Nike RZN Black Golf Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The Nike RZN Black golf ball is both one of the lowest-spinning balls with the driver and one of the highest-spinning balls with a wedge.  Incredible on-course performance.


Ever since they introduced their RZN technology, Nike has made some of the best performing golf balls on the market.  Their trademark has been a steep spin slope, meaning that they spin a lot with a wedge but very little with the driver.  The Nike RZN Black is their latest Tour-level ball, and it may be their best yet.

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Compared to most other tour-caliber balls, the Nike RZN Black golf ball is, overall, a bit firmer.  With a wedge, the feel is firm and crisp, just as it is with the putter.  If you want that gooey, buttery soft feel, this is not the ball for you.  The area where the RZN Black feels the best is off the driver – the firm feel translates to feeling very fast and explosive.

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Short Game

There are not many balls that I’ve tested that can rival the Nike RZN Black golf ball in short game spin.  In head-to-head testing, the RZN Black produced up to 1000 RPM more backspin than other tour balls.  If you need help stopping your ball on the green, or if you want to impress your friends by spinning one back, this is the ball for you.

Long Game

The Nike RZN Black golf ball is a four piece ball designed for moderate to high swing speeds.  The main reason that lower speed players should lean towards the RZN White is that the RZN Black is so low spin with the driver.  As someone who doesn’t create much spin with the driver, I found that the RZN Black bordered on not having enough spin.  For high spin players, however, this ball could add substantial distance to your tee shots.

On approach shots, I found that the RZN Black was higher spinning than other tour balls, but not by a significant margin.

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If extremely high spin with your wedges and low spin with the driver sounds like a good combination to you, I would suggest that you purchase a box of the new Nike RZN Black golf ball.  It is available in white, but I recommend the bold, “High Visibility Volt.”

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  1. After playing with RZN Black Ball, i get more distance and better feel. overall the construction is not that bad either. 8.5 out of 10 from my side.

  2. Shane Smith


  3. Just another highly touted golf ball that’s designed to suck in the higher handicapper. When will the high handicapper ever learn not to fall prey to such nonsense? Quick answer; NEVER.

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