most-used shapes, and I’m hopeful that we’ll see them build out their line up in the coming years.  As the snow melts, I’ll be eager to see if the P90 can breathe some fresh life into one of my older putters.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Christopher S

    Man I must be getting old. I know enough about Matt to get the reference, had to look up IYKYK.

  2. Scott Kefalas

    Thanks for the great review. I really like what I read about thr P90. I believe the red P90 will be on my putter in the near future.

  3. Great review NO1 makes good stuff. You said players that use Superstroke putter grips would like the M60. What would be a fair size comparison in size Superstroke 1.0 or 2.0 size?

  4. Paul B. Sang

    Hi, I have a hard time to decide which no.1 grip of p60 and p90 to choose.
    I currently have putters of Bettinardi Queen B, #6- feels that more heavy head and slightly small with sink fit standard grip, and scotty cameron, Select midback blade, sonomo…
    When I used the superstroke fatso 2.0 was ok…
    Pls huide me which grip to choose?
    My handicap is 5-7…
    Thank you for ur professional advice and where to buy the no. 1 grip in Los Angeles.

    Thank you again.

    Paul Sang

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I can’t help with a retailer in LA.
      Between the P60 and P90, it sounds like the P90 is closer to the grip you’re currently using.



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