Nike Lunar Force 1 G Golf Shoe Review

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There is not a more stylish golf shoe than the Nike Lunar Force 1 G.  Solid traction for a spikeless shoe.


I’m not the shoe guy around here – Bill has a stranglehold on that honor – but the minute I saw the Nike Lunar Force 1 G, I said, “I must have those.”  Based on Nike’s classic Air Force 1 silhouette, these shoes look as good on the course as they do at the 19th hole and beyond.


The Lunar Force 1 G doesn’t just look like the Air Force One, it feels like one, too.  Both the full-grain leather upper and the sole are more structured than other recent Nike golf shoes.  There’s still adequate feel for the ground, but it’s not as connected as the Lunar Command 2.

The Lunar Force 1 G does has Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning which makes walking 9, 18, or 36 a breeze.  One interesting note is that the sole feels a little more built up on the outside of the heels.  It’s a small thing – one you might not even notice if you’re not paying attention – but I liked the feeling of staying more centered in my swing.


These shoes could be the most comfortable, highest performing footwear on the planet, but that would still take a backseat to the look.  The Nike Air Force 1 is an icon for a reason – its timeless cool works with any outfit and in any situation.  What’s so good about the Lunar Force 1 G is that while it clearly takes its cues from the Air Force 1, there are enough differences to make it unique.  I particularly like the Nike Golf logo embossed on the heel.

The Nike Lunar Force 1 G is available in four standard colorways – white, black, olive/black, and navy – and one premium colorway – tan.


The first question about any spikeless shoe is always related to traction.  We’ve seen some wild soles this year – especially Rory’s Nike Lunar Control Vapor – but the Lunar Force 1 G opts for a conventional pattern of “Integrated Traction lugs.”  Despite the low tech appearance, these shoes provide a solid base.  They’re not going to provide the same grip as conventional spikes, but in benign conditions they should be good enough for all but the wildest swingers.

In addition to solid traction, the Lunar Force 1 G has excellent waterproofing.  Despite the perforations and breathability, they kept me dry in sloppy conditions.  Nike offers a 1-year waterproof warranty with these shoes.


There are some people reading this who had the same reaction I did when I first saw the Nike Lunar Force 1 G – “I need those now.”  If you’re in that camp, and you’re reading to validate the decision to cop them, consider yourself validated.  These are solid golf shoes.

If you’re not a Nike lover or a sneaker head, that shouldn’t stop you from checking these out.  Even if you don’t appreciate the heritage, this is a smooth looking shoe that performs on the course and looks great everywhere.

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