Nike RZN Tour Black Golf Ball Review

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The Nike RZN Tour Black golf ball is a perfect choice for players who want maximum distance but don’t want to sacrifice short game control.


True to the company’s background, Nike Golf has recruited some of the best athletes on the PGA Tour, and when I say “best athletes,” I mean “guys who can mash the ball.”  The problem with delivering 120+ MPH of club head speed is that spin can get out of hand in a hurry.  For players like Tony Finau that need to keep the spin down to maximize distance and control, Nike developed the RZN Tour Black golf ball.
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The RZN Tour Black feels very similar to the RZN Platinum, but there is a difference if you’re paying attention.  Off the putter, both balls have a “click” at impact, but the sound of the RZN Black is slightly higher pitched leading to a firmer feel.  Similarly, the RZN Black is slightly louder and firmer feeling off the long clubs.

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Short Game

The RZN Black is designed to be the longer, firmer, lower spinning of Nike’s two new tour-level golf balls.  With this in mind, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of short game spin, but I was very pleasantly surprised the first time I took it to the course.  On everything from long pitches to full wedges, the RZN Black took one hop and stopped cold.
On the launch monitor, we saw a substantial difference between the RZN Black and the RZN Platinum – approximately 700 RPMs on 50 yard pitches.  This is a bigger difference than some other brands have between their two models, and I think that’s a good thing because it provides players with two unique options.

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Long Game

Making your long game longer is exactly what the RZN Tour Black is designed for, and it will do just that.  This ball is as low spin off the driver as any ball that I’ve tested, both on the course and on the launch monitor.  That low spin is also seen in the iron game.  There’s enough spin to stop an approach that has good trajectory, but the ball flight never balloons in the wind.  Even on a gusty day in Florida, I was able to trust that good shots would hold their line and fly their full distance.

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While I certainly can’t move the ball out there like Nike’s big hitters, I still love the RZN Tour Black golf ball.  I love the strong trajectory in the long game and the fact that I don’t have to give up much stopping power in the short game.  If you need to drop some spin to eke out some more yardage off the tee, the RZN Black is a must-try.

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  1. Something about a RZN Black golf ball that increases my confidence and even my ballstriking when I game it. Was lucky enough to find a fella who stockpiled these balls when word came out Nike would end their golf equipment ventures. It definitely has a little clickiness to it, very loud and harder feeling off the driver, but flushed iron and wedges feel really good. Penetrating flight. Wedge spin suffices for me. Just a great ball.

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