Nike Lunar Control Vapor Golf Shoe Review


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The Lunar Control Vapor adds a completely new sole to Nike’s flagship golf shoe.  Tremendous traction and comfort.



Over the last four years, there have been very few constants in my golf equipment.  I’ve changed irons, drivers, wedges, shafts, putters, and balls every time that something better has come along.

The one thing that hasn’t changed has been my favorite golf shoe, Nike’s Lunar Control.  However, the new Lunar Control Vapor is a big departure – trading traditional spikes for a new Articulated Integrated Traction.  Is this the year I make a change or will the king stay the king?



While the sole of the Lunar Control Vapor may be different, the way the shoe feels on my foot is the same.  Nike continues to find that sweet spot between flexibility and support, cushioning and responsiveness.  It also remains light enough that walking 18 or 36 is a breeze.



Aesthetically, the Lunar Control Vapor’s lineage is instantly recognizable.  The over-the-toe swoosh has been carried forward from the Lunar Control 4, and the Flywire construction is more visible like it was on the Lunar Control 3.  Overall, Nike continues to make the Lunar Control look athletic without going overboard.  This isn’t your grandpa’s saddle shoe, but it doesn’t look out of place on the course either.

The Lunar Control Vapor is available in white/black (shown) and grey/red as of this writing.  I expect that, as with past models, more colors will be available later as will custom NikeID versions.



The one big question surrounding the Nike Lunar Control Vapor is this: how good is the traction?  The answer: spectacular.  In fact, I think it surpasses traditional rubber spikes.  Even on loose, sandy soil, I was able to swing as hard as I wanted without slipping.  I never played in metal spikes, but I can’t imagine the traction being much better.



While the shoe may be a substantial departure from previous  generations, the result is the same: the Nike Lunar Control Vapor will be my go-to golf shoe in 2017.  The new sole design provides fantastic traction in all situations, and the comfort continues to set the standard.

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  1. I’ve only tried them on and haven’t played a round with them, but found them to be less than comfortable overall. The split tongue is pretty unusual and uncomfortable while the clown shoe extra room in the toe box just doesn’t feel right to me. Admittedly I like a tighter fitting shoe so the extra large toe box feels very odd when walking to me. And this might sound like old man speak, but the large swoosh isnt’ very good looking. Really thought these would be something to look forward to but ended up being something I wouldn’t buy. My opinion.

  2. Chris Viducich

    I have tried them on as well, but unlike the other comment above, my biggest complaint with the shoe is the narrow toe. Cushion and feel were great! Fit was a little loose around the ankle and heel and then my toes were pushed together. I was really hoping that Nike would adopt the more square style toe like in the Nike Free adaptations of their golf shoes. I still use my TW13’s and they have been the most comfortable golf shoe I have worn as far as checking every box for me. Hopefully Nike will revisit the design slightly in future models.

  3. I would be curious how these shoes look off the course. I wear the spikeless shoes, so that I can wear the shoes for the time at the course plus the surrounding time. I agree with many of Jim’s comments, but I am an old man too. There are plenty of options that perform well on the course and look much better for far less money. It is an interesting sole, just not sure it is worth the $175.

    • Matt Saternus


      Definitely a matter of taste as to how they look off the course. I wouldn’t wear them for fine dining but around town? Absolutely.



  4. I’m curious to know what these shoes do to the greens, especially in damp conditions. I’m sure you know how to walk on a green without dragging your heels, but apparently some guys don’t. That sole looks like it could dig a trench, or two side-by-side.

    Too bad you’re in Chicago and probably not had them on the course. Would like to know if a big guy wears them will they leave deep impressions on the green.

    The worst is playing behind someone with the Footjoy DNAs. Not even worth trying to putt sometimes.


    • Matt Saternus


      Great question, and it’s something I meant to mention in the review. I found the marks that these leave are actually smaller than traditional spikes – they’re narrow slits versus gouges.

      I’m not going to test this, but I doubt that the Lunar Control Vapor is any worse on greens if you drag your feet compared to standard spikes.



  5. Compared to spikes how would you compare the grip? My biggest worry is slipping thru the swing

    • Matt Saternus

      “The one big question surrounding the Nike Lunar Control Vapor is this: how good is the traction? The answer: spectacular. In fact, I think it surpasses traditional rubber spikes. Even on loose, sandy soil, I was able to swing as hard as I wanted without slipping. I never played in metal spikes, but I can’t imagine the traction being much better.”

  6. Durability would be one issue that would come to mind when using these off course like going someplace for a drink after golf. I could see those ridges wearing down quickly, but again just an opinion.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the durability will be better than other spikeless shoes because the “ridges” are thicker. If I’m wrong, I’ll certainly amend the review to reflect that.



  7. Just bought a pair and walked 9 holes and left the course with blisters on both heels. Do they take time to break in?

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not find that to be the case, but my feet have always gotten along with Nike shoes.

      Blisters on the heels sounds like it could be a bad fit, like there’s too much room for your foot to move around. You might consider a different size.



  8. Hi guys,
    I wear an adidas size 11 (uk) which is a very comfortable fit, i tried on a size 10 in the lunar control shoe and it was too tight, do you think it would be best to go for the 10.5 or size 11 and would there be a lot of difference?


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think I can give you a credible opinion on this. I’m sure some people could go from a 10 to a 10.5 and be very comfortable, others might need the 11. Sorry I can’t be of more help.



  9. Hey guys! I’m trying to find the most comfortable & durable Golf shoe on the Market today ” for the hubby”… I have narrowed it between the Nike lunar control Vapor, Or the Nike Fire? Do Any of you have some feedback as to what I should get him, by the way thanks Matt for the vapor review, has anyone tried the Nike fire?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have not tried the Nike Fire. I think the Lunar Control Vapor is excellent, and I also like the Lunar Command 2, if he prefers a traditional spike.



  10. Mark schaffer

    Do these shoes come with a wide option. I wear 12EE can concerned about width of shoe.

  11. Hello Matt,

    In your opinion, excluding the price factor:

    Which shoe do you prefer:

    Lunar Control Vapor
    Lunar Command 2

    Which do you feel will do better for wide feet?

    Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t comment on the wide feet part, but my preference is for the Lunar Command 2. One reason is longevity – the spikes can be replaced – and the other is that the sole of the Vapor can be a little treacherous on wet pavement.



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  15. These Nike Lunar Control Vapor golf shoes are a game-changer – lightweight, comfortable, and provide excellent traction on the course.

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