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50 Words or Less

The Nike Method Origin putters bring new technology to tried and true head shapes.


Over the years, Nike has made waves with some non-traditional putters – the Drone and the Concept just to name a couple.  What they don’t get enough credit for is bringing real technology to the most tried and true shapes.  With the Method Origin line, that’s exactly what they’ve done – taken the most popular putter heads and infused them with added forgiveness.

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There are two models in the Nike Method Origin line, the B2-01 (seen here) and the B1-01.  The B1-01 is an Anser 2 style putter, used by Tiger Woods and Charl Schwartzel.  The B2-01 is an Anser style, and it’s been in Rory McIlroy’s bag all year.

While there’s no new ground being broken here, Nike has done an excellent job with the aesthetics of both of these putters.  These classic shapes are faithfully recreated and the details are well done – there’s not too much branding, the sole is sharp, and I particularly like the logo on the grip.

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Sound & Feel

The Method Origin has the premium feel that the price tag leads you to expect.  It’s quite soft, but there’s enough of a “click” at impact to keep it from feeling mushy or dead.  Also, despite all the technology that’s geared towards minimizing the impact of mishits, this putter has excellent feedback.  When you miss the center, the sound and feel both change dramatically.

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Nike hasn’t trusted just one piece of technology to boost the forgiveness in the Method Origin putters, they used three.  First, there’s a layer of RZN sandwiched between layers of steel.  This serves to help mishit putts travel as far as those that are hit on center.  The grooves in the face perform a similar function, and the weights in the toe and heel raise the putter’s MOI and make it more stable.  Ultimately, do all these pieces make a difference?  Yes.  While these upgrades aren’t going to make a blade putter perform like a giant mallet on mishits, they do offer an improvement over standard Anser-style putters when it comes to managing misses.

In addition to the added forgiveness, Nike has included some solid customization options with the Method Origin line.  Thanks to the removable weights, you can custom order any head weight at any length.  Also, Nike is making the CounterFlex system available on the Method Origins.  Previously seen in the Method Converge line, CounterFlex allows golfers to position a 70 gram counterweight in one of three different positions within the grip.  This allows you to get the exact counterbalanced feel that you prefer.

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For players who like classic looking putters but still want to benefit from technology, the Nike Method Origin putters are a must try.  The combination of face technology and multi-material construction boost performance on mishits without disrupting the traditional look.  At $350, these putters are not a small investment, but the quality is there to justify the price.

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  1. Hi Matt, how would this putter compare in todays market? Is the “technology” outdated, or is this still good option?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think putter technology is overhyped in most cases. If this putter fits your stroke, there’s no reason not to play it.



    • I still use my Nike Method 001. I did a putter fitting back in 2020 and tested my Method against everything else that was current at the time and the numbers didn’t lie, the Method was still the best for me. Mainly because of the poly metal groove technology that putter had it helped give me better speed and roll numbers. To be honest Nike was ahead of the time with the putter technology they were coming out with.

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